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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1052

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1052


Liu Ming was slapped down heavily like a fly.

The ghost general with bone armor sneered, then he looked around and recognized that this was the secret experiment place of the ghost army.

At this moment, in the valley below, countless water blue lights emerged with a rumble. A huge wave of water suddenly emerged from the valley.

The ghost general with bone armor immediately rushed to the bottom.

However, when he touched the water surface, a layer of water light lit up on the water surface, preventing him from going down.

Under the water, Liu Ming spat out several mouthfuls of blood at the blue flag.

The blue flag emitted a dazzling water light. With a wave, a circle of fluctuations was emitted.

After doing this, Liu Ming appeared near the enchantment entrance of the underground cave below the Spirit Vulture Slope. With a flash of white light, a white disc appeared in his hand. It was the enchantment-breaking magic weapon that the old man with a bottle nose gave him.

A white light beam shot out from the disc, and a pitch-black light curtain emerged from the entrance, but it quickly dissipated under the white light.

But at this moment, a majestic force slammed into the valley water.

Afterward, a blade light beam of 300 meters shot down. and the water was completely unable to affect it.

While channeling the white disk, he launched a symbol and spat out the Mountain River Pearl. A mountain phantasm appeared in a yellow flash, and a long black river was under the mountain.

How could he underestimate the bow of a Celestial State ghost general!

The green blade light hit the mountain phantasm with unstoppable momentum. The yellow mountain phantasm cracked and collapsed in an instant!

However, when the blade light hit the long black river phantasm below, a bright water light appeared on the long river phantasm, blocking the green blade light.

The ghost general with bone armor dived down swiftly. Seeing this scene, he shouted angrily. He launched a symbol, and the green blade light burst into light. It instantly crushed the long river phantasm and slashed on the Mountain River Pearl.

A huge force acted on Liu Ming from the Mountain River Pearl, but at this moment, a big hole was also opened up by the white disc on the black enchantment.

With a muffled sound, Liu Ming broke through the entrance with Mountain River Pearl, falling into it like a meteorite.

The huge sword light that came after slashed abd broke the black enchantment. A large amount of water flowed in immediately.

But at this moment, below the underground cave, the water that flowed in was frozen instantly after a flash of blue light, blocking the entrance tightly.

The ghost general with bone armor let out a furious roar, and he slashed at the entrance again.

In the underground cave, Liu Ming spurted another mouthful of blood. Although the Mountain River Pearl blocked most of the blade light power, the residual power still caused some internal injuries to him.

But he just channeled spiritual power to suppress the injuries, then he continued moving down in a black light.

The underground cave of Spirit Vulture Slope was originally guarded by some low rank ghost, but after feeling the powerful spiritual pressure of Liu Ming, they all hid away.

In a few seconds, Liu Ming came to the bottom of the underground cave.

A slowly spinning huge black air vortex appeared in front of him. It seemed to be leading somewhere.

Seeing this, Liu Ming couldn’t help but hesitate.

When he came here last time, he vaguely guessed that this might be the entrance to an unknown space such as secret realm. Although he didn’t know where it was connected, it was better than facing the ghost general behind him.

Although he knew that he had extraordinary power, he didn’t think he could fight against an infuriated Celestial State ghost general.

At the same time, the furious roar of the ghost general with bone armor came from above again.

Liu Ming didn’t hesitate any longer. With a flicker, he instantly disappeared into the black vortex.

The next moment, Liu Ming could see nothing. Black mist was all around him, accompanied by a biting chill. Under a powerful suction, even if he had a tyrannical body, he was still falling straight into a bottomless abyss.

He was terrified. Without thinking much, he released black air to wrap himself like a cocoon, trying his best to prevent the erosion of the rich yin qi around him.

Not long after, a shout came from behind!

Liu Ming was astounded. Judging from the voice, it was the ghost general with bone armor!

Unexpectedly, he also jumped down, which made Liu Ming secretly complain in his heart, but he didn’t dare to act rashly for a while. He could only let the suction pull him down.

Fortunately, in this black air vortex, he couldn’t seem to control his speed. No matter what he did, he still couldn’t change the falling speed.

Liu Ming could vaguely feel the aura of the ghost general behind him. The ghost general always kept a distance of about 100 meters away from him, which made him heave a sigh of relief.

After about 10 minutes, when Liu Ming realized that the cold mist around him almost made him breathe out ice, there was a glimmer of light coming into his eyes.

For some unknown reason, the terrifying spiritual pressure of the ghost general was weakening, and the distance between them became further and further away.

At this moment, a biting yin wind blew past. Liu Ming only felt his body sink, and he was sucked directly by something uncontrollably.

He hurriedly channeled spiritual power to resist this suction, but he suddenly appeared in a gray space. His body fell to the ground heavily.


There was a loud noise on the ground. A human shape pit of 3 meters deep appeared out of thin air.

Liu Ming was embedded in the ground abruptly. He felt enfeeble all over, and his spiritual power was also a little disordered.

He desperately released Divine Thought and found that the ghost general’s spiritual pressure was no longer behind him, so he was relieved.

After a long while, Liu Ming gradually regained consciousness. He slowly stood up and shook his dizzy head.

After looking up, he saw a black vortex that was slowly shrinking.

When he saw clearly, his pupils shrank slightly. On the other side of the vortex, the ghost general was roaring furiously, but his voice couldn’t be heard due to some kind of enchantment.

After more than a dozen seconds, the vortex above became smaller and smaller, and it finally disappeared into a wisp of black smoke.

The mysterious tunnel actually collapsed automatically after he passed through.

Just when Liu Ming breathed a sigh of relief, he trembled abruptly.

A biting aura surged toward him from all directions. This aura was similar to yin qi, but it was several times thicker!

Even if he had a tyrannical body and cultivated ghost technique, he still felt overwhelmed.

Just when he was startled, when he was about to channel the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison to resist this strong yin qi, an incredible scene appeared!

The “pseudo pellet” above his sea of ​​consciousness was spinning rapidly on its own. An endless force was surging from his sea of consciousness into all his meridians.

As this force flowed, the biting yin qi wasn’t that cold anymore.

“Hell Bone Secret!”

Liu Ming was surprised and delighted. The Hell Bone Secret started running on its own.

After channeling this technique several times, his meridians gradually recovered, and the injuries he suffered just now were slowly healing little by little.

Liu Ming estimated that after a day and a night, he should be able to recover completely.

This place was unfamiliar, and he couldn’t move now. If he encountered an alien race, he would suffer a lot.

However, under the current circumstances, there seemed to be no other way than letting Hell Bone Secret run on its own. As Liu Ming thought so, he looked at the sky, and he was startled again.

In the gray misty sky, there was a dazzling light cluster like the sun.

But there seemed to be a missing piece on the light cluster at the moment. The “sunshine” shed from the “sun” wasn’t warm at all, but it was even colder.

As time went by, the spiritual power in his body became smoother and smoother, and his limbs could start to move slightly. The “sun” in the sky became like a crescent moon.

At the same time, he could keenly feel that as the “sun” became smaller, the rich yin qi that filled this space also faded a lot.

After another half an hour, he finally stood up slowly and shook his head. His dizzy head was relaxed slightly.

After realizing that he could move, he found that there was a tall black stone altar not far in front. There was an unusually thick black mist around it.

“Yin qi?” Liu Ming muttered to himself.

Different from the previous Evil Ghost Way, the yin qi here was not only extremely cold, but it was also extremely dense. In addition, these yin qi were actually like liquid that shrouded the altar.

After Liu Ming looked around, he found that altar should be in a ring-shaped valley, surrounded by mountains of varying heights.

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