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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1209

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1209

Soul Leech Token

“Miluo Token, what is that?” Liu Ming frowned and asked.

“That is a rare treasure that I refined for decades to activate this ancient teleportation array, but due to the scarcity of materials, only 2 were refined in total. It is similar to the great shift token of the ancient time, the Miluo Token I refine is a one-time consumable treasure that will disappear after activating the teleportation circle. It is far inferior to the great shift token that can be used multiple times.” Zong Yan explained replied.

“Really, it seems that you have already used up one, where is the remaining one?” Liu Ming said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“I didn’t have a physical body back then, so I couldn’t keep this thing, so I kept it in that dragon’s storage bracelet. I assume sir has already gotten it right?” Zong Yan looked at Liu Ming meaningfully as he asked.

“Siren King’s storage bracelet is indeed on me. I haven’t had time to check it yet.” Liu Ming said, then a palm-sized bracelet appeared in his palm.

“The Miluo Token is a small blood-red token. It is made of a space beastkin called Miluo, so I call it the Miluo Token.” Zong Yan said quickly.

When Liu Ming heard this, a hexagonal blood-red token suddenly appeared in his hand.

“This is it. Sir only needs to add a little bit of your blood to refine this thing, then you can activate this ancient teleportation array and directly return to the Middle Sky Continent’s southern wilderness.” Zong Yan nodded as he said.

Liu Ming looked at the token in his hand and pondered.

Seeing this, Zong Yan also honestly remained silent.

On the other hand, Qian Rupin looked at the thing in Liu Ming’s hand curiously.

“Oh, it’s so simple? I’m a little curious. Since you can return to the southern wilderness, why do you and Siren King stay in such a remote place as the Sea Region?” Liu Ming asked suddenly.

“Sir must be joking. I was being hunted until my physical body is lost, then I instigated that dragon to activate this teleportation array of unknown origin. I didn’t expect that we were teleported to the hometown of this dragon. He naturally didn’t want to go back. And with my current state, if I go back rashly, I’m afraid I will die soon after.” Zong Yan said with a wry smile.

“Oh!” Liu Ming played with the token in his hand without saying anything more.

“Sir is worried that I’m lying? Now that I’m in deep trouble, how can I dare to play tricks again? Sir will know if I’m lying if you try it. I hope sir can keep your promise and let me go when the time comes.” Seeing this, Zong Yan sighed lightly and said with a wry smile.

Liu Ming sneered and looked at the blood-red token in his hand again. He was about to say something more, then a weak man’s voice suddenly came from him,

“This token is not Miluo Token at all. It’s Iron Beastkin Zong Yan’s Soul Leech Token. If you don’t want to be controlled by him and turn into a walking dead puppet, then don’t touch this thing.”

Zong Yan was astounded.

Liu Ming smiled slightly. He moved his hand and kept the token into the Sumeru Ring, then a Mountain River Pearl appeared in front of him.

With a flash of yellow light, a mini blue dragon flew out of the Mountain River Pearl. It turned into a young man in a white robe. The person was Siren King.

Siren King’s clothes were tattered and blood-stained, and his face was extremely pale, but his gaze toward Zong Yan was full of resentment.

“You’re not dead yet. Impossible, I already…” Zong Yan suddenly stopped speaking halfway through.

“You already planted a Soul Destroy Leech in my soul, right?” Siren King sneered.

“But you forgot that I have also cultivated your Pan Gu Codex. Although I’m far inferior to you, I can still temporarily suppress the Soul Destroy Leech with my soul power.” Siren King showed a painful expression on his face. His body trembled slightly, but he still endured the pain and sneered.

Zong Yan’s face was extremely ugly, and his body turned cold. Liu Ming looked over with cold eyes.

“Mr. Liu, don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense, it is definitely Miluo Token. If you don’t believe it, let this female cultivator refine it. Everything will be clear.” Zong Yan said quickly.

Qian Rupin who was standing by the side frowned when she heard this.

Liu Ming’s face turned grim when he heard that.

However, at the moment when Liu Ming put his guard down, Zong Yan’s soul suddenly burst into gray light. He split into hundreds of gray bugs and escaped in all directions.


Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. A dazzling green light appeared on his chest, which turned into a green bull phantasm. It was Che Huan Totem.

Che Huan opened its mouth and spat out a roll of green light. A strong suction force instantly covered the entire cave.

The hundreds of gray bugs flying out just now were swept by the green light, then they were swallowed by Che Huan. A faint scream came from Che Huan Totem’s body, then there was no sound anymore.

Liu Ming waved 1 hand, and Che Huan disappeared into his shoulder again.

Seeing that Zong Yan was eliminated by Liu Ming, Qian Rupin smiled and continued to look down at the teleportation array on the ground.

After Zong Yan was swallowed by Che Huan Totem, the painful look on Siren King’s face disappeared immediately. He stood up straight with a sigh of relief.

“Zong Yan is dead, so you will tell me how to activate this ancient teleportation array. Of course, you can don’t tell me. After I search your soul, I can know what I want to know.” Liu Ming said calmly to Siren King.

“Liu Ming, have you forgotten that I have also practiced Zong Yan’s secret technique? Although I’m not as good as Iron Beastkin, if I want to blow up my soul, you can’t stop me.” There was no sadness or joy on his face as if he was talking about another matter that had nothing to do with him.

“In this case, according to the agreement I just made with Zong Yan, you tell me how to activate the teleportation array, and I will let you live.” Liu Ming frowned and said after a while.

“Is this true?” Siren King asked with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Although I don’t claim myself to be a gentleman, I will fulfill my promise. What’s more, your real pellet has been shattered, and you had been affected by Zong Yan’s mystic arts. Both your soul and body have been greatly weakened. Even if you can barely heal your injuries, there is no hope of advancing to the Real Pellet State. It’s fine to let you go.” Liu Ming said flatly.

Siren King showed a bitter expression when he heard the words, but he didn’t say anything.

“But even so, if you really want to leave, I still need to cast another layer of enchantment in your body, lest you harm the humans of the Yunchuan Continent after I leave.” Liu Ming said.

“I’m the fish on the chopping board now, so I have no choice but to agree. However, you and I will swear by the heart demon at the same time!” Siren King’s face turned gloomy when he heard this, then he shook his head and gave a wry smile.

“That’s no problem.” Liu Ming smiled slightly, and the two swore by their own demons.

Liu Ming muttered something, cut his finger, a drop of blood spewed out, and launched several symbols.

His blood turned into bloody runes that split into 2 directions.

Liu Ming took out a green jade tablet, and a part of the bloody runes flew into the jade tablet. A line of bloody text emerged on the surface of the jade tablet.

The other part blurred and went into Siren King’s body.

In the Siren King’s sea of ​​consciousness, countless silk-like bloody lights emerged, rooting in his sea of ​​consciousness.

A sharp pain came from the sea of ​​consciousness, making Siren King let out a muffled snort, but the pain disappeared without a trace the next moment.

“This is a blood channel enchantment that I have recently learned. It has been deeply rooted in your sea of ​​consciousness. Even the Celestial State cultivator may not be able to dispel it. But don’t worry, as long as no one channels this jade tablet, the enchantment won’t affect you in any way,” Liu Ming said.

Siren King slightly mobilized the spiritual power in his body. These blood silks really had no effect, so he was relieved.

“You want to leave this jade tablet in the hands of the human on Yunchuan Island?” Siren King asked.

“Don’t worry, this thing is just a deterrent. I will give it to a safe person for safekeeping. I will also order him not to use this to threaten you to do anything.” Liu Ming saw Siren King’s worry and said lightly.

Siren King looked a little better when he heard that.

“Now tell me how to activate this ancient teleportation array!” Liu Ming asked abruptly.

“To be honest, this ancient teleportation array doesn’t need any special activation method at all.” Siren King took a deep breath and said something that surprised Liu Ming.

“What do you mean by that?” Liu Ming looked grim upon hearing this.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m telling the truth. According to the results of many years of investigation by Iron Beastkin Zong Yan, although this ancient teleportation array can still be used barely, the spirit patterns of the array have become more and more fragile due to the wear and tear of endless years. After each use, it will take one or two hundred years of buffer time to resume operation, so if you want to use this array to return to the Middle Sky Continent, you may have to wait at least another hundred years.” Siren King quickly explained.

“Really?” Liu Ming asked coldly with a frown.

“I’ve already sworn to my heart demon, so I won’t say a single lie. Not to mention a hundred years is just a flick of a finger for the Real Pellet State cultivator, if the array can’t be used by then, you can just take my life. Anyway, you have already planted an enchantment inside me.” Siren King sighed and said slowly.

Hearing this, Liu Ming showed a thoughtful expression.

“Brother Ming, what he said should be true. Although I haven’t seen the ancient teleportation array, I can roughly judge the operation of this array. These array patterns do have some cracks. After using 2 to 3 times, it will be completely unusable.” At this moment, Qian Rupin suddenly raised her head and said.

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