Naagin 3 on eExtra, Monday 22nd November 2021 update

A biker enter and remove helmet, its bela. Shocking everyone, some faces are happy and some faces are sad.. Bela walk towards Mahir and remember his words when he said do something that I can never ever forget.. She walk towards plays (sorry didn’t get words)

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Bela hold Mahir hand and say you said do something which you can never ever forget its your promise, she says I love!, gcgvayou very much, very much… (sumitra face turned like snake biten her, where as smile on vish and vikrant face). Bela say I kept my promise now its your turn, hold my hand. Sumitra intrupts and say, leave Mahir, I am his Mom, I know his liking and disliking, stop doing drama and just leave. She ask Mahir to sit and complete marriage rituals.

Naagin 3

Naagin 3

Bela stop and say Mahir has lost his memory, so he doesn’t remember anything, but you remember right. Sumitra say, Mahir is here because of his love for Vish, Bela shouts no he is here due to his Mom, sumitra. He is here because he trust his Mom.. Mahir Is speechless and walk towards bike and ask bela lets go… Vish and vikrant smile and sumitra and Yuvi is in shock… Yuvi stop them and say to Bela how can you forget that I am your love, she says like you forgot whom am I!! She sit and mahir ride bike… Sumitra shout mahir and stop them.

Mahir ask her is she fine, Sumitra will you leave Vish and me? Mahir say bela is right I am not happy, something is really wrong.. Sumitra if you feel so, please hug me and they both share hug. Sumitra say if you want to go and not want to marry vish, I shall not force you, but please stay till New Year….

Sumitra take Bela aside and say how will you save your mother she is new year ball, Bela and Vikrant see there.. Sumitra walk away saying 1 min is left and say tick tock… Everyone do count down, bela is tension and ball burst and wish new year to each other… Bela try to go, but sumitra stop her again and bela say my mother changed your plan, sumitra say how will you save now? Yuvi is holding Bela’s mom with knife on neck and Vikrant is shown fainted…

Vish, Bela are in tension, when vikrant open his eye. Vish see him and try to signal bela but in vain.. Sumitra say do as I say, otherwise.. Vish shutdown main power and ask bela lets go, her mom is safe with vikrant, but Bela say I can’t leave Mahir alone, sumitra is danger for him.. Vikrant turn into snake and bite Yuvi and take Bela’s mom, and get intrupt by sumitra, who ask him to look for light and mahir.

Vish ask bela to leave. But bela say she can’t lose her love Mahir.. Vish request her again, but bela say she can’t let harm mahir, he was ready to leave, vish say but stoped when sumitra asked. Bela say but I can’t and both see Mahir.. Vish say in that case I am sorry and she hit Mahir using stick and he fall on vikrant.. Sumitra smile

Vish, Bela and Vikrant try to take Mahir but sumitra intrupt, Bela stop her.. Vikrant hide Mahir face and take him away, where as Vish goes to find Bela’s Mom.. Sumitra and Bela turn Naagin and fight.. Where as Yuvi stop vikrant and try to stop, but Vikrant over power him, saying he did everything wrong but will do it right now.. Main switch gets fine and sumitra shouts, Kuhu and Andy run towards her..

Vikrant and Vish take Mahir and Naagrani ma towards car and Vikrant feel sorry for his wrong doings to everyone.. Sumitra shouts to save her… Naagrani Maa say Ruhi/Bela is alone with that Sumitra… But sumitra is shown alone and terrified.. She ask leave me Bela.. Andy make her calm and she say Bela was trying to Kill me…

Vish, Virkant and Naagrani maa are in shiv temple, Bela reach and hug her.. She ask about her well being.. She thank Vish and Vikrant saying both have done biggest favour.. Vish and Vikrant say, no it was our duty, which we should have done long time back.

Naagrani maa ask if family knows bela truth, she deny and add yuvi and sumitra are still together. Naagrani say even some more are helping them.. Don’t know which big attack they are planning.. Vish ask vikrant and scold him. Bela stop her but Vikrant say let her.. He say sorry to everyone.. Naagrani maa forgive him and say I knew you were never bad, but only upbringing was wrong, i knew if right path is shown to you, you will follow that .. Vish hold vikrant hand.. Vikrant say I shall help you now, not my mother, but she never tell any plan to anybody.. He laugh and say whom I always cheated are forgiving and believeing me and for whom I did everything worng, always doubt and untrust me…

Bela ask about Mahir, vish he is in car.. Bela run and open his mouth and hand.. Mahir start blaming Bela and bela say right, I am wrong in protecting you.. Just think for a while why you were ready to leave your marriage or if you want to leave me just say, I am already too much tense.. Mahir wipe her tears.. He say I don’t remember anything, everyone say bad about you but.. even Mom but… And Kuhu also but… Bela say but you never believe them as “But” was always there.. Mahir say i forgot everything, so please say even there is 3rd person included, I fold my hands..

Please tell me truth atleast this much I owe you..Bela say I tell you, you owe me for lot of things.. I learnt how to love selflessly, how to live life to fullest from you.

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