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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1214

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1214

Strange Land

When Qian Rupin saw such a splendid scene, a hint of intoxication appeared in her beautiful eyes. She walked forward unknowingly, chasing and playing with those small fishes.

Liu Ming stood where he was, thinking solemnly.

Although he couldn’t sense anything accurately, the slight fluctuation of spiritual power coming from here was faintly stronger than before. The seemingly calm surrounding environment also made him feel a little uneasy for no reason.

Just when Liu Ming was hesitating about whether to leave this place first, there was a buzzing sound in his sleeve. It was the gray stone tablet that was shaking non-stop.

Liu Ming was about to take it out.

Suddenly, a gray light shot out from his sleeve robe. The gray tablet flew out by itself and hovered in front of Liu Ming.

The blue lights scattered around the underwater platform seemed to be attracted by some kind of attraction and became distorted, then the lights rolled toward the gray tablet.

Just when Liu Ming was startled, the ring-shaped rune in the center of the gray tablet flickered rapidly after the blue lights entered, then all the patterns suddenly lit up.

The tearing sound came one after another!

In the surrounding space, narrow and long space fissures suddenly appeared, and a strong suction came. The water kept shaking.


When Liu Ming saw this, he wrapped Qian Rupin with black mist and flew back to the long and narrow trench where he came from.

At this moment, the blue lights that were originally absorbed by the gray tablet gushed out again, turning a blue vortex with the tablet as the center.

Liu Ming only felt an irresistible suction come from behind, causing his body to fly backward involuntarily.

The next moment, he only saw blue light all around him and felt bursts of piercing winds sweeping toward him.

Liu Ming was shocked for a moment. Without thinking much, he quickly cast 12 Mountain River Pearls. They spun and formed a yellow enchantment around them.

At this moment, the strange “creaking” sounds continued to come from all directions. The surrounding blue light surged like waves. A dizzy feeling came instantly.

After Liu Ming was in a daze for an unknown amount of time, he felt that the blue light had faded away.

When he opened his eyes again, he felt that everything around him was a bit dark.

When he took a closer look, he found that he was actually in a lush and dense forest.

Giant trees tens of feet high could be seen everywhere. The luxuriant foliage actually blocked 90% of the sunlight above. The ground was covered with grasses and trees several people high. Each of them had strange in shape, and many of them were covered with sharp barbs.

Even Liu Ming who had great experience couldn’t help being astounded after seeing this situation.

After Liu Ming looked around, he withdrew his gaze and looked at Qian Rupin who was lying unconscious beside him.

He released Divine Thought to check on her. After confirming that she was only slightly damaged due to space teleportation, he was slightly relieved.

With a flick of his fingertip, a black light flashed into Qian Rupin’s forehead, then he looked beside him.

On the ground, the gray tablet lay quietly on the ground, but the patterns on it had become dim again. The dazzling brilliance that bloomed in the underwater before seemed to be a flash in the pan.

Liu Ming took the tablet and examined it carefully. No matter how he tried, nothing happened to the tablet.

After he shook his head helplessly, he spread Divine Thought to the surroundings.

At this moment, Qian Rupin’s beautiful eyes moved. She woke up with a cry, and she immediately stood up in a panic. Until she saw Liu Ming standing beside him with a blank expression, she finally settled down.

“Brother Ming, where is this place? How did we end up here?”

“I don’t know either. It seems that we accidentally triggered the mystery of this tablet and got teleported here. The trees here are strange. It doesn’t look like Sea Region, but it doesn’t look like somewhere in the Middle Sky Continent either.” Liu Ming said with a thoughtful expression.

“What, then where is this place?” Yan Ruping was surprised.

“It’s not urgent. I’ll figure it out. You take this elixir first.” Seeing Qian Rupin who looked pale, he flicked a thumb-sized gray elixir to her.

“Thank you, Brother Ming!” Seeing this, Qian Rupin took the elixir and ate it without thinking much.

The next moment, a smear of blood appeared on her originally pale cheeks. The misty look in her eyes faded a bit. She then took the gray slate from Liu Ming’s hand and examined it carefully.

Liu Ming continued to look around and released Divine Thought at the same time.

Not long after, Qian Rupin frowned gradually.

“Ruping, don’t rush to study this tablet. There seems to be movement coming from tens of miles away from here. You should hide your aura and follow me there.” Liu Ming said suddenly.

When Qian Rupin heard this, she naturally did not object.

Liu Ming didn’t say much. He waved and wrapped her in a black mist before flying away.

After a while, they flew to the place where the spiritual power fluctuated.

Looking around, in the dense jungle ahead, the vegetation had been destroyed in all directions, exposing a wide flat land with the size of an acre.

In the flat ground, more than a dozen burly beastkins were besieging 3 alien race men with pointed ears.

2 of them immediately landed behind a boulder halfway up the hill with a few flashes.

When Liu Ming released Divine Thought, the handsome young man who seemed to be the youngest in the siege was wearing luxurious animal clothes. His cultivation was at the Pseudo Pellet State period. He seemed to be the leader, and the other 2 middle-aged people were all at the intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period.

On the other hand, those beastkins had different appearances. Except for a black mouse with a height of 24 meters and covered with bristles that was at the Crystallization Period later stage, the rest were between the early stage and intermediate stage of the Crystallization Period.

However, although that handsome young man had the highest cultivation, his face was pale and his chest heaved. He couldn’t seem to last much longer.

At this moment, his hands were constantly launching symbols, and blue light surged out, turned into circles of frost and formed a 30 meters shield around them.

The two middle-aged men were covered in wounds and sweating profusely, but they still stayed on both sides of the beastkins without hesitation and looked anxiously at the ferocious beastkin 30 meters away.

At this moment, the rat beastkin leader let out a shrill, bent its body and shot bristles toward the 3 of them.

“Bang bang bang!“

The blue light curtain protecting the three of them shook violently, but the bristles were all blocked. The blue light curtain just dimmed a little.

Seeing this, the rest of the dozen or so beastkins also accelerated their attacks, rushing toward the 3 in the middle from all directions. The speed was so fast that Qian Rupin, who was hiding aside, couldn’t see clearly.

Seeing this, the handsome young man’s eyes flashed fiercely. He launched one after another symbol, and the surrounding frost shield shot ice beams in all directions.

The other 2 middle-aged men also channeled their spiritual power into the blue light curtain.

Crackling and crashing sounds sounded one after another!

Even though the dozen or so beastkins were extremely fast and dodged several ice beams in a row, several beastkins were still hit directly and got pushed back hundreds of meters away.

The flesh bodies of these beastkins seemed to be extremely sturdy. Under such a big impact, they only turned somersaults on the ground or in mid-air, then they climbed up as if nothing had happened.

That handsome young man must have used some kind of high rank mystic art. Under the huge consumption, his complexion became paler, but he still maintained the protective light curtain.

The second round of siege began with the shrill of the rat beastkin.

There was a more ferocious attack and shrill than before.


The handsome young man struck again suddenly. This powerful hit blew a beastkin that looked like a giant brown bear toward the boulder where Liu Ming and Rupin were. It landed heavily on the ground, creating a big hole in the ground.

At the same time, the handsome young man bled from his mouth, and he suddenly fell into the arms of a middle-aged man beside him.

The several meter tall brown bear turned over and stood up from the pit. Suddenly, it showed a trace of doubt on its face and turned its nose toward the boulder. Instantly, its gaze turned ferocious.

With Liu Ming’s current cultivation base, if he wanted to hide deliberately, even the Celestial State cultivator might not be able to detect him, but Qian Rupin was different. She was only at the Condensation Period. She couldn’t hide from the senses of the Crystallization Period beastkin at such a close distance.

At this moment, Liu Ming flashed out from the forest and landed before the giant bear beastkin. He launched a palm at the head of the giant bear.

“Bang“, the giant bear’s head burst open like a watermelon, but the figure disappeared in a black air.

The whole process just happened in a second!

Just when the alien race and other beastkins were all startled, there was a whistling sound from the air. A large wave of large purple sword light appeared, launching at 5 nearby beastkins below.

These beastkins didn’t even make a wailing sound. They were cut into countless pieces in an instant amidst the interweaving sound of the purple sword lights. At the same time, a large amount of blood rained down.

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