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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E933

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 933

The Power of Sword Maru

Jin Tianci, not far away, swayed twice and immediately fell down.

He landed heavily on the gravel pile below, stirring up a cloud of gray smoke.

Liu Ming hurriedly released Divine Thought to check Jin Tianci. He was relieved to find that although his aura was very weak and his breathing was a little disordered, there shouldn’t be a life danger.

At this moment, he was startled and split into 4 phantasms that ran in different directions.

After a wave of fluctuation, dense gray-green arrows were launched from nowhere.

The 3 phantasms transformed by Liu Ming were instantly pierced by the gray-green arrows, turning into black gas.

Liu Ming groaned and launched countless fists forward, crushing most of the arrows, but he was still hit by 2 arrows, making him fall straight from the air.

At this moment, Liu Ming felt heart-piercing pain from his back. The silver armor had been shattered together with several pieces of crimson scales.

The demon looked gloomy that his sneak attack failed to kill him.

These gray-green arrows were condensed from the demonic qi after exploding his limbs.

If Liu Ming didn’t channel the Beast Armor Tactic and the crimson dragon scales, he would have been pierced through by this sudden attack.

“Hmph! You’re quite fast! But now you have used the demon restraint rings and I don’t think you can use the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder without paying a cost. Now, let’s see what you have left!”

After the Celestial State demon exhaled a long breath, then he turned into a demonic wind and dashed forward.

Liu Ming snorted and lifted 1 hand, releasing 3 60 meters long black mist dragons at the demon.

“Court death!”

There was a roar from the demonic wind. It turned into a giant vortex and crushed the 3 black mist dragons.

The demon rushed out from the demonic wind, and he blinked out in front of Liu Ming. He lashed the long whip with purple flames at Liu Ming.

At such a close distance, Liu Ming didn’t have time to dodge. The surging purple flames instantly drowned Liu Ming’s figure.

The demon was filled with joy. He spat blood essence at the purple flames, turning it into a purple flame sea.

However, after the demon removed the flame sea, there was only a dimmed golden talisman falling from the air. It was the yellow turban soldier talisman!

The previous “Liu Ming” was actually the yellow turban avatar. The real Liu Ming had escaped from before the flame sea devoured him.

At this time, a figure with wings appeared dozens of meters away from the demon’s side. He touched his waist, and a silver sword pouch appeared.

It was Liu Ming!

Liu Ming breathed out, then he flicked a few symbols into the pouch.

The next moment, a clear shrill came from the sword pouch. A small golden sword several inches long flashed out, exuding a cold sword intent.


When the small sword appeared, he made a gesture, spat out blood essence and said “slash”.

As soon as the small golden sword absorbed the blood essence, it turned into a golden bead the size of a thumb and vanished into thin air.

“No, Sword Maru!”

The demon could only feel something at this moment. When he saw the scene where the golden sword turned into a bead, he immediately moved backward in shock. Simultaneously, a rumbling sound came from his mouth together with gray-green demonic flame as if he was about to cast some kind of powerful mystic art, but it was already too late.

The next moment, wisps of pale golden sword qi suddenly swiped past his neck, then it condensed back into the golden bead and disappeared in flash again.

The gray-green demonic flames that barely came out from the demon’s mouth collapsed.


He opened his mouth in disbelief. After barely making a sound from his throat, a blood line flashed across his neck, and his head fell off from his body.

The long purple whip also fell from the right arm.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was both surprised and delighted.

Even if he had no choice but to use the Sword Maru, that had been sealed not for a long time, but the miraculous teleportation effect and power were beyond his imagination.

From the moment he lifted the seal of the sword pouch to cut off the demon’s head, it happened within a second.

Even if the demon was suppressed by the law power of the ruins and was severely injured, he was still at the Celestial State after all. He didn’t expect to kill this demon before using the Sword Maru.‘

But having said that, even if this Sword Maru really had unstoppable power, it really couldn’t kill the demon in 1 hit if he was at his peak. Otherwise, he wouldn’t use it as the last resort.

At this moment, the golden bead teleported back to him, but it was slightly dimmed. The attack just now seemed to have unleashed most of its terrifying sword intent.

Liu Ming touched the silver sword pouch and kept the golden bead back into it.

The pale silver sword pouch flashed and disappeared once again.

At this moment, a strange cry came from the void. Liu Ming looked over, and he was slightly shocked.

He was immersed in the surprise of using Sword Maru for the first time, so he didn’t notice that the head of the demon did not fall with the body. It just hovered in the air. The black-green blood on the neck seemed to congeal, and a layer of gray-green demonic qi was shrouding the head.

At this moment, it spouted a gray-green demonic qi at the falling long purple whip.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Liu Ming, who had seen the power of the long purple whip, naturally couldn’t let the other party succeed. He immediately slapped the soul-recovering bag around his waist, and a black mist rolled out and condensed into Demon Flying Skull with green hair. It was Fei’er.

As soon as Fei’er appeared, he went straight to the falling purple whip.

On the other hand, Liu Ming flapped the 2 wings and charged toward the demon’s head.

Fei’er barely reached the long purple whip before the gray-green demonic qi. He grabbed the long purple whip with his green hair first.

The demon looked despair after seeing this. After a look of hesitation, he turned around and fled. At the same time, he made an incantation.

Demon Flying Skull tried to pull back the long purple whip with green hair, but the gray-green demonic qi had gone into the long whip.

Suddenly, purple runes appeared on the surface of the long whip as it flashed wildly, exuding an unfamiliar and terrifying aura.

“Fei’er, leave this treasure alone, now!”

Liu Ming immediately instructed Fei’er after checking with Divine Thought, then he released the Heavy Water Droplet and cast a layer of water shield around him.

Fei’er threw away the long whip in shock, then he turned into a green light and surged away.

A loud bang!

A moment after the purple whip was thrown, it suddenly exploded. Immediately, a purple mushroom cloud hundreds of meters high rose from the ground.

This thing was a real magic weapon of the demon. The might of the explosion was conceivable. Rolling purple air surged out. The entire valley was affected by the momentum. The remaining mountains were turned into ashes in an instant. The sky was filled with sand and dust.

Liu Ming only felt a violent spiritual fluctuation outside the Heavy Water Droplet. Cracks emerged on the surface of the water shield.

At the same time, a starlight shot up from the ground, flashed past, carried Fei’er away and appeared hundreds of meters away after a flash. The purple air flow that came from behind pushed Jin Tianci to the ground!


In the starlight, Jin Tianci barely stabilized his body. He sent a voice transmission and used a faint golden talisman to cast a layer of golden shield around him and Fei’er.

Liu Ming ignored the air waves, put away the Heavy Water Droplet and pursued the demon’s head in a silver light.

But after such a little delay, the demon’s head was already several miles away.

As soon as the demon’s head noticed the silver light flashing behind him, he spat out a blood mist.

The blood mist intertwined with the gray-green demonic qi. There were strange demonic texts jumping in it. The head blurred and turned into a bloody light that moved for hundreds of meters, then it disappeared to the horizon soon.

“Blood escape technique!”

Liu Ming’s pupils shrank, revealing a hint of surprise.

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