Shane Taylor Discusses The Importance Of His Six-Man Title Run,

Shane Taylor Discusses The Importance Of His Six-Man Title Run,

ROH star Shane Taylor was the latest guest on the Wrestling Perspective podcast to discuss his current run in the promotion and why he considers himself a top guy. Highlights are below.

Why he considers himself a top guy in ROH:

As we all know in this sport, it’s not necessarily what you do, it’s what other people want at the time. Personally, I feel as though I check every box. I can go out there and wrestle with the best, I can go out there and talk with the best or out-talk the best. For me, right now, especially with the six-man titles. I was hearing so much shit about, ‘ROH needs to work with these people, ROH needs to work with these people,’ no the fuck we don’t. No, we don’t I’m not opposed to doing it if it makes sense for the company. As I’ve said, historically, those partnerships have not always benefitted ROH in the long run. If we’re all busting our ass to bring eyes back to this and get where we need to be, why in the hell would I want to give anyone else credit for all our hard work? It makes no sense. That’s the first thing that’s going to happen, ‘Oh, y’all wouldn’t be popping if it wasn’t for so so.’ Alright, fuck that.

Why his six-man tag run has been so important:

That’s why the six-man run has been so important for me because not only did I get to be able to bring my guys with me and give them their first taste or gold and start them on their paths, but I also get to work with the rest of our roster and bring them up to the main event level and showcase their talent to the world. If I need to wrestle every single person on our roster, to show people who have the best roster, then that’s what I’ll do. That’s fine. That comes with leadership. Sometimes, as a leader, you don’t need to be in the top spot. You don’t need to spotlight directly on you because you know the things that you do help the team win. Do I want the spot? Absolutely. In a lot of cases, people know who the man is. The belt, the title, whether it’s on me or not, people know who the man in ROH is. Anyone else who has it, congratulations, but the way I see it, if you’re not me, you’re not the man in ROH.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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