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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1104

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1104

Slice Wind Valley

“There is a valley ahead, but there is no record of the enchantment in it on the map. We can only explore by ourselves.” Yin Liu didn’t ask any more questions. After checking with the map jade slip for a moment, he shook his head.

Hearing this, Liu Ming also gave a wry smile.

Judging from the information he obtained from Dong Hao, the valley in front of him, called “Slice Wind Valley”, was obviously not a safe place. The enchantment in this valley was unknown.

However, judging from the current situation, they came to the periphery of the hinterland. They were only 400 miles away from the Tomb of Serene King, which was a good news.

However, under the premise of spiritual power being restricted, facing so many strange enchantments, even cultivators like Liu Ming would be overwhelmed in both stamina and spiritual power.

They took a short rest for a while. After recovering some spiritual power, they continued to walk forward.

After a while, they entered a valley that was sandwiched between 2 towering mountains.

As soon as they stepped into the valley, they slowed down while looking around.

After Liu Ming glanced around, he was startled.

But on the towering and steep mountain walls on both sides, there were messy traces of sharp objects carving.

However, before he could speak, Yin Liu suddenly reached out and stopped Liu Ming. He closed his eyes as if he was sensing something.

After half an hour, Yin Liu slowly opened his eyes and said lightly to Liu Ming.

“Brother Yin, there’s something wrong here. You will know after checking.”

Liu Ming also closed his eyes.

The next moment, he only felt the sound of the wind whistling and raging in his ears. In shock, he also released Divine Thought, trying to find the source of this sound.

As a result, before his Divine Thought spread far along the wind, Liu Ming felt cold all over. His Divine Thought was pushed back by a strange force.

His entire body was shaken, and he took a half step back before he stabilized his body. His face was flushed.

“Brother Yin. I just forgot to mention that the enchantment here is quite strange. You can’t use Divine Thought to forcibly explore… I used a kind of meditation mystic art that uses my vitality to sense, but I only detected that the sound comes from a yin wind somewhere. The source is unknown.” Yin Liu’s face looked a little dignified.

“It’s really not as peaceful here as it seems.” Liu Ming agreed.

“Now we can only take more precautions on the way.” Yin Liu said slowly.

After Liu Ming nodded at him, they continued on their way.

To their surprise, everything was calm in the valley. Not only did they not find any trace of danger, even a slightly stronger mountain wind never blew.

But the more so, the more alert Liu Ming was.

The mountains on both sides also seemed to meander endlessly.

Half an hour later, Liu Ming and Yin Liu stood there with faces full of depression.

At the end of this valley, there was no way to go. A huge mountain was blocking the path.

“This is the only way. Could the map be wrong?” Liu Ming looked at the giant mountain in front of him and asked slowly.

“This valley just has this path. Shouldn’t be wrong. Do we need to climb the mountain? Although this mountain is not high, under the anti-air enchantment, it is not easy to climb over. Why not…” Yin Liu touched his chin and said thoughtfully.

As a result, at this moment, in the space behind them, there was a rumbling sound.

They looked back and were startled by the scene.

The path behind them was blocked by a giant mountain.

They were now trapped in a valley by mountains, and they were unable to use flying spells.

Just when they were thinking for solutions.

A few whistles came from all directions!

On the mountain walls, there were several long and narrow cracks.

Immediately afterward, waves of cold gray wind blades surged out from the dense cracks. It was overwhelming.

These wind blades looked similar to ordinary wind blades, but they contained a very strong cold force. Some of the large wind blades were a dozen meters long while the small ones were only a few inches long.

In the blink of an eye, the space was filled with dense grey wind blades.

Seeing this situation, Liu Ming shouted with a gloomy face. Countless black air emerged from his body and quickly solidified behind him.

A dragon roar sounded!

5 150 meters long black mist dragons rushed from his back toward the dense wind blades.

The power of wind blades was not trivial.


A giant wind blade slashed a black mist dragon in half.

Those slightly smaller wind blades, although not so powerful, shouldn’t be underestimated. In just 3 seconds, the rest of the black mist dragons were all injured, about to collapse.

“Hell Prison.”

Liu Ming’s eyes turned cold as he made a gesture. The 5 black mist dragons dispersed into black air that shrouded him. Simultaneously, 5 30 meters black mist tigers rushed out amidst a roar and circled around him.

There was a burst of crackling sounds!

The 5 black mist tigers forcibly blocked most of the wind blades, but there were too many wind blades. Many wind blades rushed toward Liu Ming through the gaps.

When Liu Ming saw this, a pair of wings emerged behind him. He dodged left and right in midair.

On the other side, Yin Liu, after channeling the sword controlling technique to avoid a wave of wind blades, he took out a white feather, patted it lightly on him, and wrapped himself in a white light. He turned into a white feather phantasm.


A door-sized black wind blade shot toward him, but the white feather phantasm just tilted slightly. The wind blade brushed past it at an incredible angle.

In the following time, the white feather floated back and forth in the air. No matter how dense the wind blades were, they still couldn’t hit the feather at all.

Just when Liu Ming was distracted by Yin Liu’s moves, the wind blades increased tremendously.

Liu Ming could only channel black mist tigers and turn into a silver light stream to dodge.

There were more and more wind blades in the sky until it was like a rainstorm in the end.

No matter how elusive Liu Ming’s movement was, he had to tank some wind blades.

With his sturdy physique, even if these wind blades pierced the black air around him, they could only cause some external injuries, which would be recovered in an instant.

Now, Liu Ming finally understood the origin of the valley’s name.

Ordinary Real Pellet State cultivator would long be slashed into pieces in this wind blade array.

However, as the spiritual power was depleting rapidly, Liu Ming also began to feel a little overwhelmed.

“We have to find a solution to leave this place quickly! If this map is right, in this dead end, there must be a way to leave this place. We just triggered the enchantment before finding it.”

Liu Ming used the technique of multitasking to think while observing the surrounding situations.

After 15 minutes, his eyes suddenly lit up.

In the corner of a stone wall several hundred meters ahead, there was a huge black rock. When the wind blades touched the stone, they just disappeared into it like nothing happened.

Seeing this, Liu Ming charged toward the rock without hesitation.

When the distance from the huge black rock was less than 90 meters away, he launched a gray sword light. It flashed and split into countless gray sword lights.

Sharp whistles burst out!

All the sword lights turned into gray sword silks and intertwined into a giant net that covered the huge rock.

When the giant net hit the rock, it also silently disappeared into it.

At this moment, the piercing feeling of yin wind on Liu Ming’s back increased. The black mist tigers were about to collapse under the innumerable wind blades.

Liu Ming snorted, then he turned into 4 phantasms and charged forward.

“Whoosh whoosh whoosh!“

3 of the phantasm, together with the 5 mist tigers, were swarmed by the wind blades.

After a few flashes, Liu Ming disappeared into the huge black rock.

The moment Liu Ming crossed the rock, Liu Ming could only see darkness. The whistling wind behind him suddenly stopped. After an icy aura hit from the front, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed.

When he saw clearly, he seemed to appear above a clear blue lake.

He hurriedly stabilized himself and scanned with Divine Thought.

It was quiet all around. On both sides of the lake were some small hills of different heights. There was no path ahead.

At this moment, the space behind Liu Ming fluctuated, and a white feather phantasm burst out, slowly falling from the air.

After the white light rolled up, a young man in a white robe was revealed. It was Yin Liu.

“Thanks to Brother Yin. You can actually find this inconspicuous exit in the vast mountains.” Yin Liu put away the feather in his hand and bowed to Liu Ming.

“I’m just lucky. What really amazed me is Brother Yin’s mystic art. By the way, does Brother Yin know where we are and how far are we from the Tomb of Serene King?” Liu Ming also complimented the other party, then he changed the topic.

TL: Can’t help with the Brother Yin(s). They pronounce the same in Chinese.

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