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The Playlist – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Vision“ Recap & Review

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The Playlist

The Vision

Episode 1 of The Playlist starts with us introduced to the creator of Spotify, Daniel Ek. He senses that music is in for a digital revolution and wants to be at the forefront of that change. We’re in Ragsved, 2004, and Daniel eagerly awaits to hear back from Google. He’s applied to their branch in California.

Daniel receives a reply and it’s a no. They decline him on the basis of him not having a university degree. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, especially as he tries to get his revenge by figuring out Google’s algorithm and helping Tradera (the company he’s currently working for) to become the top results on Google without paying for ads. Tradera aren’t too happy, and in the end Daniel decides to walk out.

That itch to become more and do more is still there, even after creating a small business and selling it for a tidy profit. And interestingly, little things around him bring him back to music.

After struggling to download songs off Pirate Bay, Daniel approaches businessman Martin Lorentzon with a revolutionary idea. Given Pirate Bay lives by its ads and has a terrible interface, Daniel suggests they put their knowledge of ads and business together to create something that’ll change the face of music forever.

The idea of a streaming service is foreign to those in the industry, who believe that he needs to apply for a radio licence and even worse, needs to go the individual record labels to try and get the rights to play their music.

With the team working on a prototype but money running out, Daniel and Martin realize they have a tough mountain to climb, especially with Sony Music Sweden cracking down on Pirate Bay for their illegal activities. Daniel Ek tries to speak to Per Sundin, the president of that branch.

After receiving a tip-off from his friend Bobbi, who happens to be a musician, Daniel pitches the idea to Per outside, telling him he knows how to save the music industry, and that comes from free music. It certainly strikes a nerve with Per Sundin though, who tells Daniel that if he pursues this he’ll come down on him like a ton of bricks. After telling him to get a job, Sundin gets in his car and drives off.

Daniel Ek is not taking no for an answer, and realizes that the future lies with the youth instead. He heads to the local school and begins handing out cards, telling them how to download Spotify. Per Sundin is there to collect his son from school, and he faces the camera, telling us that’s not how this happened.

The Episode Review

We’ve seen a good number of biographical dramas recently, with last year’s The Billion Dollar Code and this year’s WeCrashed (to name a few), there’s an interesting and eye-opening examination of these different industries and how they came about. The Playlist then, turns the attention across to Spotify and how it came about.

The first episode takes aim at the changing wave of music that’s swept the world, right off the back of Pirate Bay and Napster’s crazy success. The script is well written, there’s some lovely dialogue and the pacing is pretty much on the money too. If this is a sign of things to come, the rest of the show should be quite the entertaining watch

The Playlist – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Vision” Recap & Review

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The Playlist


播放列表的第1集首先介绍了Spotify的创建者Daniel Ek。 他感觉到音乐正在经历一场数字革命,并希望站在这一变革的最前沿。 2004年,我们在Ragsved,丹尼尔急切地等待谷歌的回复。 他申请了他们在加利福尼亚的分支机构。 丹尼尔收到回复,是否定的。 他们以他没有大学学位为由拒绝了他。 这是一颗苦涩的药丸,尤其是当他试图通过弄清楚谷歌的算法并帮助Tradera(他目前工作的公司)在不支付广告费用的情况下成为谷歌的顶级结果来报复时。 Tradera不太高兴,最后丹尼尔决定离开。 即使在创建一家小企业并将其出售以获得可观的利润之后,那种变得更多和做更多事情的渴望仍然存在。 有趣的是,他周围的小事让他回到了音乐中。

在努力从海盗湾下载歌曲后,丹尼尔向商人马丁·洛伦松提出了一个革命性的想法。 鉴于Pirate Bay以广告为生,并且界面很糟糕,Daniel建议他们将广告和商业知识结合在一起,创造出将永远改变音乐面貌的东西。 流媒体服务的想法对业内人士来说是陌生的,他们认为他需要申请无线电许可证,更糟糕的是,需要去各个唱片公司尝试获得播放音乐的权利。 随着团队开发原型但资金耗尽,丹尼尔和马丁意识到他们有一座艰难的山峰要攀登,尤其是索尼音乐瑞典公司打击海盗湾的非法活动。 丹尼尔·埃克(Daniel Ek)试图与该分行的总裁佩尔·桑丁(Per Sundin)交谈。 在收到他的朋友鲍比(碰巧是一名音乐家)的提示后,丹尼尔向外面的佩尔提出了这个想法,告诉他他知道如何拯救音乐产业,而这来自免费音乐。 不过,这确实触动了佩尔·桑丁的神经,他告诉丹尼尔,如果他追求这一点,他会像一吨砖头一样砸在他身上。 在告诉他找工作后,桑丁上了车,开车走了。 丹尼尔·埃克(Daniel Ek)并没有接受“不”的答案,他意识到未来在于年轻人。 他前往当地学校,开始分发卡片,告诉他们如何下载Spotify。 Per Sundin在那里接他的儿子放学,他面对镜头,告诉我们这不是这样发生的。


我们最近看了很多传记剧,去年的《十亿美元密码》和今年的《WeCrashed》(仅举几例),对这些不同的行业以及它们是如何产生的进行了有趣而令人大开眼界的审视。 然后,播放列表将注意力转移到Spotify及其产生方式上。

第一集瞄准了席卷全球的不断变化的音乐浪潮,就在海盗湾和Napster的疯狂成功背后。 剧本写得很好,有一些可爱的对话,节奏也差不多在钱上。如果这是即将发生的事情的征兆,那么节目的其余部分应该是相当有趣的手表。