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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E916

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 916

Fierce Battle Again

Liu Ming frantically formed gestures, and the golden lightning arcs on his body gradually disappeared. The five color thunder seal also dimmed down. The recondensed “Pseudo Pellet” in his sea of ​​consciousness trembled a few times before completely returning to normal.

This cluster of Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder, which was almost 5 times larger than the original, was finally re-sealed by Liu Ming.

But at this time, he didn’t look great. Most of his body had been burnt black, and his clothes were even more ragged.

Under surprise and shock, he saw that the surrounding lightning was still flashing wildly. More golden lightning snakes were launched toward him. Without a slight hesitation, he shouted and punched the golden bead in midair.

“Boom“, the entire room shook slightly, and the golden bead just swayed for a while, but it did not burst open.

Liu Ming was startled by this, and the lightning snakes hit him again, but the armor blocked them.

Liu Ming took this opportunity to take out a Heavy Water Droplet, poured spiritual power into it frantically, and then punched it hard.


The Heavy Water Droplet was launched and turned into a hill phantasm in midair. At the same time, the rolling black gas from his punch also turned into a solid black mist dragon.

A loud impact!

The pale golden bead finally cracked and burst apart under the joint attack of the hill phantasm and the mist dragon.

The entire hexagonal lightning enchantment, together with the 6 lightning walls, dissipated in an instant.

After the remaining golden lightning arcs bounced wildly in the air, they disappeared without a trace.

Liu Ming only breathed a sigh of relief this time. He quickly took out a new shirt to put on.

Seeing that Liu Ming had broken the enchantment, all the demons showed joy; the young woman in palace costume was surprised too. She said with satisfaction,

“Very good. I originally planned to let you try it out, but I didn’t expect you to actually break the lightning enchantment that contained the Ninth Heaven Divine Thunder. This green blood pill is your reward. After getting in, your benefits won’t be less.”

After the young woman said this, she flicked a green elixir to him.

After Liu Ming thanked her and checked the healing elixir, he swallowed it directly.

At this time, the young woman casually waved her hand against him.

Liu Ming only felt a shock on his body, and the golden armor turned into a ball of golden light and flew away. At the same time, his mouth became hot again as the lightning protection bead also shot at the young woman.

After the young woman in palace costume received the 2 items, she continued moving forward.

Seeing this, the other demons followed immediately.

At the same time, Liu Ming felt the true effect of the “green blood pill”. After feeling a surge of blood in his body, he immediately sat cross-legged.

After a while, fresh tissues had grown back on his charred hands and feets. They regained vitality quickly as if they had been reborn. His spiritual power had also been refilled.

After a while, Liu Ming moved his arm and found that the original numbness had disappeared, and he could move as normal. His injuries had already recovered.

When he checked inside his body with Divine Thought, he found that the enchantment planted by the Beastkin Clan young woman was still there. He couldn’t help but let out a wry smile again before moving forward.

Behind the thunder enchantment was a deep corridor, which was about 12 meters wide. On the gray stone walls on both sides, there were carvings of various beastkin patterns.

Most of them were rare beastkins that had long gone extinct in the human realm. Liu Ming also read some related books when he hunted and killed beastkins for the xuan notice mission. So at this time, he could recognize 6 out of 10. Even so, he couldn’t help but be amazed.

Just as Liu Ming carefully looked at the stone walls on both sides, he suddenly felt that there were violent fluctuations of spiritual power and fighting sounds at the end of the corridor.

He was shocked suddenly. Almost at the same time, the enchantment planted by the young woman in palace costume in his body started to move. It seemed unstable.

Liu Ming was shocked. This enchantment contains a trace of her natal soul. Could it be that something unexpected happens to her?

Liu Ming was thinking swiftly. He made gestures and channeled spiritual power from the 153 crystals that had formed a cluster. Waves of purple aura entangled on the enchantment, trying to forcibly suppress the restless beastkin aura.

Immediately afterward, he took another deep breath, and he turned into a phantasm wrapped in black gas that rushed in.

The entire corridor was about 1200 meters long, but with Liu Ming’s speed, he came to the end in just seconds.

As a result, he was surprised by the happening scene!

5 demons had circled and launched desperate attacks at the young woman in palace costume.

These people seemed to have undergone some kind of transformation, which enlarged their height to 6 meters tall. Each of them was wrapped in gray-green flame. Their robes had long gone, revealing their bodies full of black-green spirit patterns. Their handsome faces had become distorted in gray-black color. Their arms were several times thicker with thick veins. They launched attacks with their half foot long sharp nails at the young woman.

“Don’t forget that the enchantment in you all. Even if you can suppress it with spiritual power, how long can you guys hold?” The young woman in palace costume held the red clothes to block all the claw shadows.

“Mr. Liu helps us quickly! This beastkin woman just ambushed us and wanted to swallow the treasures here! As long as we kill her, the enchantment she planted will be gone.” The leader demon noticed Liu Ming’s arrival, and he immediately groaned.

After Liu Ming flickered, he appeared near the battle.

“You guys want to crack my enchantment? What a joke. Do you think you are a Celestial State powerhouse?” The young woman in palace costume just glanced at Liu Ming, then replied with a sneer. Then, strange incantations came from her mouth.

Before Liu Ming could say anything, he only felt an uncontrollable feeling of bloating in his chest. He kneeled on his knees with a painful look.

The 5 demons surrounding the young woman in palace costume were obviously also affected by the power of the enchantment. Their bodies were trembling violently. After letting out a furious groan, they all charged toward the young woman in palace costume.

In mid-air, the 5 people stretched their arms forward, and their palms transformed into blurred black palm phantasms, giving people a terrifying momentum!

Seeing this, the young woman in palace costume seemed to be surprised, but she flicked and released the red cloth, turning it into a red hurricane around her.

The muffled ‘poof’ sounds occurred one after another!

As soon as the dense palm phantasms the red hurricane, they collapsed one after another, but the red hurricane quickly became dim.

At this moment, a pale white crystal light flashed on the young woman in palace costume, and she rose up from the red hurricane that was about to collapse.

The next moment, the red hurricane was torn apart, turning back into the damaged red cloth that fell from the air.

The 5 demons, who missed the attack, looked up at once. They slashed out space fissures in front of them and went in.

At this moment, Liu Ming was sweating profusely with 1 hand supporting the ground. He resisted the pain and barely stood up.

At this moment, he could clearly feel that the beastkin rune in his sea of ​​consciousness was becoming more and more unstable. The escaping beastkin aura had already lost control. If he didn’t channel spiritual power to contain it, his pseudo pellet would have been crushed.

Just when he looked up, 5 huge green figures appeared from the clusters of green flames around the young woman.

“Gaga. You can’t escape!”

The 5 demons didn’t let out strange laughter at the same time, and the green demonic flame swelled.

Seeing this, Liu Ming was startled. He resisted the discomfort in his body and stomped the ground to retreat.

The young woman in costume palace, who was in the air, frowned slightly. She spat out a white bead and formed gestures with both hands.

There was a burst of silver light from the white bead. Several nearly transparent silver lights flew out from it, coiling around the young woman like a cocoon.

Just when the young woman in palace costume had just finished all this, a loud explosion came from the air!

The 5 green demonic flames transformed by the 5 demons burst open one after another. there The radius of 30 meters in the air was covered with thick green mist. The violent shake made the corridor behind Liu Ming shake.

A white figure flew out from the billowing mist, and it happened to land beside Liu Ming heavily.

It was the young woman in palace costume, but at the moment, her beautiful eyes were closed. Her body was drenched in blood. Her left shoulder even got a big hole that was wrapped by traces of green demonic flames.

TL: They just perished together? What a good situation for Liu Ming…

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