Now and forever on joy prime, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update

Now and forever on joy prime, Wednesday 13th October 2021 update


Rebecca sends someone to look after Eva in San Nicholas. She then tried to convince Sonia to tell her what she knew but Sonia accused her of killing her husband after she saw Rebecca’s investigator carrying a gun. She tried to run away but Rebecca stopped her and asked her to reveal what she knew. She told Sonia that she and her daughter were gunned down to make Sonia trust her.

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Abel was not able to go and get Eva because no busses were available. Eva assured them that she would text them to keep them updated so that they would not have to worry.

Eva went to the beach with Inno but she could not remember anything. Roxanne interrupted them to ask Inno if he would like to go swimming with her but Inno told her to go by herself. Eva look curiously at her and Roxanne asked her why she was looking at her. Eva asked if she remembered her since she too grew up in San Nicholas. Inno asked Roxanne if she knew Eva when they were children and she was flustered.

She said she could not remember Eva because she was forgettable. Eva said it made sense they were not friends even before because she hated stuck up brats. She told Roxanne to enjoy swimming by herself and watch out for the jellyfish.

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Roxanne called Stella to ask her why she and Eva had similar stories. Stella told her that she wouldn’t explain anything since it did not matter. She instead told Roxanne to keep pretending to be Angela.

Eva and Inno walked around and went back to their rooms in the evening. Oliver was waiting for Eva and wanted to take her out to have a romantic dinner that he had set up. Eva said she was tired and wanted to rest but Oliver insisted saying it would not take long. He grabbed Eva’s hand but Inno grabbed the other one.

He told Oliver to let Eva be because she did not want to go with him. They ended up getting into a fight and Eva and Roxanne had to stop them. Inno went to cool off in the beach while Oliver went back to the room. Roxanne blamed Eva for the fight and wanted to go after Inno but Eva caught her arm and pulled her back. She went after Inno instead.

Inno told Eva that he did not like fighting with his brother but he could not help it because he was jealous. Eva said that she did not like to see them fighting because of her. She told Inno that Eva was important to her, as a friend and she had made it clear to him so there was no need for him to get jealous.

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Roxanne also told Oliver to stop fighting with his brother since he would only lose.

Eva went to the room to sleep but Roxanne slept on the entire space. Eva got a pillow and went to sleep outside. Oliver would not talk to Inno as well so he got a pillow and was surprised to find Eva outside too.

They decided to sleep there while watching the stars.

In the morning, Eva and Inno packed their bags and left for the mangrove forest, a location that Eva had seen in her dreams. It was where she lived with Mia and Joey and she was finally able to remember them.

She also remembered everything from the night that she had escaped. She was in tears as she told Inno that her parents had taught her everything to prepare her for the night that she needed to escape. They went to visit Sonia since Eva remembered her necklace but they were told Sonia left for the city.

Oliver and Roxanne were disappointed to find out that Eva and Inno left without them so they too headed back to the city. Stella called to ask Roxanne if Eva remembered but she did not know anything. She told Roxanne to go and watch Rebecca instead.

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Inno wanted to take Inno back home but she said that she wanted to be alone. He went home to find Stella had prepared food for him. She wanted to know if Eva remembered anything while they were there but Inno told her it was Eva’s story to tell and not his.

Eva went to Rebecca’s house and said she did not want her family to see her distraught. Rebecca let her in and told Eva that she could tell her what was bothering her. Eva told her that she finally remembered her real parents an showed Rebecca the sketches she had made of Joey and Mia. She also told Rebecca everything about the night that she escaped.

Rebecca was in tears and showed Eva the necklace that she had lost. Eva was surprised to see that Rebecca had it so she explained that Rodrigo gave her the necklace and Joey took it from her when he ambushed them.

She told Eva that she was the real Angela and they hugged as they cried. Keep visiting for fastest updates.


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