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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1072

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1072

Che Huan Avatar

“Senior’s remaining power is probably only at the level of the Real Pellet State later stage. Even with this array, you are barely at the early stage of the Celestial State. Does Senior really think that you can keep me here?” Liu Ming suddenly smiled.

“Even if I’m not 100% sure, I still have 80% certainty. The ultimate method of the Six Yuan Magnetic Array is self-destruction. Although your semi-finished bead magic weapon looks good, it absolutely can’t defend it. If you don’t believe it, you can try it.” The middle-aged man in a green robe said with an extremely indifferent smile. Behind him, the seven-tailed fox phantasm condensed by the billowing beastkin aura glanced at Liu Ming ferociously.

Liu Ming fell silent.

This fox was obviously crazy in his mind. He could really die together with him.

He wasn’t in a hurry. He just looked at Liu Ming coldly without urging him.

After a long time, Liu Ming snorted softly and said slowly,

“Okay, I can agree to senior’s request, but it is asking me to kill myself to fight a Celestial State beastkin. I can only promise you that when I have enough strength, I will kill him to fulfill your wish.”

“Of course, if you really go to revenge like this, then I will be really worried.” The middle-aged man saw Liu Ming agreed, and he immediately said delightedly.

“May I know the name of senior’s enemy? How do I find this person by then?” Liu Ming thought for a while, then he asked again.

“You don’t need to know now. I will seal all the information about this person in the inner demon oath. Once you reach the Celestial State, the relevant information will be automatically revealed and reflected in your sea of ​​consciousness.” The middle-aged man in a green robe replied like this.

Liu Ming didn’t ask any more questions. Now that he had made a decision, he spat out blood into mid-air.

The middle-aged man in a green robe flicked his sleeve, and a bloody page flew out. It flashed into the blood. As he chanted, the blood turned into a bloody flame.

The inner demon oath he cast was obviously not a common type in the outside world. In addition, it was made by a Celestial State powerhouse himself, and it also had an unknown contract power. If Liu Ming wanted to break the oath, he had to at least reach the Mystic Comprehending State.

Seeing this, Liu Ming looked solemn. After confirming that there was nothing wrong with the bloody flame, he pointed at the sky and said the oath again.

Of course, he was using his real name at the moment. There’s no point playing tricks in front of a Celestial State powerhouse.

As soon as he said that, a “bang” sounded.

The bloody flames exploded, turning into a bloody rune and flashing into Liu Ming’s forehead.

The middle-aged man in a green robe nodded with a hint of satisfaction, and he said,

“Very good! Liu Ming. Listen carefully! Che Huan is actually an ancient beast in the Savage Wild Continent. After the Che Huan Totem has reached the perfection, one can summon the real Che Huan Totem Avatar. Presumably, since you can practice this totem art to this level, you must be clear about it. But no matter how difficult it is to obtain this totem art, there are still many talented people in the Savage Wild Continent practicing it since the past. However, most of them stopped at the last step, that is, unable to summon the real Che Huan Avatar. Do you know why?”

Having said that, Qing Lan glanced meaningfully at Liu Ming.

“No.” Liu Ming changed into a respectful look after hearing that.

Since the other party said so, he must have a way!

“Have you ever noticed anything special when this Che Huan Totem is devouring soul?” The middle-aged man in a green robe did not directly say the method, but he instead asked.

“Could it be… the depletion of soul?” Liu Ming seemed to think of something.

“Yes!” The middle-aged man nodded slightly with a hint of approval flashing in his eyes, then he continued,

“These souls devoured by Che Huan can increase Che Huan’s spirituality, but because they aren’t willingly getting devoured, their souls will more or less be damaged when they desperately resist. This isn’t a problem when refining the totem, but it is a taboo when summoning the Che Huan Totem Avatar.”

“Could it be that the soul has to be devoured willingly?” Liu Ming finally understood, but he frowned.

“Not only that, Che Huan is a rumored ancient monster, so at least a soul above the Celestial State is needed to be swallowed willingly so that the avatar can be completely awakened.” The middle-aged man in a green robe said.

“Does senior… means…” Liu Ming was really surprised when he heard this. He understood what the other party meant.

Whether in th the Middle Sky Continent or the Savage Wild Continent, except for the old freaks of the Mystic Comprehending State who didn’t care about the world, the Celestial State powerhouses were almost at the top of the Cultivation Realm.

Even among the behemoths like the 4 ancient sects, the Celestial State was very rare. In some middle level sects, they were even the grand elders.

Listening to Qing Lan’s words, he actually planned to use himself as the last step to complete the Che Huan Totem.

This naturally shocked Liu Ming!

“Hehe… Instead of struggling for a few more years before dying, I might as well leave some hope so that I can avenge myself! Well, that’s all I want to say. Do you still have any questions?” The middle-aged man said word by word fiercely.

“Does senior know where the hell river that is closest to the Hell Extinct Valley?” Liu Ming asked.

“Give me a blank jade slip.” Qing Lan said without hesitation.

Liu Ming immediately threw over a white jade slip to Qing Lan.

Qing Lan took it, placed it on his forehead for a moment and threw it back to Liu Ming.

Immediately afterward, he sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.

Liu Ming here patted the totem mark on his chest with one hand and chanted a few obscure incantations.


With a flash of green light on his shoulders, a substantial green bull phantasm flashed out and roared a few times into the sky.

“Senior, sorry! If I can survive, I will try my best to fulfill senior’s wish!” Liu Ming cupped his fist toward the middle-aged man in a green robe again.

As soon as he said that, the Che Huan phantasm spurted a green hurricane at Qing Lan.

Immediately afterward, Qing Lan’s entire body was covered with a layer of gauze, and he began to blur. Strands of green mist escaped from his blurred body amd went into Liu Ming’s body with the green light.

The whole process seems to be slow, but it was only about 10 minutes. The middle-aged man in a green robe didn’t open his eyes or move a little until the end.

As the last wisp of green mist was swallowed up by the green bull phantasm, the middle-aged man in a green robe also completely disappeared from the world.


The totem mark on Liu Ming’s left shoulder suddenly shot a bright green light beam.

An inexplicable power emanated from the green light. It was also mixed with the sound of countless beast roars.

Liu Ming was startled. His spiritual power was quickly drained by Che Huan Totem. The green bull phantasm gradually became solid after obtaining jos spiritual power.

When his spiritual power was drained 30% by Che Huan Totem, Che Huan phantasm let out a low roar, and its body became a real entity after blurring 8 times.

It was a dark green beast of about 10 meters. It resembled a bull. Its body was full of dense strange scales. Its 4 feet were hooves with the shape of eagle claws.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed.

This was the first time that a real “Che Huan” had been summoned. Although a lot of spiritual power was consumed, he could clearly sense that the materialized Che Huan contained amazing power. It didn’t seem to be inferior to the Celestial State early stage cultivator. It still had the concealment effect of Che Huan Totem as it didn’t emit the slightest fluctuation of spiritual power.

He made a gesture.

Che Huan’s hoofs suddenly moved, and it turned into a green phantom, slamming into the gray light curtain at the entrance of the stone room.

The gray light curtain shook violently, then it was torn apart.

Liu Ming was overjoyed. The Che Huan Avatar was faster than when it was just a phantasm. The attack power was even greater than his own.

Although summoning it cost a lot of spiritual power, he now had a way to fight against the Celestial State powerhouse. He would no longer be bullied without the strength to resist.

After the gray light curtain shattered, the gray light on the top and 4 walls of the stone room flickered a few times and dissipated. The array had collapsed.

At this moment, a cracking sound came from above the stone platform.

Liu Ming moved, walked to the stone platform and looked down.

The dust on the ancient bronze lamp had already fallen off. It was engraved with complex runes. There was an eye pattern in the middle, but there was a crack on it.

The sound just now should be from the cracking of this thing.

This ancient bronze lamp should be the treasure that held Qing Lan’s sub-soul, which was the array eye of the Six Yuan Magnetic Array. Now that Qing Lan was swallowed by Che Huan, this item naturally cracked.

However, the surface of this ancient bronze lamp still emitted a faint green light as if it still had a little spirituality.

Liu Ming picked up the ancient lamp, looked at it for a while and put it away.

TL: Will the mortal enemy of Qing Lan related to the nine tail fox that Liu Ming know?

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