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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1051

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1051

Pursuit and Blood Hell Pill

When their eyes met, Liu Ming secretly complained. This was clearly a ghost general!

“It’s you!” The ghost general with bone armor was stunned for a moment, then he recognized Liu Ming and roared furiously.

On that day, Liu Ming and the other 3 broke through the Ghost Burial Array under his nose and escaped from the Taitian Fortress, making him ashamed.

The ghost general with bone armor flashed with green light, then a green crescent-shaped bone blade appeared in his hand. It enlarged to the size of dozens of meters while slashing Liu Ming.

Liu Ming of course wouldn’t defend the hit from the Celestial State ghost general head-on. He stepped heavily on his feet, then he barely evaded the slash. At the same time, he turned into a black light and charged toward the center of the battle.

He smiled bitterly in his mind. He just came out of there, and now he had to go back immediately.

However, he had no choice. Although he had some strength, he didn’t think he could fight against a Celestial State ghost general. He could only flee toward the most dense battle group, trying to avoid the ghost general with bone armor.

“Boy, where are you running!”

The ghost general with bone armor shouted coldly and grabbed in the air.

Rolling yin qi emerged out of thin air behind Liu Ming, turning into a giant vortex that sucked him.

Liu Ming only felt his body tremble, and his speed was slowed slightly.

But the next moment, billowing black air rolled out of him, and his figure was lengthed along with a strange crackling sound, escaping the suction of the vortex.

But this moment of delay also shortened the distance between them by a lot.

The ghost general with bone armor threw out the bone blade at Liu Ming’s head, trying to slash Liu Ming in half!

Liu Ming was shocked by this swift blade light. Even with his agile movement, he couldn’t dodge it anymore. He turned, quickly made a gesture and spat out a yellow round bead. It was the half-finished Mountain River Pearl!

The Mountain River Pearl spun and grew in size. A small mountain phantasm appeared on top of Liu Ming.

When the green bone blade and the mountain phantasm contacted, there was an astonishing impact!

After just 1 second, the small mountain phantasm collapsed and turned back to the yellow bead.

Liu Ming was knocked back by a huge force, making him vomit blood.


The ghost general with bone armor was surprised after taking a glance at the Mountain River Pearl. He grabbed in the air, and an acre-sized black palm emerged and grabbed toward Liu Ming.


A dazzling golden light beam shot out from Liu Ming’s shoulder, hitting the ghost general with bone armor.

The ghost general with bone armor was startled after feeling the aura contained in the golden light. Even a Celestial State powerhouse like him didn’t dare to touch it.

The giant black palm blocked before the ghost general. The golden light beam could dissipate the black air on it, but the giant palm grabbed and easily crushed the golden light beam.

The short moment that Xie’er bought was enough for him to breathe a sigh of relief. After retrieving the Mountain River Pearl, he flickered and appeared 30 meters away. He made a sword gesture, and a purple sword light rolled him and rushed toward an opening on the north battlefield.

Since he couldn’t mix into the crowd, he simply left the battlefield!

Seeing this, the ghost general with bone armor showed a hint of hesitation. He looked at the battle of the Celestial State powerhouses above.

Although there was one less Celestial State human race, the green-faced old man and other 3 ghost generals had been exhausted during the fight with the Golden Light Heavenly Soldier.

Although it was 5 versus 4, the situation was still evenly matched.

The ghost general with bone armor hesitated slightly, and Liu Ming had almost disappeared into the distant sky.

The ghost general with bone armor’s eyes flashed. The hatred in his heart prevailed in the end. He wrapped himself in green light and pursued Liu Ming.

High in the sky, the green-faced old man saw that the ghost general with bone armor actually left the battlefield to chase after a human cultivator, and he wanted to send a voice transmission in a hurry.


A 300 meters fireball was launched toward him. The Taiqing Sect’s old man with a bottle nose shot fire dragons and fire snakes from a fiery red bead.

The green-faced old man had no choice but to forget about sending the ​​sound transmission and dealt with it attentively.

The old man with a bottle nose waved his hands and launched symbols while he looked at the 2 escape lights that had left the battlefield.

“Why did the ghost general go after Liu Ming? But this way, there will be 1 less ghost general, but it’s a pity for Liu Ming…” The old man with a bottle nose thought about it, then he regained focus.

2 days later, somewhere in a seemingly barren plain, thousands of miles north of Taitian Fortress, a gray ghost creature resembling a squirrel was poking out of a hole in the ground when a dazzling purple sword light moved past from above.

Strangely, in the purple sword light, there was still a pair of silver wings, which covered the purple silver light with a layer of silver light. When the wings flapped slightly, it would cause a sword whistle. This low rank ghost creature was scared back into its cave.

The purple sword light disappeared into the sky, and everything soon returned to calm.

The squirrel ghost creature poked its head out again, but at this moment, another green light flashed past.

The squirrel ghost creature let out a strange cry, then it dived back into its nest.

The green escape light was also extremely fast, disappearing into the distance in the blink of an eye.

They were of course Liu Ming and the ghost general with bone armor who left the battlefield in the Taitian Fortress.

Liu Ming had fled for so long that they were already far away from the Taitian Fortress.

The ghost general with bone armor was probably too stubborn that he chased Liu Ming for 2 days.

In the green escape light, the ghost general with bone armor looked very ugly.

He originally wanted to kill this human cultivator with swift means to vent his resentment. He didn’t expect that this human junior although had low cultivation, his spiritual power was thick and his escaping speed was fast, which was far beyond his expectations.

With the opponent’s sword flying and the assistance of the silver wings, a ghost general of Celestial State like him still couldn’t catch up with him. He even almost lost track of Liu Ming several times.

Of course, this was also because he had been exhausted during the battle with the Golden Light Heavenly Soldier, so he couldn’t exert his original strength.

But even so, he was very infuriated. He wanted to tear Liu Ming into pieces to vent his hatred.

At the same time, he was also very interested in Liu Ming’s Bone Scorpion. The golden light could frighten him, and there was a strange feeling that transcended yin and yang.

This made him even more greedy. He was even more reluctant to let go of this human junior.

In the purple sword light in front of him, Liu Ming didn’t look any better.

He fled all the way to this point, changing direction several times or forcibly increasing his escape speed, but he still couldn’t get rid of the ghost general behind him. His spiritual power was nearly exhausted several times.

Liu Ming could only consume an elixir and continue to escape.

Unconsciously, they had traveled for tens of thousands of miles away.

The ghost general with bone armor’s face turned gloomy now.

He left the battlefield without permission because of personal grudges. If Venerable Gu found out about it later, he would be severely punished. This human junior was also good at escape technique, so he still couldn’t succeed.

After some hesitation, he finally took out a dark red elixir and consumed it. His face instantly became extremely distorted.

A few miles ahead, Liu Ming bypassed a towering mountain, then a rolling valley appeared in front of him.

He looked around in surprise.

There were black clouds near the valley, emitting a biting yin qi. This was the Spirit Vulture Slope he came before.

After desperately using mystic arts to escape all the way, he unexpectedly flew here!

However, it could be due to the war, the troops in the Spirit Vulture Slope had all evacuated at this moment, but the enchantment below seemed to be working.

As he was about to fly past here, he was astounded. He looked back and saw a green escape light mixed with bits of red lights. It was quickly closing the distance between them.

In just a dozen seconds, the green escape light was less than a few hundred meters behind him.

Immediately afterward, a green escape light slashed with a loud noise that tore apart the space.

Liu Ming was startled. The wings flapped, and he dodged to the side.


Although Liu Ming dodged quickly, 1 wing was still wounded by the green escape light. Blue blood flowed out from it.

Liu Ming channeled spiritual power into the silver wings, and the wound began to recover. However, now he couldn’t flexibly use Beast Armor Tactic to accelerate.

“It took me so much effort, and you even wasted me a precious blood hell pill! Boy, give me your spiritual pet, and I’ll leave you a complete corpse!” The ghost general with bone appeared dozens of meters behind Liu Ming. At this moment, there was a faint red glow around him.

Liu Ming’s face looked uncertain for a while. After confirming that he couldn’t get rid of the opponent with the escape technique, he snorted immediately and released a blue flag.

“Court death!”

The ghost general with bone armor clawed after seeing Liu Ming’s actions. An acre-sized black air giant palm slammed down on top of him.

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