[Sex story] My cousins bday sleepover

My cousin and her 4 friends spent the night after a pool party and my dick suffered

I am Corey, I was 14 at the time, about 5-9 then and my black cock was around 7 inches. My uncle married this white girl who had a kid, Chloe. She was cute and sweet and having her around got me into white girls.

Sex story

Sex story

She was having her 12th bday at our neighbors house, they had a pool they were going to let us use. The rain cancelled it the first time and the next weekend her dad was out of town and her mom couldnt stay for the whole party because of work so they were going to sleep over at our house.

She had 4 friends over that day, Lily, Ruby,Lucy and Sienna, they were all 11 to 13. Lucy was hispanic and had a great ass, the other girls were cute but didnt have much of a figure yet. Seeing them that day at the pool, all in 2 piece swimsuits, looking at their bodies and cute asses as the bottom would slide showing off their ass, I was enjoying the views.

Chloe made me get in the pool with them and play volleyball. We all ended up bumping into each other going for the ball and a few times I would see a small tit accidentally pop out of Lily and Ruby’s bikini tops.

It wasnt until Lucy, who was on the other team, collided with me that I knew I was going to have to jerk off that night. She was headed to the side of the pool and I was worried about her getting hurt more than the ball and when she jumped she landed almost in my arms and my hands slid up inside her bikini bottoms. I was sure no one saw it with the water splashing around, but I held her bare ass in my hands for a few seconds while she got her composure back.

Around 9 they went to my house, we had ate and everyone was taking a shower and getting in their pj’s. I had stayed to help clean up and got back around 10 or so. I went into my room and went the bathroom and took a nice shower, I came out wearing a towel and locked my bedroom door and laid in bed naked ready to jerk my cock off thinking about Lucy.

As I laid in bed stroking my cock I heard a noise and stopped, I figured the girls were being loud so I went back to enjoying myself. Then I heard a giggle and someone say shh and stop pushing and then my closet door opens and Lily falls out onto the floor. I reach for my pillow to cover my cock as the rest of the girls come out the closet.

Me- what the hell are you doing in my closet?

Lily- we were going to jump out and scare you

Lucy- but then you started to mmm and we were going to just watch.

I tell them to leave but they walk up to my bed and I feel Ruby and Lily start to rub my legs.

Lucy- let us see it, I will let you grab my ass again like you did in the pool.

Me- that was by accident, I didnt mean to grab it.

Lucy- grab his arms and get rid of that pillow.

I could have fought them off, the grabbed my arms and the pillow fell to the side exposes my hard black cock, but if they wanted to see it, I wasnt going to say no.

Lily and Ruby held my arms as Sienna and Lucy rubbed there hands on my thighs. Chloe just watched and stared at my cock. They rubbed my legs as my cock throbbed, waiting for them to touch it, but they didnt, not yet. Their hands got closer and closer to my cock before Lily and Ruby took their turn on my legs.

Sienna had started to rub my chest and stomach and my cock was aching for her to touch it. Lucy took my right hand and placed it on her ass, I played with her ass before she walked away.

Lucy- we will back when your mom is asleep and continue this, for now all you get is a kiss.

They all came over and I felt their soft lips as they all placed a soft kiss on my cock, Chloe was last, she kissed the head of my cock and I felt her tongue rub my peehole. I hoped mom was going to bed soon.

Around 12 they knock on my door, had to wait about an hour. I was told to sit on the edge if the bed, I was still naked.

Lucy- Chloe you are the bday girl so you go first, you get 1 minute then Lily, Ruby, Sienna and then I will be last, no rest in between this round. Each round that you survive and dont cum we will all remove one piece of clothing, we just have on shorts,shirt and panties, so 3 rounds gets us naked, 4 rounds allows you to touch us as you like.

Chloe gets on her knees kisses my cock before sliding her sweet mouth up and down my dick.

Lucy- make sure we all suck it fast this time

Chloe sucks me faster until the timer goes off, Lily goes down on me with seconds, sucking me fast, then Ruby and Sienna take their 1 minute times, Lucy goes slow on my dick, I know a minute has passed and she keeps sucking me. I start to struggle as her mouth caresses my hard black cock.

Me- it has to be over a minute, why is she still sucking me.

Ruby- the last girl sucks for 4 minutes then you get a break time of 5 minutes

The alarm beeps and Lucy slides of my cock, I was use to having my cock sucked so I wasnt getting to close yet. They remove their shorts and after my 5 minute break Lily starts to suck on me, she was going slow and sucking me nice while the other girls watched, Ruby was next, she went fast on my cock, sucked me hard and Sienna did the same, Lucy sucked me slow before Chloe took her turn.

It was 4 long minutes of Chloe sucking my cock, she wasnt trying to make me cum she was teasing my cock with her sweet mouth as the 4 minute alarm went off, they removed their shirts and as I looked at their tits. I get no break as Ruby starts to suck on my cock.

Me- where is my break time? I need a break.

Lucy- I know you do, Ruby do your 4 minutes then get naked if he doesnt cum.

Ruby rubbed her lips on my shaft more than my head, helping me not to cum, she sucked the head a few seconds before the alarm went off. She stood infront of me and took off her panties and showed me her cute ass.

Lucy- since you didnt allow him a break he is allowed to touch you Ruby.

Ruby walks close to me and takes my hand and puts it on her small tit, I reach with my other hand and pull her against me, I can feel my hard cock rubbing her leg as I rub her small ass.

After my 5 minute break Sienna sucks on my cock, she sucks my balls for the first time, my cock is still good until Lucy goes hard on me for a minute, I was lucky not to cum and grateful that Chloe was next, she sucked me slow and teasing, letting me relax a little, Lily was next, just 1 minute since Ruby did the 4 minutes earlier.

I made the 3 rounds and they all got naked. The posed and showed their bodies to me, Lucy told them to bend and show their asses to me, I enjoyed the show and my dick got a needed break. I was allowed a 20 minute break.

Lucy- the 4th and final round you get sucked for 1 minute and 1 minute break, as each girl finishes her suck time she will kiss you while the other sucks on your dick, the time for each girl goes up 1 minute whomever is lucky enough to make you cum shall swallow your cum and they are allowed to keep sucking you as until their times expires. . I will kiss you while Chloe has her turn.

Lucy- Chloe you get 1 minute, Lily you get 2 Ruby 3 and Sienna 4, I will get 5 minutes then we start in reverse, Sienna goes after me.

Lucy kissed me while Chloe took her minute, this made it alot harder to control myself. Chloe finished and we started to kiss during my break, Lily sucked my balls before focusing her mouth on my cock head, I barely survived, my cock wasn’t holding up to the kissing and sucking for 2 minutes

Lily finished and started to kiss me as my cock got a needed break. Ruby sucked me slow, sucking my cock deep in her mouth, staying away from my sensitive cock head. As she took her 3 minutes and finished we kissed as my cock rested.

Ruby kissed me as Sienna licked my balls and sucked them into her mouth, helping my cock rest more before she slide her sweet lips up and down my shaft. Just stay away from the head please I thought to myself. She gives my cock a break before sucking on my sensitive head right as the alarm gives me a break.

My cock is weak, Sienna kisses me so sweet as my break comes to an end and Lucy assaults my cock. I cant hold back, Lucy focused on my sensitive head, just moving a few inches down my shaft before rubbing her lips over the head. Sienna slide her little tongue in my mouth and as our tongues played I moaned and my aching cock released in Lucy’s mouth.

I felt so weak as I came, my body just completely relaxed as I finally got release. Lucy sucks me slow before stopping to swallow, only to go back to sucking me hard seconds later.

Me- I came you can stop now

Ruby- she has over 3 minutes left before she can stop.

I kiss Sienna harder as my sensitive cock is ravaged by Lucy, she stayed on the sensitive head, I shook and shivered waitied for the pleasure and pain to be over. Sienna stopped kissing me and held me down on the bed, Lily and Chloe grabbed my legs stopping me from moving.

Lucy slows and just gently sucks my sensitive cock head before telling Ruby to take over. I shake so bad as Ruby starts to suck on me again.

Me- I came already please

Lucy- you came for me, now cum for Ruby

Lucy leans over and kisses me as I focus on cuming again, the sensitivity was going away and Ruby was sucking me to another orgasm.

I cum in Ruby’s mouth and she swallows and sucks me gently before switching places with Lily.

Me – please I am so sensitive

Lucy- you only have Lily, Chloe and Sienna to cum for then we will let you go. Girls you can use your hands now to speed things up, but no breaks for him.

Lucy kissed me as Lily sucked and stroked my cock to another cum. Chloe was next, I had given up on fighting and I took turns kissing Lucy , Lily and Ruby. Chloe sucked my sensitive cock to another orgasm. I was barely hard when Sienna started to suck me. She stroked and and sucked me gently, it took a while before I felt my cum building.

Lucy- let me know when you are going to cum

I feel my cum starting and told Lucy

Lucy- hold him down girls

They move and Lily and Chloe grab my legs again, Lucy and Ruby lean on my chest holding me down. I feel my cock finally explode is Sienna’s mouth, she stops to swallow what little cum I had left. My cock head is so sensitive now and I am completely soft and sore.

Lucy- Sienna sweetie, you suck him as long as you like, we will hold him down for you…

I lay there, exhausted and unable to fight back as Sienna sucks my soft sensitive cock head into her mouth. I dont know how long it went on, I ended up passing out from exhausting, The head of my cock was sensitive and red when I woke up,I put some neosporin on it which helped, but it had scabs on it as it healed. It was still a great night tho.

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