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Romantic Killer – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Romantic Killer

My Life Has Become a Dating Sim

Episode 3 of Romantic Killer begins with Anzu dreaming about her Momohiki, which transforms into a cat-like muscular Ikemen. Anzu woke up realizing she slept on Tsukasa’s lap all night. Tsukasa departs, and Anzu notices he forgot the packed lunch she made for him.

She wants to give it to him at school but hesitates because she doesn’t want to draw attention from others. While trying to remember what happened last night, Tsukasa arrives at her home. He tells her that his room was flooded with water, possibly due to the severe rainstorm Riri conjured. Riri says he plans to take the day off and asks Anzu for her phone number.

Anzu gives Tsukasa her phone number and his school lunch. He asks why she wrapped it up in a goofy-looking bag, and Anzu says she didn’t want his fans flocking toward her. The two depart. Anzu enjoys her day at school while Tsukasa makes arrangements for a hotel room and other things. At school, Anzu’s hesitant to tell her friend Saki about the ordeal with Tsukasa.

Anzu gets a phone call from Tsukasa, who tells her that her scrambled eggs are overly sweetened. Tsukasa asks if they can meet at Toutor when she’s free, and Anzu accepts. Anzu and Saki dig into their meals. While they eat, Anzu feels bad that Tsukasa bought a new phone because she’s the one who broke it. Two girls approach their teacher and ask for him to check up on Tsukasa.

The teacher tells them Tsukasa bought a new phone and is about to call him now. One of the girls asks him to give him their number. The teacher tells the girl to handle the situation themselves, angering her. When the girl grabs his phone and puts it on speaker, Anzu picks up, startling the three. Everyone meets each other with awkward expressions on their faces.

At the Toutor café, Tsukasa waits for Anzu to arrive while the girls next to him gossip about his good looks. Anzu arrives but so do the girls from earlier. They confront Tsukasa with many questions and greetings. When the girls leave to grab some coffee, Anzu asks if he’s mad at her. Tsukasa asks Anzu why she brought the other girls with her. Anzu fails to answer, and we flashback to the school.`

At school, the two girls from earlier bombard Anzu with multiple questions, like why Tsukasa called from her phone. Since he lived close by, she wanted to help him out. The teacher tells Anzu to tell Tsukasa to call him, and he departs. The two girls reveal themselves as Rena and Yukika and hope Anzu doesn’t mind if they join her. After explaining, Tsukasa gets up and throws his meal out.

He grabs Anzu by her arm and plans to leave. Rena and Yukika catch wind of this, but Tsukasa makes it clear that he only made plans for him and Anzu. As Anzu and Tsukasa walk in a park, they discuss the matter. Tsukasa reveals that he’s annoyed with Rena’s flirtatious attempts as he’s not interested in dating anyone. Anzu apologizes to Tsukasa for bringing Rena and Yukika. However, Tsukasa tells her that it’s not her fault.

Tsukasa remarks that she’s different from other girls and that he can relax whenever he’s around her. Anzu discusses how they both have no interest in dating people. She addresses these boundaries to maintain their friendship and prevent it from spiraling into something romantic. Tsukasa asks Anzu if he can store his items at her place while he waits for everything to go swimmingly at his place.

He tells her what he’s been doing in the meantime, from finding part-time work to having a real estate agent book him a place to stay. Anzu tells Tsukasa that she wants to pay him for breaking his phone. While Tsukasa takes a phone call from the real estate agent, Anzu reflects on how his presence evokes a similar relaxing feeling. Tsukasa tells Anzu there are no rooms available. Anzu knows Riri’s behind this and starts sweating.

While Anzu wallows in misery, Tsukasa gives her a compromise. Instead of paying him back, he suggests she let him stay with her for a month. Tsukasa promises to help with chores and will make dinner and her lunches on his days off. Anzu worries about the situation because she knows Riri will place her and Tsukasa in many romantic circumstances. Out of guilt, Anzu accepts Tsukasa’s proposal.

The next day, Anzu wakes up and thinks the events from the other day were a dream. When she enters her kitchen, she realizes it wasn’t make-believe. Anzu centers her attention on Tsukasa’s multiple meals he’s made for them. Anzu reflects on how much of a hard worker Tsukasa is. As Anzu partakes in her meal, Tsukasa departs. Anzu believes Tsukasa crashing at her place may not be as bad as she thought.

Riri pops up and starts taunting Anzu for living a dating sim lifestyle. She taunts Riri for choosing an Ikemen who has no interest in dating. However, Riri explains that falling in love happens unexpectedly. He promises her that Tsukasa won’t be the only one entering her life. Someone rings Anzu’s doorbell, and she notices they have a similar school uniform as her. Anzu’s shocked to find another Ikemen in her presence.

The Ikemen reveals that he’s her childhood friend. Anzu’s baffled by everything as Tsukasa wonders what’s taking her so long. He opens the front door and sees Anzu with her supposed childhood friend. The episode concludes with Anzu monologuing her current predicament to her folks as she, Tsukasa, and her childhood friend stare at each.

The Episode Review

Matters have kicked up a notch in this episode of Romantic Killer. Not only will Anzu need to watch out for Tsukasa, but she must contend with her childhood friend too. It’ll be difficult for Anzu to prevent her romantic feelings from cropping up. On the other hand, this episode gave viewers more reasons to adore Tsukasa.

Despite coming off as a jerk in the first episode, we’ve seen his more pleasant nature blossom since his introduction. We learn why he acts the way he does toward other girls. No one would want to have their lives bombarded by people every day. He wanted a break from all that. He finds Anzu to be his ticket to avoiding the attention. Not only that, but Tsukasa has many likable feats as a hard worker and romantic figure.

With the childhood friend entering the mix, Anzu won’t only need to worry about avoiding romantic tension. She’ll need to avoid causing a rift between her and Tsukasa’s friendship. This alone makes her situation feel more drastic than she realizes. On the other hand, some fans may find it disappointing that Riri didn’t do anything to cause Anzu more worries.

There were many times when Riri could’ve introduced more conflicts for Anzu to handle, especially knowing how much Rena loves Tsukasa. Certainly, Anzu’s childhood friend’s introduction could provoke some hateful behavior from Tsukasa. However, it would’ve been interesting to see Riri place more pressure on Anzu by having her deal with Rena’s jealousy.

Otherwise, this was a fun episode. The jokes are funny and there are some amusing facial expressions too. There should be a lot of drama between our three potential love birds.

Romantic Killer – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Romantic Killer


《浪漫杀手》第3集开始于安津梦见她的桃彦,桃彦变成了猫一样肌肉发达的池门。 安津醒来后发现她整晚都睡在冢的腿上。 冢离开了,安津注意到他忘记了她为他做的盒饭。 她想在学校给他,但犹豫不决,因为她不想引起别人的注意。 在努力回忆昨晚发生的事情时,冢来到了她的家。 他告诉她,他的房间被水淹没了,可能是由于里里变出的严重暴雨。 琉璃说他打算请一天假,并问安祖她的电话号码。 安津给了冢她的电话号码和学校的午餐。 他问她为什么把它包在一个看起来很傻的袋子里,安祖说她不想让他的粉丝蜂拥而至。 两人离开。 安津在学校享受她的一天,而冢则安排酒店房间和其他事情。 在学校里,安津犹豫着要不要告诉她的朋友冢的磨难。 安津接到冢的电话,冢告诉她炒鸡蛋太甜了。 冢问他们有空能不能在图托见面,安祖接受了。 安祖和萨基开始吃饭。 在他们吃饭的时候,安祖觉得冢买了一部新手机,因为她是弄坏它的人。 两个女孩找到他们的老师,要求他检查冢。 老师告诉他们,冢买了一部新手机,现在正要给他打电话。 其中一个女孩要求他给他他们的号码。 老师告诉女孩自己处理这种情况,激怒了她。 当女孩抓起手机放在扬声器上时,安祖接了起来,吓了三人一跳。 大家面面相觑,脸上都带着尴尬的表情。 在Toutor咖啡馆,冢等着安津的到来,而他旁边的女孩则八卦他的美貌。 安祖来了,早先的女孩们也来了。 他们向冢提出了许多问题和问候。 当女孩们离开去喝咖啡时,安祖问他是不是生她的气。 冢问安津为什么带其他女孩一起去。 安祖没有回答,我们闪回了学校。 在学校里,之前的两个女孩用多个问题轰炸安祖,比如为什么冢用手机打电话。 因为他住在附近,她想帮助他。 老师告诉安津告诉冢给他打电话,他就离开了。 两个女孩透露自己是蕾娜和雪香,希望安祖不介意他们加入她。 解释完,冢起身把饭菜扔了出去。 他抓住安祖的胳膊,打算离开。 蕾娜和由纪香对此有所了解,但冢明确表示他只是为他和安津制定了计划。 当安津和冢在公园里散步时,他们讨论了这件事。 冢透露,他对蕾娜的调情尝试感到恼火,因为他对和任何人约会不感兴趣。 安津为带上蕾娜和雪香向冢道歉。 然而,冢告诉她这不是她的错。 Tsukasa说她和其他女孩不同,只要他在她身边,他就可以放松。 安祖讨论了他们俩对约会没有兴趣。 她解决了这些界限,以维持他们的友谊,并防止它陷入浪漫。 冢问安津是否可以把他的物品存放在她的地方,同时等待一切在他的地方畅游。 他告诉她他在此期间一直在做什么,从找兼职工作到让房地产经纪人为他预订住宿的地方。 安津告诉冢,她想付钱给他弄坏手机。 当冢接听房地产经纪人的电话时,安津反思他的存在如何唤起类似的放松感觉。 冢告诉安津没有空房。 安祖知道琉璃的幕后黑手,开始出汗。 当安祖沉溺于痛苦中时,冢给了她一个妥协。 他没有还钱给他,而是建议她让他和她在一起一个月。 Tsukasa答应帮忙做家务,并在休息日做晚餐和午餐。 安津担心这种情况,因为她知道琉璃会让她和冢陷入许多浪漫的环境中。 出于愧疚,安津接受了冢的求婚。 第二天,安祖醒来,以为前几天的事情是一场梦。 当她进入厨房时,她意识到这不是虚构的。 安津将注意力集中在冢为他们准备的多顿饭上。 安津反思了冢是多么勤奋。 当安津吃完饭时,冢离开了。 安津认为,冢在她家坠毁可能没有她想象的那么糟糕。 Riri 突然出现并开始嘲笑 Anzu 过着约会模拟生活方式。 她嘲讽琉璃选择了对约会没有兴趣的池门。 然而,Riri 解释说,坠入爱河是出乎意料的。 他向她保证,冢不会是唯一一个进入她生活的人。 有人按了安祖的门铃,她注意到他们穿着和她相似的校服。 安祖震惊地发现另一个池门出现在她的面前。 池门透露他是她的青梅竹马。 安津对一切都感到困惑,因为冢想知道是什么让她花了这么长时间。 他打开前门,看到安祖和她所谓的青梅竹马在一起。 这一集的结尾是安祖向她的乡亲们独白了她目前的困境,她、冢和她儿时的朋友盯着每个人。


事情在《浪漫杀手》的这一集中提升了一个档次。 安津不仅需要提防冢,还必须与儿时的朋友抗衡。 安祖很难阻止她的浪漫感情突然出现。 另一方面,这一集给了观众更多崇拜冢的理由。 尽管在第一集中以混蛋的身份出现,但自从他被介绍以来,我们已经看到他更愉快的天性绽放。 我们了解了他为什么对其他女孩这样做。 没有人愿意自己的生活每天都被人们轰炸。 他想从这一切中解脱出来。 他发现安祖是他逃避注意的门票。 不仅如此,冢作为一个勤奋和浪漫的人物,还有许多讨人喜欢的壮举。 随着儿时的朋友加入,安祖不仅需要担心避免浪漫的紧张感。 她需要避免在她和冢的友谊之间造成裂痕。 仅此一项就让她的处境比她意识到的更加激烈。 另一方面,一些粉丝可能会感到失望,Riri没有做任何事情来引起Anzu更多的担忧。 很多时候,琉璃本可以引入更多的冲突让安津处理,尤其是知道蕾娜有多爱冢。 当然,安津儿时朋友的介绍可能会激起冢的一些仇恨行为。 然而,如果看到琉璃通过让她处理蕾娜的嫉妒来给安祖施加更大的压力,那会很有趣。 否则,这是一个有趣的插曲。 笑话很有趣,也有一些有趣的面部表情。 我们三只潜在的爱情鸟之间应该有很多戏剧性。