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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E1046

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1046

Trump Cards

Outside the Haoqi City, a black cloud dashed from a distance. A beast-faced ghost creature landed from mid-air.

This was a ghost general who had reached the Celestial State. At this moment, it was holding a bloody flesh in its hand.

The surrounding evil spirits seemed to be extremely afraid of it. Seeing the beast-faced ghost general landing, they didn’t dare to breathe.

The beast-faced ghost general walked straight into a temporary black stone building.

“Brother Xue Mo (Blood Demon) seems to be in a good mood!” In the hall, a man in a black-patterned robe was closing his eyes and resting. After hearing the movement, he immediately stood up and said.

With a thump, a mutilated corpse was thrown to the ground. It could probably be seen that it was a burly man with a twisted beard before his death.

“This human junior… Could it be the one that the green-faced old man told us to pay attention to?” The man in a long robe glanced at the corpse on the ground and said slowly.

“Although I don’t know what kind of plan those human races are thinking, this person has some strength, which made me enjoy the fight.” The beast-faced ghost general said with a bloodthirsty look on its face.

The man in a long robe shook his head and sighed. It seemed that he was quite uncomfortable with this companion.

“According to the Venerable Gu’s order, my body is about to rust for sieging this city for the past few days. When will Venerable Gu make the command to attack the city?” The beast-faced ghost general suddenly asked a little impatiently.

“Brother Xue Mo, don’t be anxious. Li Xuan is now under the Venerable’s order to go to Forbidden Temple to lift the seal of the 12 Rakshasas. As long as the 12 Rakshasas awaken, these cultivators can be destroyed with a single finger.” The man in a long robe said with a faint smile.

The beast-faced ghost general looked calmer after hearing that. He walked to the side and sat down.

After half a day, around the Golden Light City, the clamor of the ghost army could be heard endlessly.

After several days of intermittent siege, the corpses of the ghost pawn and yin beasts were getting more and more under the city wall. It could only be described as heavy casualties.

So far, all the ghost army had retreated. Only a few symbolically surrounded the Golden Light City. The Golden Light City gained a rare moment of peace.

At this time, on a circular platform at the top of the giant center tower of Golden Light City, 3 figures stood against the wind.

In the mid-air above the giant tower, the giant fortune bowl was still slowly spinning. Circles of golden lights shone on them, making them look like heavenly soldiers descending to earth.

Through the golden lights, one could vaguely see that one of them was an old man with gray hair and pale blue eyes. It was Yao Fuwen.

Another was wearing a green robe and had gray hair. He was clearly another Celestial State elder surnamed Wei from the Golden Light Army.

The last young man in green armor was none other than the one who had just broken through the siege and returned to the Golden Light City for less than half an hour, Liu Ming.

They formed a triangle formation, enclosing an open space several meters in the middle. Each of them held a palm-sized silver disc in their right hand.

“Let’s start.” The old man surnamed Yao suddenly said.

After saying that, he chanted and lifted his left hand.

“Boom!” A loud noise like a thunderclap came from the ground!

In the center of them, countless fine golden arcs shot out, then a 2 meters tall round stone pillar stood up.

The stone pillar was inscribed with dense and mysterious spirit patterns. On the 3 sides of the pillar, there was a light mini silver array. There was a palm-sized round dent on each of the arrays.

Seeing this, they lifted their right arms and chanted, The silver round discs in their hands flew into the dent.

The next moment, they pointed in front with their right fingers.

As the 3 silver discs were embedded in the stone pillar, they turned into 3 clusters of silver lights and turned rapidly.

Immediately afterward, their incantations became rapid; the silver light cluster spun faster.

The giant fortune bowl above them also spun frantically. The golden lights that spread in all directions gradually gathered in the middle. A thick golden light beam shrouded the golden stone pillar from the top.


At this moment, their incantations stopped abruptly. With a low shout, they stomped their feet and bounced backward at the same time.

An incredible scene appeared.

Just as they flew for 30 meters, the giant center tower rose up in a deafening noise.

In the blink of an eye, the entire giant tower turned into a long, huge golden light cluster. It was like a giant pillar that reached the sky!

At the same time, whether it was the Golden Light Army’s disciples on the city wall or the ghost army in all directions outside the city, they were all looking at this amazing scene above the Golden Light City with horrified expressions!

Under the attention of everyone, the huge golden light cluster was still rising and getting bigger and bigger!

Just when it rose to a height of about 300 meters above the Golden Light City, a change occurred!

All the golden lights turned into a golden ring and spread out in all directions. The speed was quick as lightning!

As soon as the dense yin qi around touched the golden ring, they dissipated. Almost in 1 second, almost all the yin qi in was dissipated by the golden ring!

“No, retre…”

The ghost general in silver armor hurriedly commanded the ghost army to retreat while moving back in a gray light.

But it was obviously a bit late.

The golden ring surrounded ghost army in the blink of an eye!

Almost all the ghost army turned into small black spots in the golden light. They gradually shrank until they vanished into thin air before they could even let out a wail!

At this time, the Golden Light Army’s cultivator looked up at the sky in shock.

The huge golden light cluster above Golden Light City had long gone, replaced by a golden light colossus with a pair of wings. It was about 300 meters tall. Its entire body was engraved with golden and silver spirit patterns.

Its face was blurred by the dazzling golden light. On its forehead, there was a golden light cluster that was spinning. It was looking forward with its arms folded.

“Brother Yao, you take half of the people to stay in Golden Light City just in case. The rest follow me. Our destination is Taitian Fortress!” On the other side, the gray-haired middle-aged man said to the old man surnamed Yao. When speaking the last few words, his voice was a bit cold!

His voice was not loud, but it clearly passed into the ears of all disciples.

The people, who were still immersed in a huge shock, all came back to their senses upon hearing the order of the gray-haired middle-aged man.

“Understood!” Everyone shouted back in unison.

At the same time, except for the Haoqi City, the main city of the Haoqi Army, a similar scene was staged in Puppet City and Demon Subdue City at the same time.

Around the Puppet City, all the ghost army figures that were originally surrounded by layers had disappeared at some point. The dark soil was filled with a burning and pungent smell, and black yin qi was steaming.

Around the city walls, the densely packed Puppet Army’s disciples stood in awe. They all turned their attention to the square in the center of the city.

On the square, there was a human-shaped puppet about 300 meters tall with red eyes.

This giant puppet was wearing yellow heavy armor, which completely covered the giant body. It was 2 90 meters long giant blades on both arms. Strands of yellow smoke were flowing around it. On its forehead, a giant yellow crystal stone was embedded on it.

In the mid-air next to the puppet, a slender middle-aged man with white hair and an amiable dwarf old man were in mid-air.

“Brother Ge, I will let you defend the city!” The white-haired middle-aged man said to the amiable dwarf old man.

The dwarf old man didn’t speak, just nodded slightly.

“Team One, Team Two and Team Three, on my command. Depart!”


Outside the Demon Subdue City, it seemed very peaceful at the moment.

On the city walls, there were densely packed pitch-black figures. Above the city, there was a young man with long eyebrows in a black robe in the air. All of them were looking at the flat ground in front of the city with blank faces.

On the flat ground, about 200 disciples of the Demon Vanquish Army dressed in black armor were divided into 8 phalanxes. They were standing majestically against the wind.

In the middle of the 8 phalanxes, there was a black behemoth with a size of 240 meters.

At a glance, this behemoth was a giant lizard. Its back was covered with dark and shiny house-sized scales. Each scale had a dense circle of spirit patterns. It had 4 towering pillar-like thick feet. It had a pair of red horns like dragon horns on top of its head.

This creature was exactly the trump card of the Demon Vanquish Army in the Evil Ghost Way. It was a strand of sub-soul of the Mystic Comprehending State ancient beast, Bloodthirst Demonic Lizard that was sealed with mystic art!

In the middle of the pair of red horns, there was a middle-aged beautiful woman in a black robe. She was looking into the distance with her hands behind her back.

Suddenly, she retrieved her gaze. After looking around, she suddenly turned to the side and looked toward the Demon Subdue City behind her.

“Senior Sister Apprentice Qi, don’t worry. Just leave everything to me here.” Before waiting for the middle-aged woman to speak, the young man with long eyebrows above Demon Subdue City said.

The middle-aged beautiful woman nodded slightly and chanted something silently.

Immediately afterward, a screech came from the giant beast below!

The Bloodthirst Demonic Lizard’s eyes turned blood red. After screeching, a pair of black wings emerged from its body.

“What are you all waiting for?” The middle-aged beautiful woman looked around sternly.

“Go!” As the 8 Real Pellet State captains shouted, the 200 Demon Vanquish Army’s disciples got up to the back of the Bloodthirst Demonic Lizard.

The Bloodthirst Demonic Lizard made another screech, then the giant tail flicked, and the pitch-black wings flapped, causing bursts of hurricanes and thunderous crackling sounds.

Under the gaze of everyone in Demon Subdue City, the giant beast turned into a huge black light and flew away.

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