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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1088

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1088

Void Ghost Patriarch

As soon as the black mist in Hell Prison touched the green flame, they were dispersed amidst a sizzling sound.

The green-haired ape was overjoyed. It flicked, wanting to take the opportunity to fly outside.

However, it just flew out a few meters, then the black mist closed up again.

Immediately afterward, whistling winds came from the left and right sides. 2 black ghost creatures with black and white long horns pounced over with wide open fangs.

The green-haired ape was startled. Both its arms enlarged with green flames. It grabbed a black ghost creature in each of its hands, trying to crush them with force.

However, the ghost creatures just swelled and exploded into black mist.

The palms of the green-haired ape were in pain. There was a faint cold water vapor in the black mist, which also extinguished a lot of the green flames on its body.

The green-haired ape already had intelligence. Seeing this situation, an anxious look finally showed its eyes.

Right at this moment, the surrounding black mist tumbled. All the black ghost creatures with the same appearance jumped out one after another. There were nearly a hundred of them. They pounced toward the green-haired ape amidst a burst of ghost howl.

The green-haired ape gave a strange roar and waved the 2 claws. 10 crescent-shaped green light blades were launched at the ghost creatures.

; The crescent-shaped light blades were obviously powerful, slashing through several ghost creatures easily and turning them into black clouds again.

However, every time a ghost creature was crushed, another one would jump out from the rolling black cloud. It was simply endless!

The green-haired ape showed great power and killed hundreds of one horn ghost creatures in the blink of an eye. However, instead of retreating, the black clouds in all directions gradually approached.

The frequency of ghost creatures jumping out of the black cloud was also getting faster and faster. There were even shooting beams from their mouths.

The green-haired ape released green flames to cover its entire body.

Countless black light beams hit the green flames like a storm. Although they dissipated immediately, the green flames became dimmer and dimmer.

The green-haired ape’s eyes flashed with green light, and it suddenly stopped attacking and drummed its chest with both fists.

The green flames dissipated suddenly. After a burst of crackling sounds, its figure grew larger several times. The giant palms could knock away or even crush the surrounding ghost creatures with every wave. The black cloud was torn apart by a lot.

The green-haired ape let out a roar like venting its anger, then it was about to add more force to break free from this black space.

At this moment, outside Hell Prison, Liu Ming silently made a few incantations.

Deep in Hell Prison space, the surrounding black clouds shook, then it spun around the green-haired ape and squeezed toward the center. Those ghost creatures all vanished into the black cloud.

The green-haired giant ape roared and waved its huge claws at the black cloud.

As soon as it came into contact with the black cloud, it realized that the black cloud became extremely heavy and sturdy. With its enormous strength, it still couldn’t easily tear it apart.

The giant ape roared again and again, desperately clawing the black cloud, but it was futile. The spinning black cloud quickly squeezed over.

In a blink of an eye, the black cloud formed a huge black vortex, swirling up the green-haired ape in the middle.

The green-haired giant ape let out an angry roar and struggled desperately, but its body shook in a burst of crackling sound and returned to the original size.

The green light in the green-haired ape’s eyes faded, showing a trace of sanity. It cupped its fist and bowed forward.

The pitch-black Hell Prison trembled and dissipated. The green-haired ape was revealed again.

Liu Ming made a gesture with 1 hand, and the black air surged into Liu Ming’s head.

The green-haired ape had regained its original look. After squeaking twice and looking at Liu Ming in fear, it flew back into Bi Yan’s bag on his waist.

“Very well, Brother Yin Han’s Hell Prison is so powerful that it is above my expectations.” Bi Yan laughed and said with admiration.

“Brother Bi Yan has overpraised.” Liu Ming smiled slightly.

“Since Brother Yin Han has passed the test, we will complete this important mission with the 7 of us. Does anyone have any opinions?” Bi Yan turned to look at the other 5 and said so.

“Hehe, of course no problem.”

The old man in a green robe and the other 2 agreed to Bi Yan’s suggestion. They cupped their fist to show their compliment, and Liu Ming also return the courtesy.

The half-insect cultivator and the tiger head cultivator Clan looked at each other. Although they still looked arrogant, they obviously acquiesced to this.

Seeing this, Bi Yan was overjoyed. After saying a few more polite words, the half-insect cultivator said in a very sharp and harsh voice,

“Brother Bi Yan, now that everyone is here, shouldn’t you tell us in detail about what are we going to do?”

As soon as this statement came out, the other people also turned their heads to look at Bi Yan., Obviously, they didn’t know what mission they were on this time.

“Of course, there are reasons that I didn’t explain to you guys before.” Bi Yan just thought for a moment, then replied with a smile.

“We are listening.” The old man in a green robe said with a smile.

“This matter is simple. It mainly involves the Void Ghost Clan’s Patriach Void Spirit. This person was originally one of the guard captains of the Serene King. He was quite diligent. However, 40 years ago, when Lord Bi You was out, he stole a treasure. This matter stirred a great disturbance. In rage, Lord Bi You sent me and several members of the Serene Water Army to hunt him down. Because this is related to the reputation of Lord Bi You, it has been carried out in secret and has not been made public.” Bi Yan said slowly, looking a little indignant.

“Void Ghost Clan?”

Hearing this, the people present looked at each other in dismay. They were quite unfamiliar with this ghost clan.

“Forgive me for my shallow knowledge, this is the first time I’ve heard of the existence of the Void Ghost Clan in the underworld! Besides, after so many years, with the power of the Serene Water Army, it is reasonable to say that he should have been caught long ago. Did Void Spirit escape to another Serene Region?” The old man in a green robe murmured.

“That’s not true. Brother Shi Ku doesn’t know that Void Ghost Clan are extremely rare in this world. They usually don’t show up in front of people at all, so very few know their existence. And the physique of the void ghosts is extremely special. They have a natural talent that allows them to lurk in a person or a ghost without being known. Void Spirit at the Real Pellet State is even more elusive. Once he hides himself, normal people couldn’t notice him at all. This let him escape from our encirclement several times. And everyone here has skills that are great against this lurking skill, which is why you are invited.” Bi Yan explained.

As soon as these words came out, everyone present completely understood the reason why they were invited to this mission.

“Looking at how confident Brother Bi Yan is, could it be that you have already tracked the exact location of Void Spirit?” The tiger head cultivator said suddenly. It was his first time saying after reaching here. His voice sounded a bit low.

“Brother Guang Liang is right. A few months ago, I tracked down a member of the void ghost, and I got the whereabouts of the Void Spirit through the person. At this moment, my ally is closely monitoring Void Spirit.” Bi Yan took out a disk array as he said.

“If that’s the case, let’s go now, lest he escapes again.” Liu Ming glanced over the disk array in Bi Yan’s hand and said.

“Hmph! Since that Void Spirit is so difficult to deal with, why didn’t you invite more people of the Serene Water Army to act together? Wouldn’t it increase the chance?” The half-insect cultivator glanced at Liu Ming, snorted coldly, and then turned his eyes to Bi Yan.

“Brother Chi Hu doesn’t know that Void Spirit is extremely cunning. According to the experience, if we mobilize a large batch of people, the news will definitely be leaked, so it is more appropriate for the 7 of us to go.” Bi Yan looked at the half-insect cultivator.

“Oh.” The half-insect cultivator’s face turned stiff.

“As Brother Yin said, we should off here. If you have any other questions, we can talk on the way.” Bi Yan coughed lightly and walked out first.

The others naturally followed one by one.

After leaving the inn, under the lead of Bi Yan, they came to a heavily guarded black stone hall in the southwest corner of Bi You City.

This hall covered an area of ​​dozens of acres. It looked square and majestic. Under the hell sun, its surface reflected a metallic luster.

Seeing this, Liu Ming and others weren’t surprised, because on the way, Bi Yan had already mentioned to everyone that this was the teleportation hall of Bi You City, which was directly under the jurisdiction of the Serene Water Army.

They walked straight into the main hall.

There were 3 floors in this hall, which looked quiet and open. 4 huge black stone pillars were at 4 corners, separating the hall into 4 sections. Each section had many teleportation rooms.

Bi Yan was very familiar with this place. He took them to the second floor. On the way, all the guards let them pass without checking.

From the seemingly calm eyes of these guards, Liu Ming could see a faint hint of fear.

Not long after, several people entered a room on the second floor.

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