Sami Zayn Says There Is A Lot To Like About WWE’s New Vision For NXT

Sami Zayn appeared on the latest episode of Corey Graves’ “After The Bell” podcast. 

During it, he gave his thoughts on WWE NXT 2.0. The company relaunched the brand with a younger and different product. There are also shorter matches and more promo segments. 

“From the little bit I’ve seen, it’s been pretty interesting and pretty good.  I think there was an immediate backlash to the idea of NXT 2.0 because people had come to know and like NXT as this black and gold, grittier sort of product.  Anytime you tell people that we’re doing something new, I think there’s always this sort of guard that comes up and a defensiveness, an unwillingness to change or accept something new in some cases.  I know a big part of the rebranding was the presentation, the brightness, and the colorfulness. 

As soon as I turned on the very first episode of NXT 2.0, I said, ‘Man, this looks great.  This does look better.  It’s brighter.  The fans are elevated and they are kind of on top of you.  The energy is great.’  On top of it,  you have a bit of a reset with new characters.  You have a wide open playing field for new characters to step up and fill certain roles.  You’re seeing that again in NXT.  Is it what you liked about NXT a year ago, five years ago? 

No, it’s not, but there is a lot to like about it for sure.  If you’re the type of fan like I am that likes unpredictability, likes to watch character development, likes to see where things are going to line up, if that’s a part of what interests you about pro wrestling or about WWE, then I think it’s intriguing to watch for sure.”

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