Ruks kneels infront of Jodha and apologies for her wrong doings – Jodha Akbar on zee world

As we are aware of Jodha akbar ending next Tuesday, Ruks finally admits her mistakes and apologized.

After all the hullabaloo, Jalal planned a surprise for Jodha and tells his ministers that Jodha deserve all this, he present a new coins in Jodha’s name and also official stamp in her name, as they were about to present it to Jodha, Ruks says stop.

Jodha Akbar

Jodha Akbar

Everyone looks at her, Ruks says it was only me who didn’t want Jodha to be given all this but today i know that only Jodha deserve all this.

Ministers also praises Jodha, Fazal says she has done alot, Todar says she is excellent in business, Birbal says she can forgive anyone, Ruks says if you allow me then i want to give this stamp and respect from my hands to her, Jalal gives it to her, Ruks present the coin which has name engraved on it to Jodha.

Jodha is impressed, she folds hand and thanks Jalal, all chant for her, Ruks ask Jodha to take coins and says you serve this respect, Jodha folds her hand to Ruks and takes it, Ruks says i order to distribute these coins to all, she chant for her.

At night, Ruks comes to Jodha’s room and ask can i come in? Jodha says yes, Jodha says i am sorry i couldn’t remove your punishment, Ruks says sometimes we don’t understand a person whole life but you understand same person in one second, when you entered this palace, i knew you are good person, it angered me, i knew i cant stand up to your level of goodness that’s why i kept disrespecting you, i want to say sorry, she sit at her feet, Jodha ask her to get up.

Ruks says you made my punishment a challenge so that i am not embarrassed and also opened way for me to comeback, you have given new life to Jalal, you have changed him from Jalal to Akbar, your love has changed him, your love won over my hatred and i salute, i pray that your love will remain same for Jalal, she hugs Jodha.

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