Now and forever on joy prime, Tuesday 2nd November 2021 update


Eva tells Inno that she is sorry. They agreed that they could not be together because of the fighting between their families. Eva asked Inno not to think that she did not love him and Inno said he understood.

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They agreed to sort out things between their families and come back to each other once everything was settled. Inno asked Eva to live her life to the fullest, become successful, and then tell him about it once they met again.

Now and forever

Now and forever

Rebecca could not find Eva and was worried that Stella was after her. She therefore called Stella and told her to keep the children out of their fight. She threatened to go after Oliver if Stella went after Eva. Rebecca suggested that the two of them meet to talk things over and Stella agreed.

Inno and Eva planned to meet up with Roxanne so that she could accompany Eva home. They would go to see Rosa who would go with them to see Rebecca.

They agreed on a meeting point where Inno was to drive Eva. Inno and Eva gave each other a sad goodbye, promising to always remain solid.

Oliver followed Roxanne and waited for Inno to leave. He shot at the driver and got Eva. He warned Roxanne to stay behind and took Eva to his car. He hit her on the head to keep her from resisting and went with her.

Roxanne called Inno to tell him what happened to Eva. Inno went back to get Roxanne and they went to the police station to report the kidnapping. They also called Rosa to tell her what happened.

Stella and Rebecca met but things did not go well because they were both planning to double-cross each other. Stella had snipers ready to shoot Rebecca but Neil saw them. He shot at them and protected Rebecca. Rebecca however stayed back and shot multiple times at Stella. She then got into her van and left with her mean.

Brian shot after Rebecca’s car but did not manage to harm her. He called Oliver to tell her that Stella was now dead after being shot by Rebecca. Rebbeca however survived without any injuries because she was wearing a bulletproof vest.

Rebecca went to Rosa’s house to see if they had word on Eva but unfortunately found out that Oliver kidnapped her. She called Rebecca to ask her where Oliver had taken Eva and she said that she did not know.

Rebecca said she would kill Oli if he hurt Eva and Stella found it hypocritical since she had asked the children not to be hurt. Rebecca said it was before Oliver kidnapped Eva. They both decided to find Oli and Eva and Stella told Rebecca that they would see who’s child would die first.

Inno went to see Stella and ask if she knew where Oliver was but Stella asked him to stop nagging at her because she too did not know.

She asked Inno why he was asking her and Inno said it was her fault for how she raised Oliver. Stella tried to slap him but Inno caught her hand. Stella said that she had provided and cared for him the same as Oliver and Inno said it should be that way because he was her son too. Stella decided to tell him the truth that he was not her son and she was reminded of Hernan’s infidelity every time she saw him.

She told Inno that he should have died instead of Hernan and went on to confess that her orders were to kill Rebecca, not Hernan. Carmen was there too and she realized that Rebecca had not being lying after all. She and Inno found out that it was Stella who got Hernan killed.

Carmen talked to Inno about his real mother, Elena who died a few years after he was born.

She had forced Stella to take him in to avoid more scandals in the family but she apologized to Inno for taking him away from his mother. This content belongs to Kenya meets the Philippines and should not be posted on any other pages.
Oliver was keen on taking revenge against Rebecca for killing Stella.

His car broke down somewhere so he got off and took Eva to a house. He killed the owner and held her hostage there. Eva told him it was not true that Rebecca killed Stella but Oliver would not listen. He said he would kill her too to make Rebecca know how it feels like to lose a loved one, and kill himself as well.
Inno went to Rosa’s house to find out the progress on Eva’s search. Rebecca attacked him because he was the reason why her relationship with Eva fell out.

Inno told Rebecca that it was not true because in the end, Eva had chosen to come back to her. They had hoped that their love for each other would end the war between their families but they were both wrong. He added that he and Eva only wanted for their families to forgive each other.

The police who had been searching for Eva returned with the news that Oliver’s car had been found somewhere. Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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