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Vish blames Bela and says this all is happening because of you, and says you have ruined my life and marriage, and says I have search love outside my marriage as my husband was busy with you. Mahir asks what nonsense?

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Vish says Bela has done everything and says this girl came in this world to snatch my happiness and asks her to tell Mahir. She says when you loved my husband shamelessly and confessed to love Yuvi infront of everyone. She says Bela wanted to unite with Yuvi breaking her marriage with Mahir. Sumitra says this is right.

Naagin 3

Naagin 3

Vish says she wanted to marry Yuvi. Vish says Yuvi came to me and told that he loves me, and says now I am sure that Bela made Yuvi do this. She says Bela might have thought to continue her affair with both Mahir and Yuvi. Yuvi says enough

and says I will not her anything against bela. Vish scolds him and tells that she is pregnant with Mahir’s baby. Mahir is shocked and asks what nonsense are you talking about? He says I can’t do this. Vish says I will not be stubbornness and don’t want to stress you like Bela and that’s why…She cries.

Bela thinks why Vish is lying and for whom. Vish says Bela didn’t let her husband be honest with her, and tells Mahir that they got together as they have the same pain and going through the same phase. Mahir says I don’t believe this. Vish says Bela can’t let me have the happiness of motherhood and wife. She says she don’t want to live now. Bela asks her to stop it and says we all know that nothing happened between Yuvi and me, and between Mahir and Vish. Yuvi asks her to relax and tells that they shall tell everything to everyone. Vish asks where was you last night. Yuvi says we were together last night in the tent and was celebrating our anniversary.

He shows their pics to Bela and says this is us. Bela says this is all nonsense. Sumitra recalls asking Vikrant to fix Vish in Mahir’s life and wants to see Bela alone and helpless and feeling ashamed, just like she was once in her life. She asks him to do as she said. Vish shows pics to Mahir and says our love is true and this baby is our love child, she says I love you and you said that you also love me. She asks him to believe her and tells that she is his true love.

In the washroom, Vish removes her bandaged and throws it. She becomes snake and then human. She sees Bela behind her. bela asks what was it outside, and asks what was the tamasha about Mahir;s baby. Vish tries to ignore her.

Bela says this is not the first time that you are lying and says everytime there is a reason and that’s your love. She asks why did she do this? Vish recalls asking Vikrant not to betray Bela again and says she can’t bear this time. Vikrant says I am helpless to do and asks her to do as she said. Vish says but. Vikrant says I am dead for you if you don’t do this, and don’t let Ruhi know about this, as someone will be eying on you. fb ends. Bela asks Vish to tell truth. Vish sees someone spying on them. Bela asks her to tell why she lied. Vish says it is not related to you.

She says she is pregnant with Mahir’s child and loves him. Bela says I read your eyes, and says you have love for Vikrant and not for Mahir. Vish says you have a bad sight on me. Bela says I will not believe if you tell that you love Mahir. Vish says I am already his love and says his eyes were on me and you fell down in his sight. He has forgotten everything and his heart is like a blank paper, let him write my name or your name. Bela reminds her that she is married to Vikrant. Vish says this is Kalyug, I love Mahir now and asks her to get her married to Mahir. She says she will make Mahir hers and leaves.

Servant comes to Mahir’s room and asks him to have food. Mahir refuses to eat. Sumitra takes it and asks him to sit. She says I don’t want you to hear all these things, but you came to know and your heart broke. Mahir says I can’t believe that I cheated someone and says I had an affair? He says how can I stoop low? Sumitra says Bela betrayed my both children.

She says Bela stays in Yuvi’s room all night and then comes to you and cry. She says we are very straight people and can’t bear this. She says it is good that you lost the memory, and says atleast Vish is not like Bela. Mahir says you had said that vish attacked you in haveli. Sumitra says I didn’t say that. Mahir says why Bela will have an affair with Yuvi and recalls the hospital moment.

He recalls all the moment and a fb is shown. A song plays….Mahir tells that he can’t have a hatred for Bela although he knows everything. Sumitra says you are my Mahir and can’t think of bad of anyone, and says she was your wife. She says bela is among the girls who wants to just enjoy with guys and asks him not to let Bela use him. She emotionally blackmails him and asks him to leave Bela and break the marriage.

Inspector tells Andy and Kuhu that their enquiry is still on and asks Kuhu to tell if RJ had any enmity with anyone. Kuhu says he had no enemies, his started his career just now and he had many fans. She cries and hugs Andy. She asks what happened in my life, I never did anything bad to anyone then why did this happen.

Bela sees that and feels bad. Sumitra comes and says very bad thing happen with Kuhu. Bela says you feel peace to see them crying. Sumitra says she will find the naagmani also and tells that she has her video in which she saw Vikrant’s face. She says if I show your video to everyone then they will believe me. She says you are very bad and tells her that she is very good in tricks. Bela says evil can win. Sumitra says Mahir will hate you. Bela says never and says his love is my strength and you can’t change his love into hatred. Sumitra says your love will take your life. Bela says I will make you lose. Sumitra goes.

In the haveli, Vikrant thinks he is helpless to do this and feels bad. He recalls Vish asking why he is betraying Bela again. Vikrant says I know I am hurting Bela again, but I am helpless as I can’t refuse my mum, and thinks what to do.

Doctor comes to check Mahir. Bela comes to Mahir’s room and says why didn’t you tell me that Doctor came. Doctor comes out and tells that his BP and heart beat increased as he is stressing himself. Sumitra says he is stressed since morning. Doctor asks them to keep him calm. Vish and Bela argue. Kuhu asks Bela from where her pics came in Yuvi’s phone and says I was always right about her. Andy asks her to calm down. Sumitra says she is ruining our two sons. Andy says we shall not talk here. They go to room. Sumitra blames Bela and asks Andy to ask Bela to go.

Andy tells that I was against Bela and Mahir’s marriage, but you always supported her and asks what did she do now that you are against her now. Bela says you thought me as your daughter and asks what happened now? Sumitra says I did a mistake by trusting her and says I am good with the good persons and not with those who are bad. She asks her to leave Mahir and search someone else. Vish says she found Mahir’s brother. Yuvi scolds her and tells Sumitra that he was about to marry Bela, but got married to Vish. Vish argues with him.

Kuhu interrupts. Bela asks her to stay away and tells that she asked for their help, but she don’t want it now and says she will treat her Mahir now. Yuvi asks her not to say that. Bela asks him to pick his dirt and leave. She says I have bear enough and will bring truth to you that you can’t ignore. Mahir comes there and asks for his medicine. Bela says she is bringing. Mahir says he wants Vish to bring his medicine.

Vish goes. Sumitra says Mahir has chosen his partner and asks Bela to pick her bags and leave. Bela is going to Mahir’s room, but Sumitra stops her. Bela warns her not to stop her. Kuhu comes and asks if your tamasha isn’t over yet. Sumitra acts and asks Bela to go.

She says your truth is out now. Kuhu says the same. Bela says I am your bahu and Mahir’s wife. Andy says it is proved that you want just your betterment and says you have to leave from here. Sumitra asks Andy to get Vish marry Mahir and says then Bela will leave from here. Kuhu asks Bela to leave. Bela goes. Sumitra smiles.

Vish tells Mahir that whenever he used to get unwell, he used to ask her to give medicine. Mahir asks do I used to ask you? Vish says always. Mahir says then you shall remember that I don’t have medicine with normal water, but with lemon water.

Vish says I brought the lemons. Mahir says this tray was brought by Bela. Vish goes to get water for him. Bela cries and thinks how to make Mahir believe on her love. She sees some reflection and thinks who is he? She opens the door and checks. Later someone throws a letter inside her room asking her to find out why Sumitra cares for Mahir much and that if she comes to know the reason then she will defeat her. Bela thinks who has written this and thinks even she felt the same. Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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