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Female Medical Doctor Joins Kogi Guber Race

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Dr Atule

Dr Atule Ahmadu-Afolabi

A female medical doctor, Dr Atule Ahmadu-Afolabi, has joined the Kogi gubernatorial race under the Labour Party (LP) platform.

She made the announcement on Tuesday while pledging to harness the state’s economic potential.

Speaking to journalists at the headquarters of Labour Party in Abuja, Ahmadu Afolabi said, “My main focus is to ensure that Kogi is economically viable through selfless services and Labour Party as we know, is a social democratic party.

“The party carry’s along professionals, women farmers and everybody, to ensure that there is food for us to eat.

”In Kogi state right now, if you are driving around the state you could see hunger physically on faces of people and that has to change, that is why I am here to change the narrative for good.

“You all know that It is evidently clear in Kogi state that salaries are being paid in percentile and that is absolutely inhuman, you don’t expect people to come to work for 30 days without salary being paid? It is undemocratic,” she said.

Ahmadu-Afolabi said that as a mother, her target was to ensure that no Kogi resident went to sleep on empty stomach.

She also promised to turn around the healthcare service in the state for the better, pledging to establish and equip hospitals to ameliorate the plight of kogi residents.

She also promised to reinvigorate the civil service in the state toward effective and efficient service delivery, saying that the LP would change the narrative of suffering in the state specially in the civil service by ensuring prompt salary payment.

Ahmadu-Afolabi promised to work with youths, empower them and create employment opportunities.