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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E935

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 935

Jin Lieyang

Wen Zeng was seriously injured by a mysterious beastkin cultivator when he was following Qiu Longzi on a treasure hunt. After taking the earth grade disaster void pill given by the sect, he was out of life danger, but he had been in a coma till now.

Liu Ming’s eyes flickered. He had fought against Wen Zeng, so he knew his strength very well. Facing those beastkin cultivators, he failed miserably?

This made him think of the girl whom he had a crush! Liu Ming heard the name Savage Wild Continent when he was still on Yunchuan Island. This continent was dominated by Beastkin Clan, and the beastkin powerhouses were far superior to the Middle Sky Continent, which was not uncommon.

Could it be that the beastkin cultivator that Qiu Longzi encountered is from the Savage Wild Continent like Yao Ji?

Liu Ming thought about it for a while, but without finding an answer, he put the question aside.

After Jin Tianci checked Wen Zeng’s injury and did some treatment, he stood up and said with a loud voice.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Wen is fine. Now everyone is injured. Let’s rest here for a while before making plans for the next step.”

All of them naturally had no opinion.

Later, Jin Tianci came to the entrance of the cave and laid out several sets of magic circles. After confirming that everything was fine, he found a place to sit cross-legged and took out the ruins map to study it.

The disciples spread out again and continued to meditate cross-legged in various places in the cave to heal their injuries.

Seeing that the Ouyang Sisters were also sitting down near a mountain wall, Liu Ming walked over.

“Are you two okay?”

“I just lost some vitality, but I’m fine. However, when Qin’er fought with Long Xuan, her meridians seemed to be contaminated by some demonic qi with corrosive power. I tried my best, but I still can’t dispel it.” Ouyang Qian glanced at Liu Ming with a hint of worry in her eyes.

“Sister Qian, I’m fine. Most of the demonic qi has just been forced by me. As long as I spend a little more time, I believe it can be completely dispelled.” Quyang Qin smiled with a hint of pain on her face.

Hearing this, Ouyang Qian clenched his teeth, and her eyes were slightly red.

“Can you show me Miss Ouyang’s injury?” Liu Ming was moved after hearing the word “demonic qi”.

“Then I will trouble Brother Liu.” Ouyang Qian said gratefully after hearing Liu Ming’s words.

Liu Ming waved his hand and launched a burst of spiritual power into Quyang Qin’s body. After quickly roaming around in her meridians, he soon noticed the location of the demonic qi in her body. As Ouyang Qian said, it was firmly entrenched in several meridians.

This strand of demonic qi was faintly greenish. Although it was not a true demonic qi, it was somewhat similar and had the corrosive power. It had almost merged with those meridians. No wonder Ouyang Qian could not completely dispel it away.

“Brother Liu, can you dispel it?” Seeing that Liu Ming didn’t speak, Ouyang Qian asked again.

Although Quyang Qin didn’t speak, she also looked at Liu Ming nervously at the moment.

“I’ll give it a try.” After Liu Ming pondered for a while, he took out a thumb-sized black ring. It was the demon restraint ring that did a miraculous job during the battle with the demon just now.

Liu Ming had not been able to fully grasp the function of this ring, but this thing had a strong attraction and devour to the demonic qi. This had been verified over and over again.

“Miss Qin, excuse me.” Liu Ming clasped the ring with one hand, and his other hand held Quyang Qin’s cold jade hand.

A hint of red flashed across Quyang Qin’s pale face, but she didn’t say anything.

Liu Ming didn’t pay attention to the change in the woman’s expression. He just slowly channeled spiritual power into the black ring.

The black ring was like a bottomless pit. No matter how much spiritual power was input, there was still no change.

Liu Ming frowned, and a ray of light shot out from his forehead into the black ring. The ring slowly lit up with strange patterns, and a layer of black light emerged.

Liu Ming immediately noticed a devouring power faintly emanating from the black ring, then he directed this power to his left hand.

A look of pain suddenly appeared on Quyang Qin’s face, and a wisp of black air appeared on the arm held by Liu Ming. As soon as it appeared, it was quickly swallowed by the black ring.

Seeing the scene in front of him, Ouyang Qian showed a look of surprise on his face.

After a while, several strands of demonic qi were absorbed into the black ring from Quyang Qin’s body.

When the last strand of demonic qi was sucked away by the black ring, the black qi that lingered in Quyang Qin’s forehead finally dissipated. Although she still looked a little pale, she looked slightly better now.

“Okay, the demonic qi has been dispelled. Miss Ouyang should be able to recover after resting for a while.” Liu Ming let go of his hand and said lightly.

“Thank you Brother Liu!” Quyang Qin nodded her head slightly and thanked softly.

“You don’t have to thank me. I promise to do my best to keep the 2 of you safe in this ruin. This is my responsibility.” Liu Ming smiled lightly. Without saying anything more, he walked to another corner and sat down.

He held the black ring in his hand with a hint of excitement on his face.

After some attempts, he seemed to have grasped some other functions of this treasure.

The ring was undoubtedly a treasure that was forged to restrain the demonic qi, but he didn’t know the way to manipulate it yet.

However, he believed that as long as he explored more, he would definitely be able to completely grasp this treasure.

As Liu Ming thought so, he put away the black ring, consumed a golden yuan pill and meditated.

Three days later, near the temporary camp of Taiqing Sect, on a small hill with a height of more than 30 meters, a young man in a golden robe and a young man in a green robe stood with hands behind their backs. They were looking at the endless low mountains in the distance.

They were Jin Tianci and Liu Ming.

“In the battle with the demon, Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu’s methods surprised me again.” Jin Tianci said slowly.

“It’s just a fluke, Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin. If senior didn’t injure the demon, I may not have the chance. What does senior plan to do next?” Liu Ming shook his head and said.

“Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is really modest! You must have discovered that it is only a month after entering this ruin, but the major forces have already begun to kill each other. You have also seen the demons of Thousands Demons Continent. Not only are they powerful, they also possess true demonic qi, which is troublesome to deal with. The disciples of the Demon Mystic Sect are nothing as compared to them. The beastkin cultivators that Qiu Longzi and the others encountered should be from the Savage Wild Continent if I’m right. Their techniques are also magical. Now that we are injured, we can only hide here for about half a month until all the other disciples have recovered. Then, we will make other plans.” Jin Tianci said with a sigh.

“We only have this way. Fortunately, according to past experience, we can stay in the ruins for a long time, so it’s still affordable.” Liu Ming was silent for a while and then nodded.

“Let’s not talk about that. Since Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is fine, you don’t have to accompany us here in these few days. Although the mountains here seem to be barren, there is a mineral vein of meteorite ore.” Jin Tianci changed the subject and suddenly smiled faintly.

“Meteorite ore? I have never heard of this ore. Can Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin tell me more about it?” Liu Ming was taken aback.

“Meteorite ore is a kind of buff material for refining upper grade formation flags and some arrays. If this material is included in the array, it can be blessed with a little power of stars to greatly increase the power of the array. Meteorite ore is also a very scarce resource in the sect. I heard that junior fellow apprentice swept the xuan notice some time ago, so you must have seen related missions right?” Jin Tianci’s eyes flashed for a while, and he smiled.

Liu Ming was moved upon hearing that. He indeed saw some missions on looking for mineral veins and some rare ores on the xuan notice. The contribution points rewarded were also abundant. However, due to the difficulty of finding such mineral veins and the sect couldn’t provide much information, it would probably waste some time, so he just inquired about it and decided to give a pass on these missions.

“This ore is relatively rare. Because I have a stronger sense of the power of star, I feel that there should be this mine nearby, but I can’t pinpoint its exact location. There are not many people in the team who can act alone and I can’t split with the team now. If Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu is willing to look for it, even if it is handed over to a sect in exchange for contribution points, it will be a big gain.” Jin Tianci suggested to Liu Ming calmly.

“Since Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin took the initiative to give pointers, I of course won’t let go of such a good deal.” Liu Ming thought about it for a while and felt that there was no problem, so he agreed.

“Very good, this disk array can sense the location of the rare ores. You take it. But remember, if you encounter a strong enemy, don’t force the fight.” Jin Tianci moved his finger lightly and threw took out a pale silver disk array into Liu Ming’s hands.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin rest assured, I know how to weigh the benefits and risks.” Liu Ming nodded, took over the disk array and said solemnly.

“I’m relieved to have you accept this task. You should hurry. If there is an accident and can’t come back right away, it doesn’t matter. Try to ensure your own safety first.” Jin Tianci expressed concern in his tone.

Liu Ming naturally agreed, and he turned into a black light and disappeared into the horizon.

Jin Tianci glanced at the direction where Liu Ming left. No one knew what he was thinking.

“Senior Fellow Apprentice Jin, you are really confident in letting Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu go out alone. Aren’t you afraid that he will run into those Savage Wild Continent’s beastkin cultivators?” Suddenly, a sigh came from behind a big tree nearby, then Qiu Longzi walked out.

“Hehe, if he can’t even deal with some beastkin cultivators, how can Junior Fellow Apprentice Liu become an esoteric disciple of our sect in the future.” Jin Tianci said without turning his head as if he was not surprised at all.

“That’s true. If senior’s Sword Maru wasn’t accidentally destroyed and wasn’t besieged by multiple powerhouses which caused your cultivation to drop from the Celestial State to the mortal level, a mere Celestial State demon wouldn’t be a problem to senior at all. After all, who doesn’t know Taiqing Sect’s first esoteric disciple, Jin Lieyang?” Qiu Longzi said with a sigh after hearing this.

TL: He really is Jin Lieyang. No wonder he wasn’t using sword skills, turns out his sword was broken. This meteorite ore might be able to help him to climb back to Celestial State…


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