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WandaVision Director Reveals Thoughts on Doctor Strange 2

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Director Matt Shakman was behind Marvel Studios’ WandaVision, which introduced the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a much darker version of the Scarlet Witch. Recently, the director spoke about how he felt watching that version of the character grow in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.


Speaking to ComicBook.com, Shakman said that he got to collaborate a bit with director Sam Raimi — who helmed the Doctor Strange sequel — and writer Michael Waldron. Specifically, he shared some of the WandaVision art department’s information on things like Wanda’s outfit and the Darkhold in order to create as much synergy as possible.

“I talked a lot to Michael Waldron and I talked to Sam Raimi and we also shared lots of the art department as we were creating the Darkhold and her costume and other things that would continue on, so there was a lot of synergy on it,” Shakman said. “I’m aware of, certainly, the conversation on the internet about Wanda and her character. I’m so proud of everything we did on WandaVision. That show is really special, working with Lizzie, and telling that story was so uniquer and fun.”

When it came to developing the overarching story for Wanda, Shakman likened being in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to being in a race and having to pass the baton over to other filmmakers who will then do their own thing with it. In the end, Shakman says, he was happy with how the film turned out.

“When you’re in this universe, you have to pass the baton,” said Shakman. “That’s part of the joy of being in the MCU, you run as hard and as fast as you can when it’s your section of the race and then you pass the baton and it’s on to others to tell that story. I think they made decisions they needed to make to make that story work and I thought it was a super entertaining movie.”

Both WandaVision and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness are available to watch on Disney+.