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Kalyani stands shocked after knowing that Anu is Atul’s first wife and Madhuri was his illegitimate second wife. Aparna says Madhuri was her husband’s sister and her nanad, she got close to Atul. She reminisces warning Anu about Madhuri eyeing on Atul, but Anu does not listen to her. Out of flashback, she yells Anu could not keep Atul happy or give him a baby in 7 years. Aao Saheb says it is not her bahu’s mistake, it Madhuri’s mistake who got pregnant with illegitimate child without marriage.

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Kalyani stands shatters more hearing that she is an illegitimate child. Aparna continues yelling at Anu that her in-laws and husband disowned her and Sampada because of her.

My heart knows

My heart knows

Aao saheb reminisces Madhuri’s father insisting Aao Saheb to get Atul married to Madhuri.

Atul says he did a mistake by loving Madhuri even after being married to Anu, but what is his child’s mistake, he will take care of Anu also. Aao Saheb says she will not accept Madhuri and her illegitimate child, and Anu is her only bahu. Madhuri says Atul promised to take care of Anu and provide monetary help.

Aao saheb brings cheque and asks Madhuri to write how much every price she has quoted for her and her illegitimate child. Atul gets adamant. Madhuri’s father warns he will disown Aparna and her daughter if Aao Saheb does not accept Madhuri. Aparna pleads Anu to divorce Atul for her sake. Aao Saheb warns her to shut up and burns Atul’s photo pronouncing that her first son is dead today, she has only her bahu Anu now whom she will keep as daughter.

Kalyani emotionally says she thought she did not have any family, but she has her whole family here, her grandmother, grandfather, uncle, aunt, etc. Rao Saheb emotionally says she is his granddaughter. Aao Saheb says she will not accept Madhuri’s illegitimate child in her house. Kalyani runs away hearing this to guest room and cries that because of her sins of troubling Anu unknowingly, she is seeing this day. Malhar walks in and consoles her and says she should stay here and try to seek Maayi’s forgiveness. Kalyani says she does not know if Anu will forgive her or not.

Rao’s saheb gets panic attack and falls down. Family takes him to his room. Rao Saheb says Aao Saheb that Kalyani stands shares their blood. Aao Saheb says she will not let illegitimate child in this house. Vijay says Aao Saheb is right. Pallavi breaks her silence and says Kalyani will ask her property share. Rao Saheb says this house is his and Aao Saheb’s and they will decide whom to give their properties.

Kalyani sees Anu eating spicy food and says it is not good for her health and apologizes for misunderstanding her. Anu says if Atul would have been with her, she would have got a child of Kalyani’s age. She tells Kalyani that she cannot take care of her from hereon as she has her whole family now. In another room.

Aao Saheh calls girl’s hostel and speaks about sending Kalyani there. Rao Saheb calls orphan ladies’ hostel and speaks about sending helpless woman Anupriya there. Aao Saheb says Kalyani is orphan and disconnects call. She snatches Rao Saheb’s phone and asks if she took care of Anu till now to send her to orphanage, she will not let this happen. Rao Saheb asks why is she calling Atul’s daughter orphan then, why will Kalyani stay in hostel when they

are alive. Aao Saheb says she is trying hard to get Atul out of jail so that he can come and take care of Anu, till then Kalyani should stay in hostel.

Kalyani tells Aao Saheb that she is going to Malhar’s house and will stay there till she goes to hostel. Rao Saheb warns her to stay away from Anu and not trouble her more. Atharva sees her going alone and offers her lift. She hesitantly agrees. He stops at chat shop and buys bhelpuri, offers her, she does not accept. He

Aparna brainwashes Rao Saheb. Rao Saheb says he will get Atul freed tomorrow and will take Anu to court tomorrow, enough of taking care of Anu till now, he will her out of house tomorrow finally. Anu walks in with milk for Rao Saheb. Rao Saheb and Aparna gets tensed. Anu says she brought milk for Rao Saheb. The relax realizing she did not listen anything. He says tomorrow they will go to court and he will cancel Kalyani’s guardianship papers and take her responsibility himself. Anu agrees.

Next morning, Aao Saheb goes out of house. Rao Saheb takes Anu and Kalyani with him to court. Sampada informs Malhar about this. He calls Aao Saheb and asks why Rao Saheb took Anu and Kalyani there. Aao Saheb calls Rao Saheb, but he does nnot pick call. She calls him repeatedly. He picks call and lies that he went to meet his friend and will return home soon. She gets tensed for Anu and informs Malhar to reach court, she will also reach there. She realizes that Rao Saheb must have planned to allege Anu in Madhuri’s murder and get Atul’s bail.

Rao saheb with his lawyer informs judge that Madhuri stooped to suicide due to mental harassment by Anu, she used to call Atul repeatedly and unable to bear Atul’s infedility, Madhuri suicide. He insists Kalyani to tell court that Madhuri took Anu’s name before dying. Aao Saheb and Malhar also reach court. Kalyani says Anupriya.

Anu sits shocked. Rao Saheb says Anu is innnocent, her mother fell form balcony accidentally. Judge dismisses case. Aao Saheb confronts Rao Saheb and asks what was he doing. Rao Saheb says Anu is innocent and consoles her. Aao saheb says it is their family matter and warns Kalyani not to interfere. She tells Rao saheb that she thought how Atul got bad qualities and betrayed Anu, now she got an answer that he got Rao Saheb’s qualities.

Anu confronts Rao Saheb and says she always obeyed everyone, Atul left her and she obeyed him, he forced Kalyani’s responsibility on her and she obeyed, if he had told to take Madhuri’s murder on her to free Atul, she would have obeyed even him, she does not have any life of her own at all.. Aao Saheb consoles her. Keep visiting for fastest updates.

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