My daughter Durga on adom tv, Tuesday 23rd November 2021 update

Sheela hears Yashpal and Annapurna. She goes to Dadi and says Yashpal is going to tell Dulaari about Amrita’s health. Dadi goes to Yashpal and asks why did you think to tell Dulaari, I told you nothing such will happen. He says I m feeling burdened at heart, I think I should tell her. Dadi says as you wish, such things should be said personally, come, have patience, everything will be fine. She calls Dulaari and tells everything. Dulaari is on the way and says don’t worry, I will see Yashpal.

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Yashpal and family welcome Rishi and Dulaari. Manohar’s dad stares at Rishi. Annapurna does Rishi’s aarti. Durga tells her friends that Sheela’s friend told her about us going to spy on Rishi, Sheela scolded me, she said she will tell everything to Yashpal, so I had to
lie to Sheela, she did not get any doubt as of now.

Everyone clap and welcome Rishi. Sheela and Dulaari talk. Dulaari says I have arranged something for Durga, give this powder to her in juice, then she will not be able to come in our path. Durga sees Sheela and Dulaari talking. Shilpa keeps an eye on Durga. Sheela says don’t worry, Shilpa will see Durga, how to stop Yashpal from saying truth. Dulaari says I did the arrangements, come and see.

Shilpa gets her pictures taken. A guy flirts with her and says I want to have a selfie with you. She says I got my real hero, you leave. She thinks of the guy and smiles.

Shilpa asks Durga to go to her room. Durga and her friends go. Durga prays and asks Lord to save her sister. She sees Bantu with bhaang powder, and says Bantu and Shilpa can’t digest food without doing anything. Bansi says this will help us, its Hanuman’s sign, he is helping you, person tells truth in bhaang effect. Durga and her friends try to go. Shilpa catches them and asks Durga to go to room.

Dulaari asks Pooja why is she taking risk, can’t she be away from Rishi. She sends her. She turns and sees Yashpal. He tries to tell about Amrita. She avoids him by excuse.

Dulaari says I will just come and goes. Durga argues with Shilpa. Bansi and Manohar follow Bantu. Bantu and his friends add bhaang in juice. They run away and leave the powder packet there. Bansi gets it and signs Durga. Shilpa scolds Durga.

Durga asks Shilpa to say anything, but I don’t want to spoil mood, go and have juice. Durga takes juice and asks Shilpa to cool her mind. Shilpa refuses and asks her to drink. Shilpa goes. Durga and her friends get glad. Amrita comes for engagement. Pandit comes home. Yashpal stops pandit from doing rituals. He says I want to tell something to Dulaari, its very important. Sheela signs Dulaari.

Durga and her friends add bhaang in juice. She takes the glass and gets shocked seeing Manohar’s dad at the door. Yashpal says I have to tell something about Amrita. Dulaari says I have to tell about Rishi, he wants a table to do his duty, I paid money in installments, now they are asking more money, we will lose the money paid and Rishi’s dreams too, Amrita will be happy if Rishi gets promoted, I will return your money once he gets job. Yashpal asks how much do you want. She says just 70000rs. He gets shocked.

Durga says uncle is asking what are we doing here. Bansi says we are taking juice for Rishi. Durga thinks did he know what we did. Uncle takes the glasses. Dulaari says Rishi will worry when money is not arranged, when he refuses to marry, what will we do, you don’t break Rishi’s dream, I promise I will not let Amrita get a tear in eye. Durga says we did not add ice as Amrita has sore throat. Durga takes the juice glasses from him. Bansi says I was worried. Durga goes and sees everyone quiet. She thinks did Rishi break the relation.

Dulaari saying everything is fine, we can start the rasam. Pandit asks Amrita and Rishi to exchange rings. Pooja looks at Rishi. Yashpal and Annapurna give the ring. Sheela smiles. Amrita and Rishi exchange rings. The ring does not fit Amrita. They all worry. Dulaari and Sheela smile. Rishi could not make Amrita wear it well. The ring falls down. Everyone look for the ring. Durga sees the ring near her feet. She thinks its Lord’s sign, Lord made the ring get away from Amrita, I m sure Rishi will tell the truth in bhaang effect. Shri gets the ring and gives them.

Dulaari says Amrita, I will keep this and get one of your size, its costly ring. Everyone clap and shower flowers. Amrita and Rishi smile. Pandit asks them to bless and give shagun.

Yashpal thinks of Dulaari’s
words and worries. He goes and gets the shagun with Annapurna. He does Rishi’s tilak and gives shagun to Dulaari. Dulaari gives the gifts to Nirmala. Yashpal gives an envelop to Dulaari and asks her to forgive him if he did any mistake. He blesses Rishi. Durga looks on.

Dulaari attends guests. Durga gives her juice. Dulaari refuses. Durga asks why, are you still annoyed. Dulaari says no. Sheela says you drink the juice by my hands first. She signs Dulaari. Durga’s friends look on and make plan to stop them. Durga asks them to have juice first. Shilpa sees Durga. Durga’s friend make Sheela drop the glass. Sheela gets angry on them. Rishi comes and says what happened, why are you shouting.

Dulaari refuses. Bansi’s dad comes there. Rishi sees him. The man takes a glass and gives to Rishi. Rishi refuses. The man signs him to take it. Dulaari and Rishi take juice glasses from him and drink. Durga smiles. Dulaari says juice is tasty. Sheela also drinks. Durga’s friend sign her to see there. Durga worries seeing Sheela drinking the juice.

Bantu and his friend look for the bhaang powder. Sheela and Dulaari laugh and talk about fooling Yashpal. Durga and her friends look on. Dulaari says my would be bahu is clever. Durga does not understand. She thinks why is Sheela with Dulaari. Shilpa sees them and says I think Durga did something. Shilpa asks Bantu to go to Rishi, I will go to Sheela.

Rishi gets drunk and checks the glass. Durga’s friends look at him. Bantu sits to have bhaang. Rishi takes his glass and drinks. Amrita sees Rishi and smiles. Durga introduces her friends to Rishi. She asks about his friends. Rishi says I did not call them because of you. She asks what did I do. He says you are acting innocent and doing everything.

Sheela and Dulaari laugh. Bansi and Manohar keep an eye on them. Shilpa goes to Sheela and takes her along. Bansi sees his dad and asks where did they go. Rishi sits with kids and talk. Durga asks Rishi to have sweets fast. She asks Rishi about the tiffin girl. Rishi says cutiepie. Pooja hears him and gets shocked.

Shilpa asks Rishi what are you doing here, we got DJ on your demand, you have to dance. Rishi goes to dance and smiles.

Rishi dances on Cutiepie song. Bantu also dances. Rishi dances with Pooja. Yashpal asks Annapurna and Amrita not to think much, Pooja is his childhood friend, maybe they celebrate such way. A guy dances around Shilpa. She steps on his foot and hurts him. Dulaari and Sheela also dance. Subhadra’s husband tells Yashpal that Amrita will go inlaws, send Durga with us to Bhiwani.

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