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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1103

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1103

Earth Flame Rat

Generally speaking, Serene Clan and ghost creatures would be terrified by this kind of radiance of the sun attribute.

Therefore, the Extreme Sun Array restricted the Serene Clan a lot.

No wonder Yin Liu seemed very surprised.

“Thank you for the reminder, Brother Yin. This array is indeed something. Just a touch, and most of the skin is scorched.” Liu Ming said with a laugh while retracting his hand. After black air lingered on the scorched skin, his skin recovered instantly.

“It is not advisable to stay here for long. We must pass through this wasteland as soon as possible. Fortunately, these 10 rounds of bright sun are scattered relatively far apart, leaving a lot of gaps.” After Yin Liu reminded, he took out a blue bead and pinched it.


A blue light flashed on the surface of the bead, and a blue carp phantasm about 3 meters in size emerged from it. It spurted a splash of water that wrapped Yin Liu in it.

Yin Liu’s figure twisted slightly, and the carp phantasm was like swimming in the water. After its 2 fins swiped, Yin Liu was brought forward in a blue shadow.

The golden light from the sky caused wisps of smoke rising from the blue shadow, but the carp kept spurting water, maintaining a balance.

Seeing this, Liu Ming also released rolling black mist and formed a black mist shield.

Then he kicked the ground with both feet and flashed out in a black shadow. He followed closely behind the blue carp phantasm.

As soon as Liu Ming entered the desert, he felt a scorching sensation all over his body. The black air wrapped around him kept making a sizzling sound and slowly melted away, but the shield was still fine with the supply of spiritual power.

When they dashed for less than ten miles, a heat wave suddenly hit them. The golden light shone from the 10 golden suns in the sky.

At the same time, the suns began to move strangely, slowly arranging to form a ring that slowly rotated.

Liu Ming felt the scorching heat double, and the black air shield was evaporating faster.

The situation of Yin Liu seemed to be even more unbearable.

Under the golden lights, the water around Yin Liu was evaporating at a hastened rate. The blue carp phantasm also had fist-sized holes. Its size was also getting smaller and smaller. Yin Liu looked more agnozing.

“Damn, I didn’t expect that the people who set up the array could exert this Extreme Sun Array to such a degree… At this point, we can only find a way to get out of here as soon as possible!”

Yin Liu sent a voice transmission message to Liu Ming. His eyes burst into light, and a blu light flashed around him. The carp phantasm became more solid.

“Whoosh“, after a flash of blue light, he resisted the golden light while rushing out.

Seeing this, Liu Ming consumed an elixir, then he rushed out with a thick black air.

Even though the golden light of this Extreme Sun Array was powerful that it could deal great damage to the real Serene Clan cultivators, for a Real Pellet State human cultivator like Liu Ming, it couldn’t exert its real power. In addition to consuming a large amount of spiritual power, it could only cause some burns to his skin.

These minor injuries were nothing to fear for Liu Ming.

Of course, this Extreme Sun Array was far more powerful than that. When Liu Ming and the others walked to the middle of the desert, the golden suns above them suddenly flourished with golden light.

On the periphery of each scorching sun, layers of golden waves rippled, followed by a sudden tightening of the space. The golden lights turned into layers of flames that flickered erratically.

In the blink of an eye, the 10 scorching suns turned into 10 300 meters flame ball that spun rapidly in the air.

“Ow!” A few sharp chirps sounded, and the golden flame balls exploded one after another. Giant golden birds of 30 meters rushed out with spread wings.

“No, it’s the golden bird phantasm. Hurry up!” Yin Liu was in shock, and he hurriedly shouted to Liu Ming.

As soon as he said, whistles sounded. A golden bird bit the back of the blue carp.

The flames on the giant golden bird immediately engulfed the entire golden carp phantasm.


After a few blue lights flickered in the golden flame, the blue lights were completely drowned by the golden flames. However, Yin Liu in a white shadow flashed out from it.

He was holding a small blue flag that released layers of water curtains to protect him.

From the moment Yin Liu got engulfed by the golden flames and escaped from it, it was only 1 second. The speed made Liu Ming secretly shocked.

Almost at the same time, 4 golden shadows surrounded Liu Ming from above.

The 4 giant golden birds shot 4 flame beams that joined and formed a cylindrical flame wall, which surged toward Liu Ming from all directions.

The flames caused distortions in the space. After the flame light passed, even the large weeds on the wasteland were instantly turned into ashes, leaving a deep layer of scorched ground.

Seeing this, Liu Ming snorted. He made a gesture with both hands and retrieved the black mist. He shouted, then his figure grew larger amidst a burst of crackling sounds and black spirit patterns could be seen on his skin.

“Whoosh“, the flames rolled toward the middle. Liu Ming was instantly turned into a golden burning man.

Liu Ming in the flames only felt hot and painful, and it was difficult to breathe. However, the flames could only burn his skin and could not cause much damage.

As a result, Liu Ming didn’t care about the flames at all. He continued moving forward in a flame light.

At the same time, Yin Liu in front of him was once again surrounded by the giant golden birds. The blue water mist all over his body quickly evaporated in the golden flame light. When the water mist was almost gone, he took out a brown beast hide from his sleeve. After injecting spiritual power, the beast hide flickered nonstop.

He slapped the beast hide on his body. Immediately, a dozen mysterious runes flashed, and a brown flame wrapped him.

A burst of clicks sounded. The brown flame dissipated, revealing a giant rat. It had 4 short limbs, a fat figure, brown skin and red eyes like crystals.

“Earth flame rat?” Seeing this, Liu Ming was slightly startled.

This earth flame rat lived in the fiery magma. It was a rare beastkin of the extreme yang. Its cultivation base was not high, but it had high resistance against fire damage.

The point was that this beast couldn’t be found in the deepest underworld.

The form that Yin Liu transformed into was almost the same as the original. It had rough brown skin and a pair of sharp claws, but it looked clumsy.

If Liu Ming hadn’t witnessed all of this with his own eyes, he couldn’t notice that this earth flame rat was transformed by Yin Liu.

The rat burrowed directly into the ground of the desert and moved forward in a small mound.

The 7 giant golden birds would not give up like this. They fluttered their wings and blasted waves of golden lights at the small mound. The attacks directly submerged into the ground, but the speed inevitably slowed by a bit.

But the seemingly clumsy earth flame rat moved as fast as lightning in the ground. The golden lights were all avoided by the uncatchable movement.

Compared with the mysterious mystic art of Yin Liu, Liu Ming’s method of forcibly resisting the flames with his body was rather clumsy.

Fortunately, they had already crossed most of the wasteland. After about 10 minutes, they finally successfully left the range covered by the Extreme Sun Array.

The 10 giant golden birds no longer pursued after they left the wasteland. They chirped and transformed back into the 10 suns in the air.

Seeing this situation, the earth flame rat, which was transformed by the Yin Current, came out from under the ground. After a flash of brown light, he returned to his original appearance.

Liu Ming’s body trembled, and a burst of black air spread out and dispel the remaining golden flames.

“I’m really impressed by Brother Yin’s mystic art.” Liu Ming looked at Yin Liu and praised with a half smile.

“Hehe, it’s just a transformation technique. How can I be compared with you. Your physical body is really sturdy. You can actually resist this golden flame for so long. Can you tell me what technique is that?” Yin Liu laughed softly before asking Liu Ming.

“I obtained a mystic art that activate my inner potential in the early years. It can boost my physical body temporarily. If I use it for long time, the consequences will be disastrous. I simply survived this wasteland mostly by chance. If I stay in the Extreme Sun Array for another hour and a half, I will most likely be turned into dust.” Liu Ming replied vaguely after hearing this.

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