Shane Taylor On What He’d Like To Do When His In-Ring Career Is Over

Shane Taylor On What He’d Like To Do When His In-Ring Career Is Over

During his appearance on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast, Shane Taylor spoke on wanting to become part of a creative team when his in-ring career is over. Here’s what he had to say:

For me, for the creative side, I love talking to people and coming up with ideas of a character they see in their head and bringing that to life and bringing that to fruition. Working on people with promos and bringing out every bit of what they see in them and what I see in them. That’s a very intriguing part of this business for me. When I’m done in ring, that’s probably what I’m going to pursue; some sort of creative side of this. It’s like artwork. To be able to see, to have this blank canvas and have this idea of what you want to have and being able to put it together and have it come out even better than how he expect it. When you put that final product out and it hits, you’re like, ‘Oooof, man.’ To people that don’t understand that feeling, there is absolutely nothing I can do to describe it for you. It’s the best. I definitely think at the end of my career, whether it’s ten years from now, 15 years, whatever, that’s definitely what I aspire to do next.

Credit: Wrestling Perspective Podcast. H/T 411Mania.

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