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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E921

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 921

Sudden Event

Liu Ming hurriedly looked over.

A white peacock beastkin soul with a size of more than 30 meters in the white mist was staring at the young woman in palace costume in midair.

The 2 nine tail fox phantasms had started to merge. Their lights were slowly being absorbed by the young woman.

The girl’s beautiful eyes were closed at the moment. It seemed that she was also reaching the critical moment of inheritance!

Seeing this, Liu Ming pointed at the peacock beastkin soul, and Che Huan phantasm flew into the white mist in a green light.

The peacock beastkin soul fluttered its wings, and thin ice needle phantasms were condensed and launched toward Che Huan.

Che Huan was not flustered at all. It just spouted a green gale.

The crackling sounds came!

The ice needles were turned into water vapor under the gale.

Che Huan’s eyes flickered, and it sucked all the water vapor into its mouth.

Immediately afterward, Che Huan phantasm flickered and appeared in the white mist, and it bit the peacock’s wing.


The peacock made a chirp, and a white light flashed on its wings. The wing was quickly frozen, and it spread to Che Huan phantasm in an instant.

After a few seconds, Che Huan turned into an ice sculpture that was still biting the wing.

The peacock beastkin soul kept flapping its wings in the air to get rid from Che Huan’s bite, but it didn’t seem to be effective.

Liu Ming frowned and made a gesture.

Immediately, a colorful light burst out from the ice sculpture!

The ice on Che Huan’s body shattered instantly, and a chaotic beastkin aura shot out.

The beastkin souls that hadn’t been converted by Che Huan were shot out directly.

The white peacock let out a screeching sound, dodged the chaotic beastkin aura and escaped in a white crystal light.

When Liu Ming was about to command Che Huan to hunt this beastkin soul, a sudden event occurred!

“Whoosh“, a red light flashed from behind him.

Liu Ming was startled. He hurriedly dodged the incoming attacks on his vital spots, but his back still had 3 claw marks.

A red claw brushed past him.

There was a burning pain on Liu Ming’s back. After turning blurred, he appeared a dozen feet away. He quickly took out a gray elixir and ate it.

A gentle aura circulated on his back for a while, and the 3 inch-deep wounds quickly closed, but there were still a few strands of red beastkin aura lingering on the edge.

When Liu Ming looked in the direction of the sneak attack, he was surprised!

There was a graceful figure behind him. It was the Beastkin Clan young woman in the palace costume.

She was still naked. Her snow-white body was half-revealing under the red light. Her big chest was moving up and down slightly. The clear eyes had 2 clusters of bloody light like 2 rubies, but they looked a little dazed.

Liu Ming looked a little uncertain as he looked above the young woman.

The 2 nine tail fox phantasms above had merged into 1, turning into a snow-white spotless nine tail fox phantasm.

Compared with the previous aggressiveness, the beastkin soul was several times smaller, and its beastkin aura had weakened a lot, but the pair of ruby-like pupils were staring fiercely at Liu Ming.

The strands of white light that merged into the young woman had now completely gone. The inheritance should have ended.

However, the aura she exuded was fluctuating, but even when her aura was at its weakest, it was still at the Real Pellet State intermediate stage. The peak was even comparable to the Real Pellet State perfect stage.

Seeing this, Liu Ming frowned!

How could he still not notice that something wrong happened in the process of inheritance. She seemed to be controlled by the nine tail fox soul instead.

Even though she was talented and had pure blood, it was still difficult to complete the inheritance in a short time.

Just when he was still a little undecided, the nine tail fox phantasm above suddenly roared into the sky, and the Beastkin Clan young woman below seemed to have received an order and pounced toward Liu Ming with sharp claws.

The young woman was very agile. In the blink of an eye, she appeared in front of Liu Ming with a series of afterimages.

2 whistling sounds came!

2 red claws crisscrossed and crushed Liu Ming’s body at an unbelievable speed.

But “Liu Ming” disappeared in a flash, turning into wisps of black gas. It was just an afterimage.

At this time, Liu Ming appeared in the air a dozen meters away, then he kept flying away. After making a low shout, he tapped above the young woman.

Che Huan phantasm, which was nearby, turned into a green light and rushed toward the nine tail fox phantasm.

The fox flicked its nine tails and slapped Che Huan phantasm away for 30 meters.

Che Huan phantasm bared its teeth. It barely managed to stabilize its body after a flash of green light. It glared at the nine tail fox with murderous intent.

When Liu Ming was about to activate the totem mystic arts again, the nine tail girl flashed and appeared in front of him in a flash again. She launched a claw phantasm at him.

Although Liu Ming twisted his waist and changed direction in the air, his shoulder was still wounded by the claw.

However, Liu Ming didn’t panic at all. Instead, he took the opportunity to launch a stack of talismans at her.

With a burst of explosions, a large piece of blue water vapor surged out and wrapped her in a bubble.

Even though she had lost her mind, she couldn’t help but be dumbfounded by this situation.

Taking advantage of this interval, Liu Ming shouted and shook his arms. A burst of dragon roars sounded, and 2 black mist dragons of 20 meters were launched at her.

“Hell Prison!”

Before the black mist dragons hit her, they collapsed and turned into black light which trapped the young woman in it.

But the nine tail fox above her head just flashed in its eyes, then a powerful beastkin aura rushed out of the Hell Hell Prison. The nine tail young woman flashed out and charged toward Liu Ming again with a blank face.

Liu Ming flicked his sleeves and threw a few golden talismans, then he channeled spiritual power into the 8 tentacles sea beastkin on his chest. “Poof“, a pair of silver wings emerged.

There were bursts of rumbling sounds!

The golden talisman burst open in the air, turning into golden lightning arcs and shooting at the nine tail young woman.

At the same time, Liu Ming turned into a silver light and retreated. He tapped at the Che Huan phantasm on the way.

This phantasm immediately took a deep breath, then it spat out 8 waves of green gale at the nine tail fox phantasm.

Although the nine tail fox phantasm did not move on the top of the young woman’s head, it waved its thick tails and swept out a white shadow.

The green gale that was irresistible for the beastkin soul was canceled by this white shadow.

Although the green gales weren’t as powerful as before, they still rolled toward the nine tail fox phantasm from different angles. Even though they were smashed by the white shadow, they still didn’t leave the area.

“Boom boom boom!“

In desperation, the fox soul had no choice but to continue blocking the green gale with its tails. They were at a standstill for a while.

Facing the nine tail young woman who rushed out of the lightning arcs, Liu Ming just circled around the Che Huan phantasm within a radius of more than 300 meters.

However, he obviously underestimated the speed of the opponent behind him. Even if he had countless experiences in facing powerful enemies in the illusion, he could barely hold on against the elusive movement of the young woman. In an instant, there were a dozen wounds of varying depths.

Just when Liu Ming frowned, the situation between Che Huan and the nine tail fox beastkin soul changed subtly.

As time passed, the beastkin soul absorbed in Che Huan’s body was gradually integrated into it, making its aura rise steadily.

Since most of the fox soul’s power had been absorbed by the young woman and it had to cast pupil art to control her, its aura began to gradually weaken.


Che Huan phantasm’s body flashed, and it suddenly stomped on the ground, turning into a cluster of green light that directly broke through the foxtail defense and bumped into the nine tail fox soul.

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