Start your own Livestock Farm at AgX Livestock Estate

Start your own Livestock Farm at AgX Livestock Estate



A professionally designed Livestock Estate with standard and quality facilities and equipments to help agricultural investors and farmers rare livestock with minimal risk.

AgX Livestock Estate is a well structured Livestock Estate that allows you to rare livestocks from the comfort of your home

It provides you with such quality facilities as
– Standard Water Station
– Standing Veterinarian
– Quality Feeding Plans
– Standing Farm Workers
– Standby Security Operatives etc

Starting your own Livestock Farm at AgX Livestock Estate also offers you the opportunity to have;

1. Longterm financial aid
2. Steady means of income to cover excess spending
3. Extra stable side revenue to foot excess bills
4. Preparation for any financial circumstance

With AgX Livestock Estate, all your financial worries and excesses are covered
To benefit from this opportunity all you have to do is secure a portion land in AgX Livestock Estate with as low as 350k per acre to start any livestock farming of your choice

To get started, send us a dm on WhatsApp message or give us a call

For enquiries
Call 09068735674 or WhatsApp 07031118649
Email [email protected]

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