Now and forever on joy prime, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update

Now and forever on joy prime, Tuesday 12th October 2021 update


Rebecca and the Cortes exhuming Rodrigo’s body for the DNA test. Rebecca was worried and asked if the samples would give proper results because the body was decomposed. The doctor told her that the samples were okay since they were not contaminated.
Stella tried to rile up Rebecca by asking if she was worried that Roxanne would turn out not to be Rodrigo’s daughter, which meant that she slept around with other men.

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She called her a harlot and asked if Rebecca if she was hurt after hearing that.

Rebecca said she would not stood down to Stella’s level and instead smashed her face in the mud. Hernan rushed over to stop her and Rebecca told him to take her away.

The following day, Inno went back to work at Cortes and everyone happily welcomed him back. Roxanne gave him a hug but Inno pulled away and told everyone to go in for a meeting. They organized his schedule and after everything was done, Inno scheduled a trip to San Nicholas with Eva on his calendar.

Hernan also started working as a manager at the mall and assured Carmen that he would take care of them. When he left, Carmen told Stella that his salary would not be enough for them so she told Stella to look for a job too. Stella agreed that it was a good idea but told Carmen that she would have to do all the chores in the house because they did not have a house help.

Carmen stormed out and Stella took the chance to call Roxanne. She reminded Roxanne that she was her spy at Cortes and wanted to know everything that was going on. She asked Roxanne where Rebecca was but she didn’t know. Rebecca told her to find out immediately because that’s why she was there.

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Roxanne texted Rebecca to ask where she was. Rebecca called instead and told Roxanne that she was in Tagaytay for a meeting with a client. She was actually at San Nicholas looking for Sonia.

Eva also started her work at Saavedra and was impressed with the huge office space that they gave her. Oliver came in later to brief her about her work. Inno texted Eva to ask if she had lunch and Eva said that she ate with Oliver. Inno was upset and asked if the two of them ate alone.

Oliver asked Eva to focus on work instead because she had been texting while he was talking to her. Eva did not text Eva back and he got upset. He tried to call but she did not answer so he texted again to say that he would pick her up from work.

Roxanne went to see Inno at his office and gave him a massage. Inno said he was not interested and got up to leave. Roxanne stayed back in the office to snoop around and saw Inno’s calendar.
Eva went to meet her staff and was delighted to see all her friends from Gintong Pagasa.

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Mariel told her that she had hired all of them like she had promised and also showed them their new workshop. After work, Eva went to get her things and saw the message from Inno about picking her up. Oliver offered to drive her home but Eva said she would wait for Inno. Oli decided to wait with her and took her out for some street food.

Inno took a while because it was hard to get a ride but was upset when he saw Eva laughing with Oliver.

Oli offered to give them a ride but Inno said they were fine. When they left, Inno complained to Eva about not answering his calls and Eva said she couldn’t answer back every single time because she was busy learning about her work. She said it would be better if she went home alone and Inno said it was fine. They both did not leave and ended up apologizing the each other instead.

Rebecca found Sonia but she refused to say anything about what she knew.

Rebecca said that they should help each other because she knew that Sonia was trying to go to Manila to look for her husband. She offered to help and they were able to find out that Omar was gunned down in Manila and his body had yet to be claimed.

Roxanne met up with Oliver at the club and told him about Inno and Eva’s San Nicholas getaway. She suggested that they disrupt their trip but Oliver said he could win Eva without resulting to such tactics.

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During the weekend, Eva and Inno went to San Nicholas to see if Eva could regain her memories. Eva texted Abel to tell her that she was in San Nicholas and would return home the next day. Abel, Rosa and Adessa got worried so they called and Abel said he was going to San Nicholas to get her.

Roxanne and Oliver both went to San Nicholas and were surprised to see each other there. They however decided to work together and went to where Eva and Inno were staying. Since there were only two rooms, they decided to share them, Inno with Oli while Eva had to share with Roxanne.

Roxanne told Eva to sleep on the floor because she was already used to it. Eva told her to sleep on the floor instead because she was the one who came uninvited.

Roxanne agreed that they share the bed but said that they would not share Inno. Eva told her not to be delusional and they would see what would happen eventually.

Inno asked Oliver what he was doing there and Oli said he planned on winning Eva. He said that he needed Eva while Inno did not but Inno told him that he loved Eva. Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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