My Husband, Warm The Bed – S01 E1657

Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1657

At the end of the war, he said, “Zhuang Momo, I’ll take you to see a group of people before you go to play.”

“See who?” Zhuang Momo seems to guess who Zhan limo is going to take her to see, but he is reluctant to believe it.

“See your parents, of course!” At the end of the war, he shoved Zhuang Momo into a taxi and said to the driver, “master, north gate of Xishan villa district.”

“But But… ” Zhuang Momo guessed it, but he was still a little confused when he heard Zhan limo’s words. “No, I’m not ready for Zhan limo’s words. I really can’t do it now.”

Hearing Zhuang Mo Mo’s words, the driver glanced at the two of them sideways, and the eyes looked at Zhan Li as if he was looking at a villain.

“Don’t talk.” At the end of Zhan Li’s arms around Zhuang Momo, “people who don’t know think I’m abducting and selling good women.”

“We haven’t been together for half a month. We haven’t seen a movie or gone out together. We haven’t done many things we should do between lovers. I’m not ready to meet your parents yet,” said Zhuang

Zhuang Momo just wants to follow his heart and try his best to have a love with Zhan limo. He doesn’t really want to see his parents, let alone think that he and she can go on forever.

Now war from the end of the sudden said to take her to see parents, she immediately panic, some at a loss.

It’s not that I don’t want to, but that there are too many scruples in my heart.

If Zhan limo’s parents don’t like her and prevent him from associating with her, then she may have no way to have a good love with him, even holding his hand and watching a movie. At the thought of these, Zhuang Momo’s heart will give birth to many reluctant. “It doesn’t matter, Zhuang Momo. I’ll make up all of these after I see my parents. In the afternoon, we go to play. In the evening, we go to the cinema. It only takes one day to make up for what you want. ” At the end of Zhan Li’s childhood, this man grew up in the pile of women at home. He can easily see the women’s thoughts.

For example, once Qin Xiaobao frowned, he knew why Qin Xiaobao was angry, but he didn’t know why he could see other women accurately. Once he arrived at Zhuang Momo, it would not work.

His mind has always been clear, and he didn’t think that he didn’t know Baizhuang’s mind. It was mainly the phenomenon that the spectators could see clearly.

He thought that what Zhuang Momo cared about was that the two people had not been able to communicate with each other as slowly as the normal couple, and he didn’t know Zhuang Momo’s inner worries and fears at all.

Maybe in his opinion, Zhuang Momo is still the powerful man who can’t beat her.

Maybe he is too eager to take Zhuang Mo to see his parents, so he forgot that love is not based on the established procedures step by step, what can you hope to make up for Zhuangmomo was very unhappy with the words of war away from the end: “war away from the end, I think we have some different views. Let’s calm down and think about it. Don’t be so impulsive.”

“Impulse? Why do you use the word impulse? ” At the end of Zhan Li’s life, he didn’t realize that he had said something wrong. “I have met your parents. Now you go to see my parents, how can you be impulsive?”

He just wanted to introduce Zhuang Momo to his family, so he ignored his inner worries and scruples.

“I just don’t want to see your parents.” But don’t worry too much about Zhuang. His family background and her are really two worlds. Even if he doesn’t care, what about his parents? What about his relatives and friends?

Before, zhuangmomo had not thought about it so much, until he proposed to take her to see her parents, these gaps flowed into her mind like a tide, and could not be stopped.

Zhan limo said: “I’ll make up what you said, Zhuang Momo. You don’t want to see my parents. What are you thinking? Don’t you ever want to have a good relationship with me? “

Because he was worried, Zhuang Momo was nervous. Now he was angry and anxious when he heard Zhan limo’s words. His body trembled a little and his palms sweated. Zhan limo noticed: “what’s wrong with you, Zhuang Momo? Isn’t it uncomfortable? “

Zhuang Momo shook off his hand: “I heard that you are going to take me to see your parents, but I’m really not ready. I’m afraid. When I’m nervous, it’s like this. It’s not that you said I didn’t want to have a good relationship with you, otherwise I can’t come to minluo city to find you. ” “If you’re not ready, we won’t see the parents. When you’re ready, we’ll go together.” Maybe he was too worried, misunderstood her, and felt guilty and hurt at the end of Zhan Li. “You must be tired after flying for several hours. Go to the hotel and have a rest. I will accompany you around later.”

“At the end of the war, I really don’t want to see your parents. Please give me some more time.” Zhuangmomo looked at the end of the war and saw his brow was frowning. “Are you unhappy if I don’t see your parents?” “You are stupid!” He rubbed her head. “It must be voluntary to meet the parents. You are not ready, I will wait for you to be ready. The reason I’m in a hurry is to tell you that I’m absolutely serious about this relationship. You have to believe in me and believe in yourself as well. “

Before, in Zhuang Mo’s mind, Zhan limo was a second ancestor who could not do anything. Only by virtue of her father’s identity could she join their flying eagle team. Later, when she got along with each other, she gradually found that Zhan limo actually had many advantages.

He has his ability, he has his charm, he has a lot of advantages, so much that she unconsciously moved his heart, because the heart will be afraid that she can’t compare with him, afraid that this relationship has been lost before it has started well.

Zhuang Momo is very glad that he also has her in his heart: “at the end of the war, I will, and you have to believe me.”

Zhan Li said with a smile: “in the flying eagle team, you are no worse than any male team member, or even very good. Of course, I believe you.”

when talking about love, Zhuang Momo didn’t want to mention his heroic deeds again, and immediately turned away the topic: “at the end of the war, you know why I came to minluo city to find you?”

“Because I miss you.” Since the end of the war, I’ve always been so confident. It’s also called cheekiness to say white dots. “Zhuang Momo, if you dare to say that you didn’t come because you wanted me, I’ll make you feel overwhelmed.” “Because I miss you, more than you think.” Zhuang Momo looked at the end of the war, his lips slightly raised. “I haven’t seen you for two days, but I miss you more than I thought, so I secretly bought a ticket with my family on my back and flew to minluo city to find you.”

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