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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1096

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1096


Liu Ming and Bi Yan were suspended in mid-air. Soon, 2 escape lights rushed from a distance.

The half-insect cultivator and tiger head cultivator appeared in a flash.

“Brother Bi Yan, we are here!” They greeted Bi Yan, but they ignored Liu Ming as if they didn’t see him at all.

Liu Ming didn’t take it seriously. He just put up a normal face.

Bi Yan was surprised to see that Liu Ming had no reaction at all, and he asked with a smile,

“Have you 2 found any clues about Void Spirit?”

“Haiz, don’t mention it! That avatar is extremely cunning. After a few flashes, it disappeared completely. When I turned back, it suddenly appeared in the distance… After chasing and stopping, I encountered Brother Chi Hu. After that, we both acted together. Right, does Brother Bi Yan have a plan for gathering us?” The tiger head cultivator sighed and said.

“Looking at the current situations, it seems that Void Spirit does not intend to run away. If so, he must have some kind of trick to lead us here. After Brother Yin Han and I discussed, I think we should act together.” Bi Yan said slowly.

The half-insect cultivator and the tiger head cultivator glanced at each other, but they nodded without objection.

The 4 of them waited for a while. Soon, the old man in a green robe and other 2 also arrived.

The 3 of them also strongly agreed with Bi Yan’s suggestion.

“Brother Bi Yan, now the enemy is in the dark, what is our next move?” The old man in a green robe asked.

“Then Void Spirit is definitely still hiding in this black crystal forest at the moment, what do you guys think?” Bi Yan pondered for a while, then he asked back.

The others looked at each other in dismay, and they fell silent for a while.

“Judging from the observation along the way, the interference to the Divine Thought is getting stronger deeper in this black crystal forest. Why don’t we just go to the center of this place to explore?” Liu Ming coughed and said lightly.

“Brother Yin is right. We can give it a try.” Bi Yan agreed thoughtfully after hearing this.

The 3 people including the old man in a green robe and the tiger head cultivator nodded when they heard the words.

The half-insect cultivator wanted to say something, but since Bi Yan didn’t have any opinion, so didn’t say anything more.

Since none of the people present had any opinions, Bi Yan led them to the middle of the black crystal forest.

At the same time, under the black crystal forest, Void Spirit, who was sitting cross-legged on the ground, slowly opened his eyes.

The human-shaped puppet in front of him seemed to be fully awakened. Its eyes were green, and countless runes appeared on its gray body as if it was wearing green armor.

However, the left half of puppet’s body, for some reason, was much dimmer, looking a little strange.

Void Spirit looked at the dimmed part with a hint of regret, then it was covered by an intense joy.

This puppet, which did not seem to be very huge, exuded an extremely terrifying spiritual pressure like the unfathomable vast ocean.

“Good, very good! Although I can’t fully control this puppet, I can at least exert 80% of its strength, which is comparable to the Celestial Stage later stage cultivator. It’s worth it for me to endure so many years in Bi You City and took the risk to steal the true spirit chalcedony.” Void Spirit muttered to himself with great joy.

He took a deep breath, and his face gradually calmed down. Suddenly, he frowned and said to himself,

“4 avatars were actually killed, but fortunately those guys are still in the black crystal forest. Eh! They are coming to the center. This saves me the trouble of looking for them!”

A gloomy smile appeared on Void Spirit’s face, then his figure turned into a wisp of gray mist and floated into the center of puppet’s forehead.

After a few seconds, the human-shaped puppet suddenly stood up and walked toward the stone door.

Although the area of ​​this black crystal forest was not small, with the escape light of Bi Yan and his party, they flew to the center of the black crystal forest in less than 10 minutes.

At this moment, the 7 people released Divine Thought to check in the air.

The black crystal forest here was much taller than the surrounding area, with a height of 300 meters. When they got here, everyone sensed a stronger force of interference.


The tiger head cultivator suddenly flew to a certain direction.

Seeing this, Bi Yan and others hurriedly followed.

After flying for a few miles, an open space with a size of several tens of meters appeared in front of everyone, which was extremely conspicuous in the surrounding tall black crystal forest.

In addition, in the center of the open space there was a flat black crystal stone with a size of 3 meters.

Seeing the situation in front of them, everyone’s expressions changed slightly.

“It doesn’t seem to appear naturally here…” The half-insect cultivator said lightly.

“Brother Guang Liang, have you just found something?” Bi Yan looked at the forest carefully, but he found nothing, so he asked the tiger head cultivator.

The tiger head cultivator was about to say when the surrounding ground shook. The black crystal forest on the ground also shook violently, making a loud noise.

“What’s wrong?” Everyone was astounded.

Liu Ming squinted slightly, and he released Divine Thought to the ground below. After reaching 60 meters below the ground, his Divine Thought was blocked by an invisible enchantment.

At this moment, the ground shook violently again. The magnitude was greater than before. Many black crystal stone pillars made crackling sounds.

“Be careful, there is a layer of enchantment on the ground, which isolates Divine Thought. Something is happening underneath here!” Bi Yan said in a deep voice.

“Since the few avatars of Void Spirit were eliminated, there hasn’t been any movement from Void Spirit. Is this change caused by that Void Spirit?” Liu Ming said.

When the others heard this, they were all startled.

This kind of speculation was obviously very possible!

For a time, the expressions of the people present were different. The old man in a green robe and the other 2 were a little pondered while the half-insect cultivator and the tiger head cultivator looked around.

Bi Yan’s face became uncertain as if he was thinking about something.

Liu Ming saw the changes in other people’s expressions, but he was unmoved. He secretly made a gesture in his sleeve.

At this moment, a change occurred!

“Boom!” A loud noise suddenly came from the ground, and a powerful and unparalleled force suddenly spewed out from the ground. The ground below collapsed.

The grounds below were blasted away in all directions like volcanic eruptions. The black crystal stone pillars within a few miles were also uprooted and shattered inch by inch.

They were astounded. The eruptions came right below them.

However, they weren’t ordinary Serene Clan cultivators. When the change occurred, all kinds of lights lit up on them, and they scattered in all directions.

Although the impact was huge, they still defended the scattered clods. However, they were still pushed back for dozens of meters away.

As a result, before they could stand firm, a huge green figure flew out from the ground.

An overwhelming spiritual pressure spread instantly, covering Liu Ming and others.

Everyone was shocked. This huge spiritual pressure was like a giant mountain pressing on them. They couldn’t even channel spiritual power properly. The old man in a green robe and the other 2 whose cultivation was weaker fell straight down.

With a loud bang, a human-shaped puppet several meters tall landed heavily in front of Liu Ming and the others.

“Celestial State puppet…”

Black air surged out of Liu Ming’s body, wrapping his body in it. Looking at the puppet that appeared in front, he made a gesture. A yellow light shone in the black air.

At this moment, Bi Yan and the others naturally saw the presence with a huge spiritual pressure in front of them. It was actually a huge human-shaped puppet. They all lost their composure drastically.

“Hehe, Little boy Bi Yan, you have been chasing me for decades, why don’t we switch the roles today?” Void Spirit’s wild laughter came from the human-shaped puppet.

Hearing this, Bi Yan’s face instantly turned ashen.

At this moment, 3 escape lights went in different directions in the sky. It was the old man in a green robe and the other 2.

Seeing that the situation wasn’t good, the 3 of them ran abruptly without telling. In the blink of an eye, they had already escaped 300 meters.

“Want to leave!? Hmph, no one can escape from me today!” From the human-shaped puppet, Void Spirit’s sneer came.

Immediately afterward, the human-shaped puppet raised an arm, which flashed green light.

The space shook, and 3 blurry black shadows shot at the 3 who were running away.

The shadows were extremely fast that they reached their backs in a blink.

The next moment, 3 screams came at almost the same time.

A head-sized hole was inflicted on each of their abdomens, almost slicing their bodies into 2 sections.

With a thud, the 3 bodies fell into the black crystal forest in the distance.

In just a few seconds, 3 Real Pellet State intermediate stage Serene Clan cultivators were directly killed!

Liu Ming’s pupils shrank. In his eyes, he could only vaguely see that the 3 black shadows seemed to be a kind of shuttle-shaped objects. The attack power was so strong that they instantly pierced through their defense.

Seeing this, Bi Yan was utterly shocked. The half-insect cultivator and tiger head cultivator also looked ashen.

“Celestial State later stage puppet? People in the deepest underworld rarely practice the puppet technique. I have never heard of the puppet of the Celestial State later stage. Where did you get this thing?” Bi Yan took a deep breath and finally regained some composure, then he said in a deep voice.

At the same time, Bi Yan’s faint voice sounded in Liu Ming’s ears,

“Split up, we don’t have any chance. Right now, only by working together that we maybe have a chance of survival.”

The half-insect cultivator and tiger head cultivator also moved slightly, apparently also receiving Bi Yan’s voice transmission.

“Hehe, as expected of a subordinate who has won Bi You’s trust, you are still trying to information from me at this moment. But don’t even think of buying time, all the people here today will die!” Void Spirit said with a cold voice. The strange runes on the puppet burst into green lights. It stretched out both hands and launched dense black shadows at them.

TL: The incomplete puppet should still have some weaknesses, can they discover that?

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