[Sex story] Thanksgiving Special

I hadn’t seen my cousin, Perry in 2 years, since they didn’t get to travel. Trigger Warnings: #Molestation #Plantacy #Tease

I fell so stupid, and naive, but I wasn’t even sure if I imagined it. When Thanksgiving was coming up, I started dreaming about him. The way he used to smile at me, and dare me to climb up stuff. To look up my dress, and also feel me up.

Sex story

Sex story

“Help me,” climb up on a table, or even the roof!

“Are you afraid of heights?” He asked, but it was all a trick to touch me between my legs, and rub my butt. I woke up feeling horny in the middle of the night, and masturbated in anticipation of seeing him again.

I thought that I was imagining things, he’s not a child molester, he can’t be. Right? I just made it up, because I was horny, and for some reason, I had a stupid schoolgirl crush on my cousin. I never saw him with a boner, but he could have been good at hiding it, or I just didn’t bother to look.

Maybe he’s just got one of those faces, he just looks creepy, and his smile just looked dirty, when he helped me climb up on the roof. No, I was just too young to see it, I was only. Well, let’s see, that was 2 years ago, so I had to be 6, and he’s. ? I don’t know, maybe about 11, give or take a year. It’s not like I ever got invited over to his birthday parties, they live in Cleveland. So, I only ever get to see him when they come over here for holidays.

He kissed me once, on winter break. It was almost New Years, I think. He pulled me back under the mistletoe, and picked me up. Instead of bending over to kiss me, he pointed it out. “You know what that means.” He kissed me, holding me up by the butt, with my legs wrapped around him, and I was kinda in his arms, but it was just real quick. On the lips, but then he put me down before somebody saw us together.

Oh yeah, it was after the New Years party. We’re helping clean up, so he took down the mistletoe, and threw it out. Then, they packed up their things, and went back to Ohio. I’m a big girl now, so I don’t need any help to climb up on the roof. It’s a little chilly up here now, but it’s not the same without him.

Oh well, I can write without somebody looking over my shoulder, and seeing me on a dirty sex site. It’s just stories, so it could be about anything, but if they read long enough, they’d figure out my deepest darkest secret:

My cousin Perry molested me, 2 years ago, and I don’t want him to get in trouble. I want to see his dick, and get it hard with his hands all over my body, and watch his cum squirt all over the place, and gobble it all up. God, look how childish that all is.

I want to suck his dick. Yeah, I want to give him a blowjob. At least, maybe to start, we got all weekend. Next weekend, but it’s a 4 day weekend, and they should be here on Wednesday to get settled for the big day. I can’t wait that long, maybe I’ll sneak into his room, and surprise him. That’s just what he deserves, he’s the one that made me such a sex starved nympho, then left me alone, for years.

I swear, I’m going to give him my virginity next weekend, though…

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