[Sex story] Life’s Surprises

It never crossed my mind that the woman I loved ,my Mother, had such a checkered background.

The first night in our new, and I use the term new losely, apartment, the place had been built in like 1900, I laid on my bed and I could hear my Mother moaning and groaning as if she was in my bedroom. I got up , my bedroom door as closed and as I walked around the room I got to the walk in wardrobe and I could hear my Mother, and the buzzing of something electrical really loud. There were no doors on the wardrobe and on the back wall there was a large rectangular hole in the wall where some sort of grate would be to allow the air to circulate between my cupboard and my Mothers cupboard which were back to back. The builders doing the renovation had not finished the work before we moved in,they promised it would be done asap but we didn’t know when asap would be.

Sex story

Sex story

I don’t know why I did it ,hell I was 16 I knew what she was doing, but I went and got the chair from my desk pushed it into the cupboard slowly climbed up on it and looked straight into my Mothers bedroom and the bed she was laying on naked, her legs spread wide with her knees bent and a with her holding a vibrator pushed against her pussy.
The room was well lit with an orange street light about 20 feet from her bedroom window ,she sure as hell wouldn’t need to waste much money on electricity in her bedroom, the city gave her all the light she would ever need. I could feel myself getting harder and harder as I watched ,but suddenly she began to rock from side to side, her legs went out straight and her heels dug into the bed cover so her bottom was lifted off the bed and she started to bite the corner of the pillow as she reached her climax,before dropping back to the bed breathing heavily and laughing quietly to herself.

She removed the vibe from her pussy and started licking it ,before putting her fingers in her mouth and licking them. She slowly sat up in bed and leaned over and put the vibe in the bedside cabinet draw, before getting under the covers and cuddling down to go to sleep.
I quietly got off the chair ,carried it back to my desk, got into bed and rubbed one out just thinking about my Mothers hairy bush and what I had just seen,it only took me a few minutes to cum, and I spurted into a tissue as I climaxed fucking big time.

There were a couple of things my Mother hated as I was growing up, numero uno was my Father, number two was work, and after she got rid of my Father when I was about 10, her number uno thing became paying the rent on the crappy apartments we moved in and out of every couple of years.
She had a simple programme to avoid work ,it was work for a year, put a deposit down on a cheap apartment, pay the rent each month for about a year or so ,then just stop paying it, by the time the landlord got her into court and she bull shitted the judge a few times, saying she was getting a job and everything would be ok in a couple of months a year had gone by, and she had saved 6 or 7 thousand dollars in rent , then she would put a deposit on another place and she had three or four grand in her pocket, and the circle would start again.

Once Corona Virus hit she was in her element, the Government gave her unemployment money each month because the restaurant where she had worked for only a few weeks closed , she got a couple of big hand outs of like 1300 bucks and she got $600 a month for having me as her son, my Mother was in heaven .
We were renting this apartment off of my Mother’s Brother Uncle Frank, he had made it big time in the apartment business, had them all over town and even some in other States, but after a mild stoke his new wife Aunt Stephanie was running his business. His first wife died in a car accident , but he wasn’t single long before Stephanie was walking him into the court house to get married.
He had rented places to Mother before but she treated her own kin like any other landlord and he eventually have enough, he would tell her the city was making him renovate the building and she would have to go , but after seeing God when he had his stroke he relented and let us move into this place the builders were actually still working on.

Aunt Stephanie was like 20 years younger than Uncle Frank , and she was a bit of a tough cookie,several times she came around and read Mother the riot act about paying the rent, and after she left Mother would call her a greedy bitch and tell me ” Stephanie was upset Uncle Frank hadn’t died when he had his stroke because the greedy bitch wanted everything for herself, and she didn’t deserve it because Frank and his first wife had done all the work, and she only married him for his money ” .
I came home from school early one afternoon, a pipe had broken and drowned the canteen and the lunches so we all got sent home at like 12.15. I was surprised to see Aunt Steph’s car outside, and even more surprised to find the back door locked in the middle of the day. I went and got the spare key from under the flower pot, opened the door , walked into the kitchen and then the front room and I was surprised not to see Mom and Aunt Steph there..
I stood at the bottom of the stairs and I was going to call out I am home,when I heard Aunt Stephanie’s voice shouting at my Mother, and the words rent and cunt,and fuck came up in her shouting several times, so I crept up the stairs, went into my bedroom and closed the door, got the chair and slowly peeped over the bottom of the hole where the air vent was supposed to be.

Aunt Steph was sitting in the armchair legs wide open and she was what my Mother would have called slouching in the chair. I kind of joined the conversation when Aunt Steph said “you either pay the fucking rent of get your shit and go, or amuse me, the choice is yours “.
Mother was leaning with her back towards the window, I don’t know how long this had been going on but Mothers voice was very week and sounded to me that she was losing this debate, when she sighed and said ” what do you want me to do “. Aunt Stephanie laughed and said ” you know what I want you to do, get your clothes off.”
My Mother moved slowly away from the window, she stood between Aunt Stephanie’s open legs,
” now take your clothes off” said Aunt Stephanie “,I want to see you naked “. I watched amazed as my Mother pulled her tee shirt off over her head and threw it on the bed, put her hands behind her back undid her bra and let the straps slide down her arms, before throwing the bra on the bed .
” Oh what a good little whore you are ” said Aunt Stephanie sarcastically, ” now the skirt and panties”. Mother unzipped the back of her skirt and it slid to the floor, she stepped out of it and with one foot kicked it onto the bed. She put her hands inside the waistband of her panties and looked at Aunt Stephanie as she said “why are you making me do this “? “I am not” replied Stephanie rather angrily, “pay me the fucking rent and I am out of here ” she said , Mother said nothing,just slide her panties down her legs and they followed the rest of her clothes onto her bed.

I was looking at my Mother from the side ,I never realised what a nice arse she had, and her boobs were pretty good as well . Aunt Stephanie bent her leg and then slowly lifted it up so the toe of her shoe was rubbing against my Mothers cunt lips. Stephanie wan’t the only one who heard my Mother take a deep breath, I heard it in the next room as well, only I could not laugh like she did.
“Fuck it” said Stephanie, “fuck my shoe, open your pussy lips and fuck my shoe ” she said laughing out loud. My mother put one hand on her pussy I guessed pushed her cunt lip apart to accommodate the uninvited guest, with her other hand she took hold of Aunt Stephanie’s heel and lifted her foot gently so the toe of her shoe went into my Mothers cunt.

Aunt Stephanie was laughing hard , “come on Brenda “she said ” fuck my expensive Garavani shoe, ” and I could see my Mother moving her butt slowly backwards and forwards but the weight of Aunt Stephanie’s foot was beginning to tell as Mothers knees bent more and more as she tried to keep the toe of her sister in laws shoe in her cunt.
With a big groan my Mother let Stephanie’s foot go and it dropped to the carpet. Aunt Stephanie pretended to be cross, ” what are you doing bitch ” she said ” I told you to fuck my shoe”. “I can’t hold your foot up anymore “my Mother said, “your leg is heavy ” she moaned.
Aunt Stephanie turned her foot to the left and right looking at it, “my shoe is all wet you dirty little bitch” she shouted ” trying to kick my Mother “, Brenda get on your knees and lick that fanny juice of yours off my expensive shoes.,go on before it dries on there and ruins them.

I had always thought my Mother was submissive, she rarely argued with me, even if I was throwing a hissy fit when I was younger, and the one or two times I went to court with her after the second or third time in front of the judge she would back down and say we were leaving at the end of the month, even though she could have easily have stood her ground,paid a couple of months back rent and we would have been able to stay for another six months.. She looked at Aunt Stephanie, and to my amazement she slowly dropped to her knees and crawled forward her tongue came out and she started to lick Stephanie’s shoe.

Fuck I was hard, I watched as Stephanie pulled her foot away from my Mother’s mouth,she stood up pulled her skirt up bye the hem and I watched in amazement as she pulled her panties down before sitting back down and opening her legs, and as Aunt Stephanie slid her butt to the edge of the armchair my Mother like a good puppy dog crawled towards her and buried her face in Aunt Stephanie’s cunt.

I could hear my Mother’s tongue in action, lapping away at Aunt Stephanie’s pussy, while Stephanie’s head slowly began to go backwards over the back of the armchair so she was looking at the ceiling. Mother was working hard to make her sister-in-law climax, she had been licking for a good fifteen minutes before Stephie suddenly started to sit up , she grabbed the back of my Mothers head and forced it hard against her cunt , and she started to whimper, and as the whimpers got louder she suddenly shouted out ” fuck me cunt fuck me”, and my Mother pushed two of her fingers into Aunt Stephanie’s soaking wet cunt, as Stephanie shouted out aaaaagggghhhh before going limp, then jumping again as my Mothers tongue licked her clit hard, causing Aunt Stephanie to feel what felt like electricity going through her pussy. Push my Mothers head away as she said “get away get away”, and she started laughing.

My Mother shuffled back but remained kneeling on the floor, Aunt Stephie sat recovering before she slowly stood up , picked her panties up off the bedside table. She almost fell over trying to put them on ,laughing she said “Brenda my legs , my legs are are all weak, my God now I see what Frank meant when he said you were the best cock sucker he had ever had. ” What was I hearing,my Mother with Uncle Frank her Brother. Mother sucking Uncle Franks cock, my mind was all over the place, my Mother with her brother there would be no way that could happen..

Mother looked at the floor, and half whispered “that was a long time ago Stephanie, you were not there ,you have no idea what was going on,so please Stephanie don’t mention it again OK ,just mind your own fucking business, Frank should never have told you “. Stephanie walked around behind my Mother,she took a handful of her hair and brutally pulled her head back making my Mother cry out in pain. ” Listen you cunt ” said Stephanie bending down and putting her face close to my Mothers, “you ever speak to me like that again and I fucking swear I will tell your son that you used to fuck your brother, and the only reason your husband left was that he caught you with your mouth on Franks first wifes pussy while my dear husband Frankie was pushing his dick into your arse, tell me I have it wrong honey go on tell me she shouted ”

My Mother didn’t say a word, Stephanie started walking towards the bedroom door,she stopped turned to face my Mother she opened her legs a little and started turning one foot sideways and back like a windshield wiper. ” You know slut ” she said looking at my Mother, “when I come to visit you next week, I think I will come when your son is home, maybe it would be fun to watch him mount his Mommy, do you think he would like that , and I bet he would like to know why his wonderful Daddy left ,don’t you ? ”
She turned to leave, took a step towards the door,turned around and said sweetly ,” you know what Brenda, maybe you should have him in for a practise run before this time next week,then by the time I get here it won’t be a shock for the little boy stuffing his cock in his Mothers cunt, I bet he would enjoy it, ” and she went out of the room slamming the door.

I climbed off the chair and slowly put it back behind my desk, laying on my bed I closed my eyes ,my head spinning at what a few minutes earlier I had seen and heard. My hard on had gone , and I don’t know how long I laid there, maybe a minute maybe an hour, before there was a gentle tap on my door. my Mother came in and stood by the bed. ” What are you doing home ” she asked me softly,” how long have you been home “she said in a half whisper. I didn’t open my eyes, I just said ” long enough”.

” Was your Aunt Stephanie here when you go thome” she asked me rather throataly, “yup” I said smiling still without opening my eyes.
The silence was deafening, I could hear my Mother breathing heavily and shuffling her feet around around, I guessed she would be squirming in embarrassment not knowing if I had overheard their conversation. ” Michael ” she said trying to put on her stern voice but failing miserably,” how long have you been home ,answer me son answer me please”.

Getting off the bed I walked to the window and looked out. ” Long enough to know my Mother loves to lick pussy, and take her brothers dick up her ass ” I said angrily ,” and what was the bit about me ,is that right I am going to get to fuck you next week to amuse that bitch ” , My Mother looked at her feet ,” why are we going to wait till then, fuck lets do it now, “I shouted and I turned to see her standing there tears rolling down her cheeks.
I walked over and grabbed her tee shirt at the neck, ripping it down the middle her breast came into view, when she had got dressed she had not put her bra on. I lent forward and grabbed both her nipples between my forefingers and thumbs, and twisted them until she screamed in pain.
“So it was you that drove my Father away was it “, I began to scream and shake, letting go of her nipples I walked across the room ,I knew I was going to hurt my Mother the woman I loved if I stood close to her.

“Did you put your knickers. back on when you got dressed ” I asked her looking out of the window and not looking at her I held the window sill , half to hold me up, and half to have something to hit instead of my Mother.

I turned to look at her when she didn’t answer me , and she slowly began to pull her skirt up, as it went over her butt I could see the hair pussy I had looked at as she played with herself on the bed. She started to say “Michael I am sorry ,I didn’t” ,but before she could finish I shouted at her ” to shut the fuck up” and I smashed my hand on the wooden window sill until it hurt so ad I thought I had broken my hand..
Looking at her standing there almost naked I could feel my cock getting hard, the anger that had built up in me was slipping away , and before I could say anything else my Mother said ” how do you want me ?”. I said ” what “and she said “on my back, on my hands and knees, up against the wall ,grabbing my ankles. ?” “Shut up, shut up” I said softly, “you told me my Father left, but you drove him away I will never forgive you for doing that.”
My Mother walked over towards me, she slowly sank to her knees, and said “but your the man of the house now, let me help you forget all our problems ” as her hand went to the zipper on the front of my jeans,” let Mommy help you forget all the bad things you think she has done in her life” she whispered as she took my cock out of my underwear..

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