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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E895

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 895


Note: Another weekly patreon goal has achieved, so releasing another chapter today🎉🎉!

After Liu Ming’s figure left the hall, Elder Tian next to Yin Jiuling sighed and said slowly,

“This trip to the upper realm ruins is an extremely rare opportunity. Unfortunately, Xiao Wu has not returned from the Evil Ghost Way. Otherwise, if she and Liu Ming join forces, our Fallen Serene Peak will definitely make some achievements.”

“It’s a pity that Xiao Wu missed this time, but junior fellow apprentice can rest assured that with Liu Ming here, our Fallen Serene Peak will not get nothing this time!” Yin Jiuling said lightly.

Rumors about the upper realm ruins soon spread throughout the Taiqing Sect. Both the inner disciples and the outer disciples began to talk about it with relish.

After all, this was a great opportunity that could only come once in 30,000 years. Many disciples couldn’t even see it even if they wanted to.

Somehow, the news that Liu Ming had been selected for this trip to the upper realm ruins leaked out. Not long after he returned to the cave house, many disciples came to visit, which made Liu Ming feel a headache.

After he politely rejected a few waves of people, he simply closed the door and took a sweet sleep for a day. After waking up, he started to make plans for the upcoming trip to the ruins.

He first went to the 4th floor of Scriptures Pavilion and searched for some relevant information.

As Yin Jiuling said, the upper realm ruins were a secret in the Taiqing Sect, so there was not much information he could find. Most of them were just a few words from the notes left by some predecessors.

In fact, this was not surprising. After all, the last trip to the ruins was 30,000 years ago. Such a large time span was enough for most people to forget about it.

However, from the scattered information, he still learned about the situation in the ruins. In the trip to the ruins tens of thousands of years ago, only half of Taiqing Sect’s disciples were able to return safely. Even a Real Pellet State leader died in it.

This made Liu Ming shocked, and he had a clearer understanding of the danger of this trip.

Then, he made another trip to the sect market to dispose of the evil cultivators’ belongings he had obtained some time ago, then he bought some supportive items such as the upper grade escape talismans.

He also bought many elixirs for healing, detoxifying, and restoring vitality.

In short, he prepared everything that could be used in the ruins.

While Liu Ming was busy preparing for the upcoming trip to the upper realm ruins, the remaining quota was gradually decided.

The disciples who could be selected were naturally very outstanding elite disciples of each peak; they were the most core and powerful disciples of each peak. They had also been given various life-saving treasures and elixirs.

After the initial sensation, the entire Thousands Spirit Mountain Range quickly calmed down again. Everyone was quietly waiting for the path to the upper realm ruins to open.

On this day, Liu Ming was sitting cross-legged and meditating quietly in the secret room. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door of the cave house.

These days, too many people had come to visit, so he was too lazy to bother about it.

However, the knock on the door persisted every 10 minutes.

After a while, the knock finally stopped, then a faint purple voice transmission talisman flew in with a buzz.

Liu Ming frowned slightly. He walked out of the secret room, grabbing the purple talisman floating in the air and checked with Divine Thought.

The next moment, his expression changed suddenly. He walked quickly to the door and open it.

Outside the gate, 2 stunning girls in purple robes were standing side by side. They were Ouyang Sisters.

“Brother Liu, it’s been a long time since we met in the Xuanmeng Mountain Range.” Ouyang Qian smoothed the hair by her ear and smiled lightly.

“Miss Ouyang, forgive me for being rude.” Liu Ming cupped his fist and said apologetically.

“Tsk tsk, Brother Liu is worthy of being the top inner disciple of the Taiqing Sect. You are quite arrogant. We have been knocking on the door for a while. If it wasn’t because of Sister Qian’s communication talisman, Brother Liu won’t even condescend yourself to see us.” Quyang Qin on the side said sarcastically.

“Qin’er…” Ouyang Qian pulled Quyang Qin and whispered.

“Sister Qian, I’m telling the truth. Back then, when he came to Xuanmeng Mountain, we treated him as a guest with good courtesy. Our Great Cultivator Liu, am I right?” Quyang Qin ignored Ouyang Qian and asked Liu Ming with a pout.

“I was really neglectful, please forgive me. It is just that too many people visited me recently, so I closed the door to avoid being disturbed. Please come in and have a seat. My house is shabby, so don’t be bothered by it.” Liu Ming gave a wry smile, turned sideways and invited them into the cave house.

“Brother Liu, as a cultivator, we won’t care about these.” Ouyang Qian walked into the cave house with a smile, but after looking around, there was still a look of astonishment in her eyes.

This cave house was indeed very shabby. Although it was very clean, it was more suitable to describe it as a house with 4 walls. The main hall in front only had a few ordinary wooden chairs and a tea table.

There was almost no decoration on the walls, but a few moonstones were inlaid randomly to illuminate the hall.

Although many people in the cultivator group did not pursue material enjoyment, such a simple cave house was still very rare.

The Ouyang Sisters looked at each other and saw a trace of surprise in the other’s eyes. It was hard to imagine that the top inner disciple of the Taiqing Sect lived in such a place.

Liu Ming didn’t think anything was wrong. After serving a cup of spiritual tea to them, he sat on the main seat of the living room and said,

“You came thousands of miles to the Thousands Spirit Mountain Range to find me, I’m quite surprised.”

Ouyang Qian put away her surprise, sat down on the wooden chair and said with a light smile,

“Why? Brother Liu doesn’t want to see us?”

“Not at all, Miss Ouyang. The last time I was in the Xuanmeng Mountain, you helped me a lot. Although I’m not really a gentleman, I also know how to repay kindness.” Liu Ming smiled slightly.

“Hearing what Brother Liu said, I’m relieved. To tell the truth, Brother Liu, our visit to the Taiqing Sect this time is actually for the trip to the upper realm ruins. My Ouyang Family has not been able to open the upper realm path. Because our family always has a good relationship with your sect, so our family sent us to accompany your sect’s disciples into the upper realm ruins to look for some opportunities.” Ouyang Qian put away her smile, glanced at Quyang Qin and said with a solemn expression.

“I see.” Liu Ming nodded indifferently, but he was a little surprised.

Even the Ouyang Family, 1 of the 8 great families, could not open the path to the upper realm ruins alone. Judging from the information disclosed in it, except the 4 ancient sects, those who could open the path with their own power could only be Sky Beastkin Valley and Big Dipper Pavilion.

As for the good relationship mentioned by Ouyang Qian, the Ouyang Family should have given the Taiqing Sect considerable benefits secretly to get 2 slots for Ouyang Sisters.

Liu Ming had some thoughts in his mind, but his face remained calm.

“We came to visit Brother Liu, 1 is to greet Brother Liu and another reason is that family master wrote a letter and asked us to pass it to Brother Liu.” As Ouyang Qian said, she took out a white envelope.

Liu Ming was slightly startled. He reached out to take the envelope and read the letter in it.

“Have you read the contents of the letter?” Liu Ming asked suddenly after reading it.

“Family master mentioned it to us before we came here. Brother Liu made a promise to the Ouyang Family when you borrowed the Clear Exquisite Wall, so family master wanted to ask Brother Liu to fulfill the promise by protecting us during this trip as much as possible. After the event, family master will definitely pay you back in return.” Quyang Qin said calmly.

“Since you know the content of the letter, it’s easy. But I have a question. Did Ouyang Family Master know about the opening of the upper realm ruins several years ago, and when I went to the Xuanmeng Mountain, has he been arranging all this?” Liu Ming asked with a thoughtful look.

“Family master originally wanted to ask Brother Liu to do another big event for our Ouyang Family, but because the upper realm ruins suddenly opened, our family changed their mind temporarily.” Ouyang Qian also explained.

“Oh, I made a promise at Xuanmeng Mountain, I of course will not go back on my words. I will do my best during this trip, but if you get lost and lose contact with me, it’s no longer my fault.” Liu Ming nodded, then he continued to say with a serious face.

“Of course.”

Ouyang Sisters were delighted to hear this. They had a slight understanding of Liu Ming’s personality. Since he agreed, he would not renege his word.

“In addition, I can only promise to protect within the scope of my ability. If there is a danger that even I can’t deal with, you must be prepared to protect yourself.” Liu Ming pondered for a while, then he added.

“If such a thing really happened, we can only blame ourselves for our bad luck. We will never blame Brother Liu. However, we are still a little confident about how to protect ourselves.” Ouyang Qian said with a straight face.

Hearing this, Liu Ming showed a smile on his face, nodded and said,

“Since this is the case, this matter is settled. Do you 2 have a place to live? Do you need me to arrange it?”

“Your sect has arranged for us to stay in Piaomiao Peak. I heard that Brother Liu’s dual cultivation partner is a junior sister apprentice named Jia Lan from the Piaomiao Peak. When will you introduce her to us?” Ouyang Qian said with a shallow smile.

Hearing this, Liu Ming was naturally embarrassed.

TL: Will Jia Lan join this trip too? She is missing too much in the recent stories…