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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E891

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 891

The Might Of The Purdue Sumeru Array

7 days later, in a continuous mountain range more than 20,000 kilometers away from Thousands Spirit Mountain.

The climate here was extremely hot. The entire mountain range was red in color and shrouded in mist. From a distance, it looked slightly distorted, and there were almost no plants in the mountains.

In addition, from time to time, black smoke rose from the top of the mountain, spewing out the red magma into the sky.

A certain active volcanic crater with a height of 3000 meters suddenly burst open, and a black figure flew out of the rubbles. He fled anxiously in a certain direction.

Just as the black figure flew out of the crater in less than a second, a red figure rushed out and pursued the black figure.

The black figure was quite agile in mid-air, flicking left and right and constantly changing directions. The speed was getting faster and faster, but the red figure behind was still chasing closely. No matter what the black figure did, he couldn’t get rid of the pursuit.

After the 2 chased and fled, they left the area of ​​the volcano in a blink of an eye, and they flew another 10 miles.

At this moment, the black figure in front suddenly went down to a dark valley below.

The red figure slowed down and looked back at the crater. The red light all over its body dissipated, revealing its body.

This was a beastkin with a height of 20 meters tall. It looked quite similar to a horse. Its body was streamlined, and its tail was soft and dark red. It swung from side to side like a cluster of burning flames. The pair of coral-like horns on its head looked very beautiful.

This beastkin was the flame illusory beast. The horns on its head were black in color, which was the sign that the beastkin was in adulthood and had advanced to the Real Pellet State.

The flame illusory beast rarely leaves the lava field. Today, if the black figure didn’t sneak in and wreak havoc in its lair when it was asleep, it wouldn’t chase furiously.

But after chasing it here, the beastkin instinctively felt a hint of danger.

As a result, the moment the beast just stopped. The black figure in front launched a dark red light.

The speed of the dark red light was amazing. It reached the flame illusory beast in a flash.


Even though the flame illusory beast tilted its head very quickly, it was still wounded. The red dark red light pierced through its neck and opened up a narrow and long wound.


Under the pain, the flame illusory beast roared in rage. It spurted a fireball at the black figure in front.

At the same time, strands of red lights covered its neck and healed the wound quickly.

When the fireball went forward for 30 meters, it burst into a giant flame hurricane that rolled forward ferociously.

The flame hurricane had a faint golden color. The high temperature released circles of visible ripples that hit the black figure one after another.

The black figure fell into the valley below like a meteorite, making a dull echo.

The flame illusory beast was overjoyed. It put aside the last worry in its mind, let out an excited neigh and turned into a red light stream to follow into the valley. It must tear this man who damaged its lair into pieces.

Just as the flame illusory beast stepped into the valley, a change suddenly occurred.

4 golden light beams suddenly shot out from under the ground, and a large golden array immediately enveloped the middle of the valley.

The flame illusory beast found himself in a golden sealed space. Waves of huge pressure hit it in the middle.

A black figure was slowly flying out from the hole in the valley, and the black gas dissipated slowly, revealing the man’s true look.

It was Liu Ming.

At this moment, burn marks could clearly be seen on his clothes, but he wasn’t really injured. He looked at the flame illusory beast that was trapped by the Purdue Sumeru Array and smiled faintly.

“Beastkin is just beastkin. Even if you are intelligent, it is still much easier to deal with than those cunning evil cultivators.” Liu Ming murmured as he took out a golden flag.

At the same time, the girl in black tulle also emerged from the nearby ground, holding a golden flag in her hand too.

The golden array trembled a few times. It was obvious that the flame illusory beast was trying to break the array.

The Purdue Sumeru Array also showed the might of the ancient Buddhist great array at this moment. The golden light flashed a few times, but it was still as stable as a mountain. There was no sign of collapsing.

“Do it.” Liu Ming took a deep breath, launched a symbol at the flag and gave an order at the same time.

“Yes, master!”

Xie’er quickly responded with a solemn expression. She moved her arm and channeled spiritual power into the flag.

The Purdue Sumeru Array slowly spun, releasing bursts of dazzling golden brilliance, and a low and dull Sanskrit voice slowly sounded in the array…

After half an hour, the valley had returned to calm. Liu Ming held a fist-sized Real Pellet in his hand with a hint of joy.

The might of the Purdue Sumeru Array was still beyond his expectations, it seemed that this array could be used as a killing move for hunting beastkin.

In the valley, the bruised corpse of the flame illusory beast was lying on the ground, and its head was chopped off.

After Liu Ming kept the body of the flame illusory beast, he put away the array and flew into the distance.

More than a month later, somewhere southeast of the Middle Sky Continent.

The black mountain peaks stretched to the sky. Suffocating dark clouds floated above the sky, and the black air could be seen in the airflow. The ghost grievance howl could be heard.

This was the famous Yin Corpse Mountain Range in the Middle Sky Continent. The evil yin qi in the air was very thick. Except for cultivators who practiced ghost technique or demonic technique, other cultivators would feel extreme discomfort staying here. If they stayed here for long, the consequences were even more unimaginable.

“Whoosh”, a black light came out from the depths of the Yin Corpse Mountain Range at an extremely fast speed.

In the black light, a figure of a man in a green robe could be seen. In his hands, he was tightly grasping a few bone-white flowers.

The man in a green robe was Liu Ming who came here to pick the sky ghost flowers.


A sharp chirping sounded. A large dark cloud was chasing him closely behind him. Among the dark cloud was more than a dozen huge black strange birds.

These strange birds were bare without a single feather. Their wings and bodies were made of thick bones. They had a long, pale and hairless tail of a dozen meters. They were shrouded in a thick black yin qi.

This was a beastkin that was unique to the Yin Corpse Mountain Range, the corpse eagle.

The corpse eagle that stretched its wings was more than 30 meters long. A dozen corpse eagles could form a gigantic shadow that covered a portion of the sky.

The speed of this group of corpse eagles was extremely fast. With a flap of their wings, they could fly for about 50 meters. When they were about to catch up with the black escape light in front, they dived down and spouted gray-black flames. The smell of corpse stench suddenly spread out in all directions.

This was not an ordinary beastkin flame but the yin corpse flame formed by the corpse aura of Yin Corpse Mountain Range and the corpse eagle’s beastkin aura. It had an amazing corrosion.

Seeing this, Liu Ming in the escape light snorted coldly. A yellow light shot out and formed a yellow shield. Twisted runes could be seen on it.

It was Thick Earth Shield.


The yin corpse flame burned immediately when hitting the shield. The shield flashed with yellow light and barely resisted the yin corpse flame.

The strength of these corpse eagles was comparable to the cultivators of the early stage of the Crystallization Period. If a dozen of them joined forces, even a Real Pellet cultivator would flee embarrassedly.

Suddenly, the yellow shield burst into yellow light, reflecting the yin corpse flames on its surface.

Liu Ming turned around abruptly. He launched dense black fist shadows toward the corpse eagle.

Boom boom!

The few corpse eagles flying in the front were repeatedly hit by the black fist shadows. Their bones were crushed in their whines. The giant bodies fell from the sky like kites with broken strings.

The body of the corpse eagle was basically composed of skeletons. Its body was light and the flying speed was very fast, but its body was relatively fragile as well.

The rest of the corpse eagle cried strangely. They weren’t scared by the fall of their companions, and they still pounced at Liu Ming with sharp claws.

Liu Ming released black gas and went toward the corpse eagles instead.

The sound of broken bones came one after another like fried beans, and the corpse eagles fell from the sky.

In just a few seconds, most of the dozen corpse eagles fell to the ground. The remaining 3 finally flew back to the depths of the Yin Corpse Mountain Range in fright.


Liu Ming didn’t chase after them. After breathing out, he took out 5 bone-white flowers in his hand. There were several red lines on the black stamens, which looked like a weird smiling face.

He carefully checked the strange flowers in his hand. After seeing that they weren’t damaged, he carefully put them into the Sumeru Ring.

Then, a white flying boat supported him and flew away in the distance.

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