[Sex story] Taken in

I know ow this story is long but I didn’t want to miss anything and wanted to tell my whole story . Keep any nasty comments to yourself as well

Sex story

Sex story

My dad left me and my mum not long after I was born . My memories of my mum were her always drunk . Start of my teens is when she started to get real bad and a violent drunk . By the age of 14 I ran away from home . I spend nearly a year on the streets till I was taken in by authorities and was found a home . I got put with this couple . They had a nice house and one older boy . They seemed nice and it was nice to have a place to live . First few months went fine . Then one night I woke to hearing my bedroom door open .

My vision wasn’t great as fully dark and fuzzy from being woke up . Next thing I could tell it was Max their boy . He had just turned 19 . He had been nice enough but don’t think he liked someone else also getting attention . Next he was in my bed . His hand fastly covered my mouth . He said ” don’t even think of screaming if you do I’ll tell them you said to come in and you had been flirting with me and you will be back on the street ” . I thought if they find anything out of course they will believe him not me . I didn’t want to risk anything . Soon his hand moved and he started to kiss my lips . He moved back and said ” damn open your mouth don’t you know how to kiss ” .

No I didn’t I had done nothing with anyone before . I did what he asked as I was scared as hell . His mouth moved back and I felt his tongue entering my mouth . His tongue started moving around my mouth . Soon his hands started to lift up my night dress . I was getting even more scared . His hands found my breasts . He stopped kissing me . ” damn how small are these things ” he asked . Well they had taken me out to get some cloths after I arrived which included bras and found out I was AA which was embarrassing when they put me in school I saw the other girls and well I thought there was something wrong with me . ” I’m AA I said to him . ” Well I better get these little nipples hard ” he said . I felt his fingers playing with my nipples . Rubbing them in a circle with his fingers . Never having done anything before and really not understanding much I had this weird feeling coming in me . Soon I could feel they had gotten hard . Now he started pinching them .

I gave out a groan . It hurt them being pinched. ” well at least you got some nipples there better than nothing ” he says . Soon he must have got sick of them . His hand moved down and slide off my bed boxers . I jumped when I felt his hand touch my vagina . I could feel a finger poking at me . I said ” please don’t I’m still a virgin ” . ” Well I better leave you then ” he says as he gets up and walks out . I think thankgod he is going to leave me alone . I get up in the morning and have breakfast and get ready for school . As I’m heading out the door he whispers to me ” see you tonight sis ” . I spend all the day scared and thinking what will he do to me . Well night comes and I go to bed and hope he was joking and had already had his fun . But no luck on that . Soon enough the door opened and I didn’t have to think who was it I knew . He came to my bed . He said ” remember do as I say if you want to stay ” . I felt at the time I had no choice . He said ” get out of bed ” so I slowly did. ” down on your knees in front of me ” . I did as he told me . Soon his pants were down and I front of me was the first penis I’d ever seen . An easy 9inch and I thought for a 19 year old it must of been on the bigger size . He said ” now open your mouth and suck on it or else ” . I did what I was told . I placed my mouth on his penis . I started working my mouth up and down it . The horrible taste in my mouth I hated so much . I could feel it growing .

My mouth was hurting . My mouth was being stretched by the size . He says ” use your damn tongue as well ” . I started to use my tongue on the tip as it went in . Guess he liked that as soon I could feel it fully harden in my mouth . Next thing I knew his hand was holding my head . ” you are going to love this sis he says ” . I had no idea what he meant but soon found out . Next thing he was holding my head still . He started moving his dick in and out of my mouth . Then I felt it hit the back of my mouth . I gagged and my body trying to cough as he started to try and force it further . I could feel the dick trying to make its way into my throat . Drool was running out of my mouth . Tears now were fully running down my face . My mouth was near numb . Finally my throat gave into the intrusion . I gagged as I felt in pass into my throat . It hurt so bad . The size making it’s way around half way down my throat . Back out then forced all the way back in . Each time more and more drool and tears .

As soon as it hit the back of my throat all I could do was gag . ” now for the fun part ” he says . I feel him force in back in and holds my head tighter . That’s when I feel him cumming . His sperm hitting the back of my throat . Some running down my throat and some running out of my mouth . I had trouble not throwing up with the taste . After he finished he says ” good job sis I better get some sleep ” and he left . I crawled back into bed and rolled into a ball and cried most of the night . The next day came and same routine . Breakfast , get ready for school and then head off . As walking to the door I saw his door open and him standing at the door . I just kept walking to leave . As I passed him I don’t know why but I didn’t even jump as I felt him slap my butt . I got home , showered and had dinner then some TV and bed . I layed there sort of knowing and waiting . I wasn’t wrong to as like normal he came in . ” Well I think I need more fun ” . I didn’t even answer .

I think he could see the near blank look on my face . He came to my bed . He pulled the covers off . He turned on the little light beside my bed and next thing I knew my bottoms were being pulled off . ” Damn girl that’s one hot pussy . Going to be fun breaking that in ” he says . I say ” please I do what you made me last night again but please don’t do this ” . He just laughs . ” OK I better go wake up mum and dad and let them know what we have been up to ” he says . As he starts to get up I just say ” Please don’t do that ” . I was scared I didn’t want to go back on the streets again . ” ok well I’ll be nice to you ” he says . I really didn’t know what he meant but soon I would and soon my body would shock me and do things I never knew about . He got on the bed . Next he was pulling my legs apart . ” I don’t ever remember ever seeing a pussy look so tiny and so cute ” he says. Next I can feel his tongue . It’s running around my clit . It felt so weird . A weird feeling I could feel my clit growing. At the time I didn’t know really that it meant my body was getting turned on . Soon the licking turned into sucking . It was starting to hurt . After he started sucking I could tell it was fully hard . I could feel my vagina was getting wet . I didn’t understand why .

I let out a couple of moans . I hated that my body was doing what it was . I didn’t want this but my body was reacting . He started keeping his mouth over my clit and used his tongue . Soon I knew something was happening . My clit area had a tingling feeling . I could tell my vagina was dripping wet . Why was my body acting like this . He could tell and swapped his mouth for his fingers . He rubbed it so much . Ever touch turned into more and more tingles . I could feel like a pressure inside and my legs started to twitch . I started to moan more and then I felt it I had my first ever orgasm . He waited till I had finished . Moved his mouth back down and licked me there . After he said ” see you want this your just like every other girl and damn you taste so good . He got up and again left . I spent the rest of the night ashamed that what just happened did . I hated myself for what my body did . The next day I was more worried than ever . The mum and dad were having two nights away for their anniversary . They were leaving Friday afternoon and coming back Sunday afternoon . They said they think they can trust us not to mess up . I couldn’t help but think God no im going to be fully alone with him but what else could he do he has done what he has and they don’t even know . Well just as I got home from school they were leaving . They said see you Sunday afternoon . Soon as they drove off I got this sick feeling I’m my tummy . I sat and watched TV . He came home alittle late on the Friday night as he had stuff to do . It was getting late so I decided to have a shower and head to bed . Knowing he would be coming in as always did . I got out of the shower and dried off and wrapped the towel around me .

I normally take stuff with me but as I was going to bed thought just go in my towel as my room is across the hallway . I got to my room and he was already standing in there . ” Well no mum and dad so we can make a weekend of it and you don’t even need to be quiet . Now drop the towel ” . I don’t think I even thought about it now . I just dropped it . ” such a hot body I can’t wait to fuck you ” he said . In my head I knew already what was going to be coming . Well more than I expected .” Lay on the bed ” he tells me . I just do it . He takes off his boxers . His dick is already erect and hard . He lays on the bed . He starts kissing me . I feel his dick moving on my clit . ” Well time to fuck that cute little cunt of yours ” he says . He pushes me onto my back . Pulls my legs apart . I feel his dick at my vagina . Then I feel it .

His dick is pushing at my hole . I grimace as I feel the pressure of his dick trying to get in . I yell as I feel my hole opening alittle . Feeling the head starting to go in . My hole stretching to fit just the head in . My pussy lips gripping the shaft . He started to move the head in and out . Ever time I feel burning and pressure . After a few more goes I feel more of his dick slide in . My hole is burning so much . I’m trying to fight back the tears . Then my whole body jumps as I feel his dick touch my hymen . I look at him . He just says ” time to break that cherry of yours ” I know he isn’t going to stop . I feel him pull back . I know it’s about to happen . He pushes hard next thing I’m screaming in pain . I feel him take my virginity . I look and see him just smiling . He doesn’t even care that in screaming and crying . He just continues to fuck me . Guess the blood helped and soon I feel him all the way in . I start to grunt and scream with each thrust he makes .

I can hardly take it . The pain is so much worse each time he bottoms out in me . His dick trying to go in deeper but just keeps hitting the back of my pussy causing me pain each time . My body is starting to betray my head again . All them feelings coming again . In my head in thinking please no . I’m feeling my muscles tighten around him . He is starting to fuck me faster . Soon I know what’s coming . My body is telling me and I’m trying to fight it but it’s not working . I’m soon having a orgasm but this time my pussy is squirting . He must of loved that as soon as I did he is cumming in me . He lays there still inside me till I can feel he is no longer hard .

I’m disgusted as I hear the slurping popping as he pulls out . As he gets up I am able to see the pool of blood and cum on the bed . ” Well I better leave you to clean up your mess but thanks that was the best fuck ever your so damn tight and a good little squirter ” then leaves . I rip off the sheets and go to the bathroom and sit in the shower crying . I don’t know how long I was in there but the water had gotten cold . I got out to get dried . But just as I did the door opened and he pushed his way in . He looks at me and says well fuck me im hard again ” . I say ” please I’m to sore I can’t please leave me alone you got what you wanted ” . I had no idea what was coming. ” nope not everything ” he says . Next thing I knew he grabbed me and I was bent over the bath . I yelled stop stop as I felt his dick touch my ass . ” please no don’t you can’t put it in there ” I yell . ” I’m going to rip this ass of your open and you can scream all you want ” he says back . All I can do is cry and he holds me there . I start to scream and try and fight for nothing as I can feel it pushing at my hole . ” fuck I thought your pussy was tight but your ass is even tighter ” he says . I feel more and more pressure as he is pushing harder and harder there . Then things go dark as I scream louder than I think I ever have as I feel the worst pain in my life as my hole gives in and the tip is in .

I must have passed out as next thing I remember is the burning , ripping pain in my ass . He is fully fucking my ass . I can’t stop screaming . My face is covered in tears . I throw up in the bath my stomach is feeling that bad . Soon I feel him cumming in my ass . He pulls out and that hurt just as much . He laughs as he walks out leaving me there . It’s awhile before I can move . I see blood on the floor and can feel his cum dripping out of my ass . I try to get up but it hurts to even try and stand . I crawl back to my room . I just lay on the floor . I’m broken I don’t care anymore . He has taken everything from me . The next two days I don’t care . I lost count how many times he came in . I just gave up hope and let him do what he wanted . If I wasn’t made to suck him and let him fuck my throat he would be fucking my pussy or ass . By Sunday afternoon when they arrived home I could hardly move . That’s when it all became clear . They had it all planned they took me in so he could have someone at home to fuck . It’s been a year now and I am still his little toy to abuse . It’s gotten even worse if the mums having her time of the month she says it’s ok for him to use me .

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