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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1224

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1224

Beastkin Bandits

Liu Ming turned around and walked into the cart. Inside, a girl in white was lying leaning against the wall of the car. Her face was pale, and her lips were green. She seemed to be seriously injured.

It was Qian Rupin!

“Brother Ming.” The girl opened her mouth and called out with some difficulty.

“You should take a rest first. I have gathered the materials. I will start to refine Clear Heart Pill now.” Liu Ming said with concern.

The girl in white clothes nodded and slowly closed her eyes.

After 5 years of traveling, they finally came to the vicinity of Luo City.

However, more than 10 days ago, when they passed through the Shun Snake Canyon under the jurisdiction of Green Snake Race, they were attacked by several high rank beastkin cultivators with overwhelming snake beastkins. Unfortunately, Qian Rupin got poisoned by the snake venom.

This kind of snake venom was very difficult to deal with. She only got the venom on her arm, but it quickly permeated into the depths of her blood. If Liu Ming hadn’t channeled spiritual power to suppress it forcibly, she would have died of the poison already.

Fortunately, Liu Ming slayed more than a thousand snake beastkins and broke out of the encirclement. Before leaving, he also killed a Real Pellet State later stage powerhouse with Mountain River Pearl and found this antidote for snake venom, but he didn’t have 1 of the main ingredients.

At this moment, Liu Ming met the Sky Bird Race’s caravan heading to Luo City. After talking with them, Liu Ming learned that they happened to have this spiritual grass.

The leader of the caravan, that was, the old man in a gray robe, saw that Liu Ming had high cultivation and brought a wounded companion, so he invited Liu Ming to go with the caravan. Liu Ming of course would not refuse it. He used the material he collected along the way to exchange this medicinal material.

Seeing that Qian Rupin fell asleep, Liu Ming went to the corner and took out the Liushen Cauldron.

He waved his hands, and formation flags shot and formed a small array around him.

With a wave of his hand, Liu Ming took out all the ingredients of the Clear Heart Pill, then he spat black flame to envelope the Liushen Cauldron and began to refine.

A day later, in the wooden cart, Qian Rupin ate a green elixir and meditated. After a while, a little blood color gradually appeared on her pale face.

“It seems that this Clear Heart Pill is really effective.” Liu Ming injected a bit of spiritual power into Qian Rupin’s body, and he felt that the poison in the blood had been basically dispelled. She could fully recover in 2 days.

“Thank you, Brother Ming.” Qian Rupin thanked him a little weakly.

“What nonsense, if you hadn’t followed me, you wouldn’t have been poisoned.” Liu Ming patted Qian Rupin on the head.

The girl blushed slightly and lowered her head.

Liu Ming comforted her a few more words. After Qian Rupin lay down to rest, he walked to the side, sat down and took out a map.

The map was full or circles and dots, marking an obvious path from west to east. It looked a bit winding.

This was the place Liu Ming passed through on the way from the Sky Rift Valley. Although they had experienced countless dangers, he had also gained a lot along the way.

In addition to killing countless beastkins along the way, he also obtained a lot of extremely rare materials from various places in Savage Wild Continent. As for the beastkin cities he passed by, he did not hesitate to buy a lot of good things.

He had collected all the materials to refine the Soul Absorb Voodoo except for the skeleton silkworm. But he already had clues about the skeleton silkworm.

Now as long as he found this last material, he could immediately refine the Soul Absorb Voodoo.

Qian Rupin also bought a lot of totem mystic arts and some equipment to set up the totem array.

Speaking of which, after these years of research, with Qian Rupin’s talent in array, she had already become a totem master with considerable attainments. She could often integrate many concepts of the array with totem mystic arts.

In addition, during the 5 years of travel, Liu Ming had made great progress in both spiritual power and mental power.

Now he was only waiting to reach the Real Pellet State perfect stage, then he was ready to break through the bottleneck of the Celestial State. If he could refine the Soul Absorb Voodoo before then, it would also be a great help to advance to the Celestial State.

As Liu Ming thought so, he let out a breath slowly and sat down cross-legged.

Although Qian Rupin’s poison had been cured, she still shouldn’t work too hard. He planned to continue to follow the caravan of the Sky Bird Race. Anyway, it was only half a month away from the Luo City.

It went on like this for nearly half a month without anything special.

One day, Liu Ming was meditating quietly in the blue wooden cart while Qian Rupin beside him kept looking out of the car window curiously.

After these days of recuperation, her body had basically recovered.

At this moment, the convoy was moving among the gray rocky mountains. The surrounding mountains sometimes embraced each other, and sometimes climbed up as steeply as a knife. Qian Rupin couldn’t help but gasp in amazement.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred!

Among the rolling mountains several miles away on both sides, there was a deafening roar first, then hundreds of giant boulders were launched toward the caravan like a meteor shower.

“Shit, an ambush!”

Accompanied by a low sound of warning, the entire caravan was in a battle state.

Immediately afterward, nearly a hundred guards flew out in an instant. They looked well-trained and showed no signs of panic. The blue wings behind them flapped toward the air, and the dense wind blades shot out and formed a wind wall against the boulders all over the sky.

There was a burst of shattering sounds!

Before the wind blades, those boulders shattered into fist-sized in the air, but this kind of aftermath was not a threat to the caravan.

Before the dust in the air cleared, a large number of beastkin cultivators dressed in various costumes appeared in midair. They looked strange and seemed to be composed of many tribes. The number far exceeded the guards in the caravan.

The leader was an ugly tall man with thick brown hair all over his body. After his appearance, an invisible coercion surged toward the caravan of the Sky Bird Race in an instant.

“It’s beastkin bandits! Wait, that person seems to be the Savage Bear Race’s traitor, Xiong Jia. He is at the Real Pellet State early stage. Everyone be careful!”

Among the guards on both sides, a scar-faced muscular man who seemed to be the captain of the guards blurted out when he saw the ugly man appear.

Hehe, that’s right, it’s me! Since you recognize me, obediently leave the treasures behind!”

The ugly man laughed loudly. He waved both hands. The beastkin cultivators of various races on both sides instantly formed an encirclement and impatiently launched various attacks.

All of a sudden, claw lights, fist shadows, and all kinds of lights rushed toward the guards of the caravan overwhelmingly.

There were also some beastkin bandits with strong physiques turning into their beastkin form and rushing toward the head and tail of the caravan.

“Don’t panic, split up and attack. The treasure must not be lost!” The scar-faced muscular man hurriedly shouted.

Before the words were finished, the guards around had already formed a battle formation while chanting. They were holding a blue spear and pointed to the surroundings. Their movements were not much slower than the opponent’s.

A burst of whistling sounds!

The blue spears launched streams of blue lights into midair and formed blue nets that were growing wildly.

In a blink of an eye, all the blue nets merged together into a giant blue net light curtain, sealing off the space with a radius of hundreds of meters.

The attacks of both sides collided in the air in an instant.

There was a burst of crackling explosions. Various circular air waves of various colors spread in all directions, causing the ground around the caravan to tremble violently.

Although there were a large number of beastkin bandits, their strength was uneven. In comparison, the guards were well-trained. Under the orderly command of the scar-faced muscular man, they did not fall into a disadvantage for a while.

Seeing that the battlefields on both sides were in chaos, Xiong Jia on the side looked impatience. He shouted and charged to the middle of the caravan.

In mid-air, Xiong Jia grabbed toward the guards of the Sky Bird Race in the distance.

“Bang”, strands of brown light appeared out of nowhere. After condensing together in a blink of an eye, a furry brown-black palm was formed.

The brown-black palm carried enormous pressure. Before it touched the cultivators of the Sky Bird Race, they felt suffocated in their chests, then they were crushed into meat pastes.

After the ugly man succeeded, he sneered and launched more symbols. The brown-black palm enlarged several times again and swept toward the scar-faced muscular man.

The scar-faced muscular man was only at the Pseudo Pellet State. Seeing such a frantic attack by the ugly man, he hurriedly turned his hands into claws. After the claws were filled with gray lights, a blue bird shot toward the brown-black palm.

“Origin power of the Sky Bird Race. Let’s see how powerful it can be.” Xiong Jia sneered. He flicked his finger, and the brown-black palm scratched the blue bird.

The moment the two collided, a several-foot-long black light burst out from the brown-black palm. After a few swipes, the black light enveloped the blue bird in it.

At this moment, Liu Ming, who was in the blue wooden cart, opened his eyes suddenly, and the purple flying sword appeared from his sleeve.

As soon as he grasped the purple flying sword, he rushed out of the blue wooden cart.

At this moment, something unexpected happened.

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