[Sex story] My Confession

my discovery of animal sex that has become a life long passion

Hello readers my name is Susan I am now 61 years old, but my discovery of animal sex began almost 45 years ago, and I never in my wildest dreams ever thought this would happen. Since discovering my secret desire I have spent hundreds of hours scouring the internet looking for genuine and honest stories and confessions about animal sex and passion, I have found trawling through the thousands of tails written on different web sites very few are actually believable and most of them are just beyond reality.

Sex story

Sex story

So, were to begin? I suppose right at the start would be the logical place. I have been married now for almost 45 years and with my husband we have enjoyed what I imagined to be aa full sex life together, so much so you could say we had become comfortable together. My husband always suggested and encouraged me to try something new, ( we had been married for three years before I let my husband go down on me and a few more years before I took him in my mouth) sorry I digress a little there.

Well once we had settled into our comfortable life my husbands world was shattered when he was told his mother had cancer and it was terminal, unfortunately a few short months later she passed away and my husband was devastated, anyway after she had been laid to rest the dirty business of sorting her affaires out had to be done and this was down to his older brother and in all honesty, he was a right shit. So, my husband’s mom had a cross breed dog bit of a Heinz 57 dog daft as a brush friendly beyond measure the dog was so friendly if you broke in the dog would probably show you were the best stuff was and make you a coffee as long as he had his belly scratched.
Well, my husbands brother wanted the dog sent to a dogs home to be destroyed but my husband Mike decided that we would take him in and give him a home, so we took the dog in and left him to wander around his new surroundings to get used to it, I think what helped the most was that he knew us so his settling in period did not take too long. We got used to having him around taking him for walks he really had no interest in dog toys only a chewed up old tennis ball that he took everywhere when he was out walking.

The dogs name was Shandy he was light brown medium dog he never jumped up at anyone he very rarely barked, but he would crouch down low, and his tail would swing wildly, in the evening he would settle down at your feet and when you got up to make a drink his tail would swish from side to side. So, to start my confession, my husband worked away from home 4 days of the week so from Monday to Thursday I was alone only with the company of the TV and now the dog. My usual routine was up early get myself ready get the housework done grab a bite to eat then settle down to what ever garbage was on TV, fortunately my husband was a bit of an amateur hacker so he had several hard drives with thousands of the latest films and untold music albums on so I would always find something to watch or listen to.

After a couple of hours relaxation, I would pop up stairs have a shower and crack on with whatever I had to do in the house, well this familiar routine continued for the next six months, when it came time for my shower, I noticed that Shandy at first would sit at the bottom of the stairs so I thought there is no need to close the bathroom door, a few weeks later after I had showered Shandy was sitting on the landing, the next thing I know he is sitting by the bathroom door watching me.

I got used to him being there and found myself chatting to the dog as I showered, again this carried on for about eight days. I had become accustomed to seeing Shandy either sitting or lying by the open door and I also become used to drying off and walking past him with just a small towel around me to cover my naked body. It was not long before Shandy began following me from the bathroom and sitting by the open bedroom door, so I dressed in a long T shirt and made my way down stairs to begin getting my supper ready.

I fed Shandy made my own meal and settled down for the evening, Mike had been away for two days and I was starting to feel horny, laying on the settee watching a series on Netflix called sense 8 I was watching the part were the two girls was having sex and the one girl pulled a wet multi coloured dildo out as if she had just fucked her lesbian lover, their nipples was poking out my mouth began to water (I had often fantasised about having sex with another woman) and right on que I began to get very wet between my legs, a hunger that would not go away without being satisfied and all I had was my fingers or one of my toys in the bedroom.

My mind began to wander as did my hands down my body under my baggy t shirt and slipping my finger between my legs I sought out my clit, closing my eyes and slightly parting my legs I began to slide my fingers between the lips of my pussy and with the tips of my finger put pressure on my now sensitive clit. It felt like thousands of little electric shocks pulsing through my body. I had completely forgotten about Shandy being in the living room, so now there is the scent of my horny pussy drifting around the room, Shandy at this point must have detected this scent and I had not noticed that he had crawled closer to me lying inches from my feet and was watching me.
My finger worked their magic on my clit and with my other hand I pulled up my T shirt and began tugging on my stiffening nipples, occasionally sipped three fingers deep into my soaking pussy then back onto my clit each time bringing myself that bit closer to orgasm. Working myself to my inevitable orgasm I became lost in the moment, and I suddenly became aware of a wet slightly rough tongue start licking my feet and legs, being so very close to my orgasmic goal I turned my head and looked down to see Shandy licking avidly at my skin, but I continued stimulating my now soaking pussy.

It was probably my fault for not pushing the dog away and because my only goal was orgasm, I had not realised that Shandy was licking even higher up my legs, even when his wet warm tongue was licking the skin above my knees it had not occurred to me that this was going to go further, The dogs tongue was now at the point were he was half way up my inner thigh and it just added to the erotic moment. I became aware that I was between my heavy breathing calling out “lick me make me cum” I was now at the very tipping point right at the start of my orgasm and without thinking and using both my hands I spread my pussy lips wide open and was just about to drive my wet finger in to my pussy when Shandy made his fateful move, with my pussy open the dog licked me from my open pussy right across my clit. Bang! The orgasm hit me hard, my legs shot straight out my toes curled hard and I let out a deep orgasmic groaning as the dogs tongue lashed at my pussy over and over again, keeping me on the very top of my orgasm for what seemed like an age.

My orgasm was deep and prolonged by the dogs wet rough tongue, gasping for air it felt like the dog tongue was deep inside my pussy trying to get to all of the moisture tasting me devouring me, and it felt amazing. I have no idea how Long Shandy made me cum for but soon it began to subside, and my senses started to return, realising what I had done my legs relaxed and as my feet touched the floor, I hauled myself up and pushed the dog away. Still with laboured breathing I made a feeble attempt at berating the dog, but he sat there his tail wagging wildly his tongue hanging from the side of his mouth.
Shandy walked forward and rested his snout on my now closed legs, I could feel his breath on my skin, I patted him on the head, but he must have took this as the go signal to try again and he tried to push his snout between my legs, I could feel his tongue again snaking out to try to get to the source of what he had been feasting on earlier. By the end of my illicit act, I had fully regained all of my senses and even though I knew it was wrong in everyway I felt little shame for what I had done.

Later that evening laying in bed I could not settle, I still had that feeling of being horny, even though I had satisfied my needs earlier I still was not satisfied and wants more. I reached for the laptop and began looking for porn videos, I get turned on by watching real amateur videos I also like to masturbate to extreme dildo and insertion sex videos and finding some of my favourite sites I began to watch. It was not very long before I came across some videos of mature women using dildos in the shape of dog cocks, I found these a huge turn on then out of the blue I found a video of an amateur woman using a horse cock dildo, she even took it fully in to her arse as she sat down on 12 inches of silicon, I soon began to explore my pussy again.
Eventually I must have drifted off to sleep after fully enjoying a number of hard-earned orgasms, I was woken in the morning by a very familiar feeling of a wet tongue slithering over my pussy, turning round suddenly there was Shandy he had wandered into the bedroom I always sleep naked, and the duvet had slipped off the bed I must have rolled on my side so Shandy had full access to my womanhood. I shot up and pulled the duvet up to cover me this time shouting at the dog to get out.

As usual he wagged his fluffy tale turned around and wandered down stairs. Well, I got up showered dressed and made my way down stairs to begin another day, I was greeted by the dog who as usual was pleased to see me as he waited by the door so he could go out into the garden to do what he does, when the door was opened, he shot out ran down the garden cocked his leg and did his ablutions.
Shandy wandered back in doors I closed the door because it was a little chilly, he made his way to his bowel took a drink then turned to his other feeding bowel and ate a few of his biscuits, I had started the house work and eventually Shandy started following me around. So, by around 1pm the housework was finished I had a bit of lunch and sat down to watch a little TV, I tried to watch some crappy program three old celebrities yacking on about some boring bull shit and all of the time in the back of my mind was the videos I had watched on the laptop were the women was using dog cock dildos and this kept bringing me back to what I had let Shandy do to me.

The dog got a little restless so I grabbed my coat reached for his lead and out the door we went for a walk in the park, there was not many people around so I let Shandy off his lead and let him run around, after about an hour I decided to walk home I called out for Shandy and from the distance he came running but as he got closer you could see he had been rolling in mud and water and he was covered in it from head to toe. I was to say the least a bit pissed because he would be walking this mud in the house I had just cleaned, but again Shandy is so friendly and loveable you cant stay mad at him for long. So, I put his lead back on and set off home saying to the dog “shower for you when you get back”.

When we got home, I made a warm drink and started to get the bath ready for the dogs shower, he did not mind getting wet as long as you did not direct the water into his eyes, and I knew that t the end he would stand in the tub and shake himself dry, so I decided to prepare for that by putting on one of my husband old T shirts. I ran the water and moved into the bedroom to change, moving from the bedroom to the bathroom I called out for the dog, and he shot up stairs wagging his tail. He ran into the bathroom and jumped into the shallow warm water and so his bath began.
Wetting his fur all over and with a good helping of dog shampoo I lathered him all over, running my hands all over him and gently with my nails scrubbing his fur to get all traces of mud off him. Cleaning off his white fur on his tummy I accidently brushed my hand by and over his cock, it swayed from side to side. There was traces of grass and mud there, so I knew it had to be cleaned, so giving it a good soaking in warm water and with another liberal helping of dog shampoo I ran my hand around and over his cock and sheath. As I closed my hand of his cock, I swear I could feel it stiffen a little under my touch, a few more moments of cleaning and Shandy suddenly gave a few thrusts into my hand, I stopped suddenly and even though I had stopped rubbing him I realised I was still holding onto the dogs cock, I became mesmerised by it in my hand.

Still holding on to the dogs cock I reached for the shower and rinsed off the soap and soon found myself holding this hardening cock in my hand just staring at it, I continued to hold the cock gently rolling it in my hand and without thinking of what the hell I was doing I found myself pulling his sheath back and forth. Very soon Shandy again started to thrust his hips pushing his cock through my willing fingers and moments later he revealed the pink tip of his cock as his sheath rolled further back. I suddenly snapped back to reality and stopped my manipulations and letting go of the dogs cock I reeled back, I sat there for a few moments staring at a stiffening dog cock and Shandy just stood there then turned his head and licked his cock.
I turned the shower off tried to grab a towel to dry him, but he beat me to the punch and shook himself to get the excess water off, I was soaked. Shandy jumped out of the bath and stood still as I dried him off. Throwing the damp towel down I had to sort myself out, I walked into the bedroom grabbed another towel and pulled off my soaking clothes and began drying off, sitting on the edge of the bed with my towel wrapped around me I don’t know why but I reached for my laptop turned it on and set a search for animal sex videos, thousands of web sites popped up most of them rubbish might I add but the ones that caught my eye was the home-made videos.

God knows how long or how many videos I watched but I was fascinated by them, normal people of all ages openly and willingly having sex with their dogs, I was glued to the screen watching dog cocks of all sizes pushing into women’s pussies watching as this big lump forms and even that is pushed in to the woman. It was not long before I became aware of the moisture between my legs again and I soon found myself timing my thrusting fingers with the motions of the dogs cocks.

And all the time Shandy was there watching me getting my scent again, this time was different this time I saw him there. I shuffled to the middle of the bed pulled my laptop with me and patted the bed, Shandy wasted no time in leaping up and settling next to me, his warm soft fur against my skin was beginning to turn me on somewhat. I began to stroke Shandies soft body from his head down to his back legs, he would occasionally turn and give my skin a lick with his wet tongue and every time he moved my towel slipped further away from my body.
Fully lost in my erotic moment I had not fully realised that my hand was again stroking the dogs cock, my hand running up and down the full length of his stiffening cock and closing my fingers around his member I again began pulling on his sheath. For a very brief moment my senses returned, and reality dawned on me, but once Shandy had turned his head and swiped his tongue over my now stiff nipples and I caught a glimpse of his cock poking right out of the sheath all doubt was gone and I was committed to this illicit act, the laptop was discarded and my full attention was given to Shandy, I wanted to know what it felt like.

Rolling onto my back Shandy jumped up and began his assault on my moist pussy his head turning from side to side as he fed on my cunt, again I felt his long rough wet tongue drive deep into me and lick my inner walls. I pulled his head from between my thighs, and he rolled his tongue over my face and lips so that I could taste my own juice on his tongue, I felt a splash of liquid fall onto the skin of my thighs it was very warm hot almost and looking down I saw the dogs cock hard spurting the occasional splash of clear liquid. Placing my hands on the dogs rear quarter I eased him forward I wanted to see this close up.

Shandy took two steps forward and his cock came into full view just between my large breasts and reaching down I again wrapped my hand around his cock, that was all it took to dictate my next actions because as I took hold of this now deep purple hard cock, he began to thrust it through my fingers, and with each thrust fluid spurted from the tip the more he thrust the more hot liquid splashed onto my tingling flesh. I was fascinated by watching this dogs cock pound in and out of my clenched fist my eyes glued to the sight then it happened, there was a sudden squirt of fluid that sprayed my face and lips, without hesitation my tongue slithered out to taste his fluid.

It had a metallic taste, but it was not unpleasant some what salty very thin and watery and with each splash I used my tongue to taste it, closing my eyes I willingly opened my mouth to catch all of it, after a few squirts of his liquid and with it trickling over my tongue without thinking I leaned forward and closed my lips over the dogs cock. Now I have to be honest and say that trying to suck his cock as I lay under him was a bit of an error because as soon as my warm lips came into contact, he began thrusting much harder and deeper and, in all honesty, it did make me gag quite a bit, I can deep throat my husband, but it is normally at a slower pace, I was not ready for him to suddenly lunge his cock into me.
I had no option but to push Shandy off get him to lay down and try to suck him as I do my husband, the dog continued to reward me with squirt after squirt of his fluid but I wated to know how it feels in my pussy, I wanted him to fuck me like in the videos I had seen.

Releasing my grip on his cock I turned and took on the doggy style position, and expected Shandy to jump on and fuck me, however it does not work that way, Shandy did jump on my back and I felt his front paws tugging at my thighs but all he did was thrust wildly then dismount only to return to licking my now soaking pussy, so as I saw in the videos I gently slapped my ass to give him encouragement and he did the same again, this continued for about 10 to 15 minuets and when he finally did try to mount me properly he just jabbed wildly at me trying to find his goal.

I lowered my head and reached down between my legs trying to take hold of his thrusting cock, I managed to get hold of it and eventually guide him in the direction of my very moist pussy, I could feel the tip jabbing at me repeatedly until I felt the tip dip into my cunt then wham! In one lunge Shandy entered me and I would say balls deep because with every frantic thrust his balls would swing and slap my pussy mound. His paws tried to draw me closer, and I could feel the very tip of his cock jab at my cervix, as his paws gripped my thighs the dogs claws would dig into my skin.( remind me to get them trimmed)

The next five minuets was spent with Shandy ramming his cock into me and all the time I could feel this hot liquid spurting into me filling me, the speed of his cock diving deep into me the friction of his hot skin it was pure bliss, and I could feel the oncoming orgasm building deep within me. At this point is were I really should have watched a lot more videos or found some real reading material because after a while I could feel a swelling pushing against my pussy opening and again with each thrust, I felt more and more pressure on my cunt. My pussy felt like it was full of hot cum and with a squelching sound this swelling was pushed into my pussy and yes at first it felt amazing, it was when I felt it grow even bigger it became just a little uncomfortable because now, I was full of cock and cum and nothing was dripping out like in the videos.

Soon the pressure turned to pure pleasure and the friction of this hot cock with its large swelling caused a massive orgasm to rip into me and the best part was Shandy continued to pound me for a few moments as the orgasm took hold of me, but after the orgasm subsided reality dawned on me the swelling was the Knott and Shandy was stuck inside me, this culminated in the dog cocking his leg over my backside and he stood there for what seemed like an age and all the while I could feel his cock twitching, Shandy did try to pull out once or twice and oh my god it was uncomfortable so I had to hold on tight to his back legs, ( I don’t think he liked being held too much) eventually this swelling subsided and Shandy was able to pull out with a loud plop sound and what seemed like a massive amount of hot cum gushing out of my abused pussy.

The sheets was soaked ( I had not foreseen that) Shandy jumped off the bed lay on the floor and proceeded to lick himself clean, all in all I think both of us was satisfied by the experience, and it did teach me a few good lessons, one from that day to this I am hooked on dog sex two for fucks sake research before you try three don’t use your bed it gets very messy four don’t be tempted to rush in five not all dogs fuck the same way some are slow most are wham bam thank you mam.

As I said in the beginning this all started well over 45 years ago, I am now 61 and to this day I fully enjoy and get pleasure from dog sex, and what’s more my husband still don’t know but that will probably have to change because he is planning early retirement, well that’s my confession from the heart. Hop you enjoy reading it and I hope you take something from it.
Susan XXX

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