[Sex story] I molested my Grandpa and he never knew

I molested my Grandpa and he never knew about it

I was 10 at the time, my sister Christie was 8, we would stay with grandpa a few times a month. He never hurt us, he was awesome but be would drink, grandma left him and he was an alcoholic after that.

Sex story

Sex story

He had money so he retired at 50 and sold his business but he gave them a discount to keep 10% of the profits for 20 years. Mom said he was a millionaire.

The first time it happened Christie had gone to sleep at 9 and me and grandpa stayed up. He got drunk and passed out, I watched tv until the remote control died and needed batteries.

I was going to wake up grandpa but he looked so peaceful passed out. I dont know why but I was curious alot then. I knew about sex a little and wanted to see a penis for myself so. I undid the button at his pj pants and he wasnt wearing undies so I pulled his penis out and looked at it.

It was soft and hairy, so I touched it a little. I knew he wasn’t going to wake up so I played with his penis and it slowly grew. I got excited seeing it grow. I was proud of myself. It got bigger and harder and I just looked at it.

I reached in and pulled out his hairy balls, for the next hour I played with his penis, rub it and got the courage to suck on it. It was awesome to suck on it and I loved it. The next few times I stayed with him I would play with his penis when he would pass out.

I started to get braver and would get naked and get on top and rub his penis on my vagina, I loved the feeling and I turned and rubbed his penis up my butt crack and hole to. I knew I was crazy but I loved this.

Once I sat down on his penis and it kinda went in my vagina a little. But I stopped cuz I was scared. But once day I went for it, I got on him and lowered myself on his penis and I felt it open me up. I stopped before letting it go more than an inch or so.

One day I was playing and sucking on penis and I heard a noise, Christie was there watching me. She walks over and looks at me and asks what I am doing. I tell her to touch it and she does and we took turns playing with his penis.

We stopped and went up to bed and I told her not mention it to grandpa. She said I never said anything the other times I watched you play with him.

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