Onyeka Nwelue: Anyone Who Eats Or Drinks At A Funeral Lacks Conscience

Controversial filmmaker has taken to his social media account to shade those who attends funeral to eat or drink.

onyeka nwelue anyone who eats or drinks at a funeral lacks conscience

According to the filmmaker, Nwelue, he claimed that anyone who eats or drinks in a funeral lacks conscience.

Item No. 7, has become a part and parcel of funerals in Africa, and families who organize the burial ceremony for their loved ones factor food and refreshments for their guests.
Reacting to Nwelue’s view, many social media users revealed that taking foods or drinks at a funeral is already a habit Nigerians have formed and would be very hard to stop.

Read the reactions here:

Ụmụada just left the whatsapp group.. Those ones that will even request for a big loaf of bread and tea– amahcah

No mind them to think that people ate amala and goat meat when my Dad died – seweetestmori

No be for Yoruba funeral, nobody go tell you before you drag amala and ewedu – ojuolape866

That’s why I love my Muslim brothers, they have the simplest funerals ever – abujasextoyshop

So we should waste the food? the grieving family will now waste their money cooking food no one would eat. Haaa they won’t like that o – commonmanblog

Some people will eat at a funeral and still carry take away as if they were praying for the person to die – jessicabae2010

onyeka nwelue anyone who eats or drinks at a funeral lacks conscience 1
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