[Sex story] Oh My God, I was bred by a black Lab !

My friend Carol asked me to keep her dog Toby for a weekend. Last night he bred me !

My friend Carol was going out of town for a wedding and asked me to keep her 3 year old black Lab named “Toby” . When she dropped him off she told him to be a “good boy” and told me he’d be fine, he just get’s a little excited sometimes she said laughing..

Sex story

Sex story

That evening was very warm so we went out in the back yard and I threw his ball and he chased it around until his big tongue was hanging out. I was hoping that he’d be worn out and would chill out that night. I went upstairs to take a shower, I think playing ball made me as hot and sweaty as it did Toby. I’m 49 BTW and no spring chicken.

I went in the bathroom and ran myself a bubble bath and Toby was scratching on the door and whining. I opened the dog and called him a big baby and told
him to come on in. As I stripped off my clothes he kept sniffing around me and stuck his nose close to my hairy bush. I thought well it’s just a typical dog thing. I bent over and pointed my finger at him and told him to sit down and he obeyed.

He sat there as I soaked in the tub and when I got out to dry off he jumped right back up with his tail wagging away. When I bent over to dry my legs, Toby stuck him nose between my butt cheeks and licked me. I pushed him away and told him to stop and he did it again. I opened the door and told him to get out. Once again, she scratched the door and whined until I came out.

I wrapped up in a towel and went to my room, since it was a hot night I opened the window to cool off after my hot bath. When I turned around, Toby was standing on my bed with his tail still wagging away. It was too hot for PJs so I slipped under the sheet naked and Toby laid down beside me. He kept snuggling with me and rolling around restlessly.

It was still hot so I kicked off my sheet and laid over on my stomach. Almost immediately Toby jumped up and stuck his nose between my butt cheeks and started to lick me again. I smacked him and told Toby to stop it. I turned back over and then I felt his warm wet tongue slide up my ass to my pussy and I gave a shudder. OMG, it actually felt good and I let him lick me for a few minutes. I had been divorced for almost 10 years and he was really making me wet and my heart was pounding

He warm tongue was hitting every hole and I could feel my orgasm building as he licked away. I slipped a pillow under my stomach as to raise my butt up higher. Suddenly I felt Toby jump on my back and he started humping away. I gasped as I felt his cock slide into my wet pussy as he humped me. He was really big and as he fucked me I fingered my clit and his cum was running out of me.

Then it felt like his cock had doubled in size and my pussy was stretched tight. It actually hurt a little but I didn’t care as I shook with a glorious orgasm like never before. Finally Toby stopped and held real still and I could feel his cock throbbing inside my aching pussy. He slid off of my back and my pussy made a big slurping noise as a huge amount of cum dripped out.

I rolled over and to my shock and surprise his big cock was maybe 7 inches long with a big knot at the base that slipped back inside him as cum kept dripping as his cock throbbed a little. I sat up and petted him after he lay down beside me. He was licking the cum from his cock and I couldn’t help but take his cock in my hand just to feel after how big it was as I was blown away by it all.

As I handled his cock, it began to grow again and as I squeezed it that big knot popped back out and Toby started to wag his tail real fast. I rolled back over on my stomach and he mounted me again and thrust his swollen cock in my pussy. I must have had at least three orgasms that night, and I think Toby had even more….

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