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Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Recap & Review

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blockbuster season 1

Jeff is a customer at Iron Creek’s Blockbuster retail store at the start of Blockbuster episode 1. Timmy, the store manager, asks him about his preferences and what he’d like to see. Timmy has been working in the same store since seventh grade and knows the ins and outs of the movie-watching business. Jeff has recently undergone a breakup and wants something to bring him out of it. Other employees in the store – Eliza, Hanna, Carlos, Connie, and Kayla – weigh in with their opinions. Timmy ultimately advises Jeff to rent a copy of Under the Tuscan Sun and says that his intervention is better than any option an algorithm in Netflix or Amazon could serve.

He gets a call from Don, from corporate. He calls with the news that seven of the remaining eight Blockbuster franchises have closed – so has the corporate office – and Timmy’s store is the last remaining store of the franchise giants on earth. Timmy is taken aback by the news and confides in Eliza about his insecurities. With corporate no longer in the picture, Timmy will have to take care of the entire rent and other expenses like parking. Eliza and Timmy are childhood friends and she tries to comfort him by saying they will figure it out.

She has recently gone through a breakup with her husband Aaron, who cheated on her. Timmy too is divorced and she tells him to keep the news to himself. To get the store back on track, Eliza proposes a party. This can be an event that could attract people from the town to come there and rediscover their lost taste for human connection. The other employees in the store do not know about it until Kayla, the most tech-savvy of the bunch breaks the news.

]Timmy comes in and with a rousing speech (from the film “Independence Day”), tries to motivate his troops. Eliza spoils it at the very last moment but they get the message loud and clear. To prepare for the party, Timmy and Eliza go to Percy’s store. Percy is Timmy’s best friend from high school and proposes a preposterous plan for the party. His blueprint is childish and amateur, something Eliza fears will drive the people away. When Timmy accidentally reveals that Eliza has broken up, she gets upset and leaves Timmy to his own devices.

At a bar, Timmy, Carlos, and Percy discuss the party and the former’s relationship with Eliza. Carlos purports that the two might have a thing for each other and Timmy must pursue the same. Percy gives the exact opposite advice, telling him not to “deuce where he eats”. Relationships between co-workers are often tricky and it might be a mistake. The next day, they all set up the store for the party. Percy’s unimpressive taste sees him bring a tall inflatable gorilla thingy, which is inadvertently set on fire after he fires out rocket crackers during the daytime.

The party does not seem to be a great success, though, and Eliza only comes later after it is finished. She consoles Timmy when Remington Alexander, a local reporter, comes and asks him about the incident with the “attacking Gorilla”. Carlos had actually edited the video to make the gorilla seem like a mechanical robot and Kayla had uploaded it on social media. Although he is unsure of what to say, Eliza stands behind the camera and prods him to give his rousing speech. He takes the mic in his hands and Timmy appeals to the people of Remington to support the store and sustain small businesses.

The plan actually works and it is also revealed that Percy is Kayla’s father. Timmy gets many new membership requests and thanks, Eliza, for her vote of confidence. They both apologize and before Timmy can tell her how he feels, Aaron walks in to pick up Eliza. She explains that her daughter feels distant so she is giving Aaron another chance. Timmy is unable to say more and she departs.

The Episode Review
The setting of the last retail chain of Blockbuster seems to be an interesting idea. Episode 1 definitely seems undercooked but with the right ingredients that can be explosive when well-tamed.

Randall Park and Melissa Fumero are instantly impressive and will most probably hold the fort on the dramatic side of things. It is a typical “will they won’t they” trope in the works here and we can expect a lot of torture for Timmy before Eliza comes around and realizes her love for him. It will come but we will have to wait.

We don’t get much really about the other characters. It is difficult to form an opinion this soon but the nagging traits we find common in sitcom settings are pretty much there. That seems like it will be a disappointment but here is hoping for a new twist on the workplace comedy brand that will quickly deteriorate into 2000’s territory if not done properly.

Blockbuster – Season 1 Episode 1 “Pilot” Recap & Review

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blockbuster season 1 飞行员杰夫是《百视达》第 1 集开始时铁溪百视达零售店的顾客。 店长提米问他有什么偏好,以及他想看什么。 提米从七年级开始就在同一家商店工作,对观影业务了如指掌。 杰夫最近经历了分手,想要一些东西让他摆脱困境。 店里的其他员工——伊丽莎、汉娜、卡洛斯、康妮和凯拉——也发表了自己的意见。 提米最终建议杰夫租一本《托斯卡纳阳光下》,并表示他的干预比Netflix或亚马逊的算法所能提供的任何选择都要好。 他接到了唐的电话,来自公司。 他打电话说,剩下的八家百视达特许经营店中有七家已经关闭——公司办公室也是如此——蒂米的商店是地球上最后剩下的特许经营巨头商店。 提米被这个消息吓了一跳,并向伊丽莎吐露了他的不安全感。 由于公司不再出现在画面中,Timmy将不得不照顾整个租金和其他费用,如停车。 伊丽莎和提米是儿时的朋友,她试图安慰他,说他们会想办法的。 她最近与欺骗她的丈夫亚伦分手。 提米也离婚了,她告诉他把这个消息保密。 为了让商店重回正轨,伊丽莎提议举办一个派对。 这可能是一个可以吸引镇上的人们来到那里并重新发现他们对人际关系失去的品味的活动。 店里的其他员工直到凯拉(Kayla)才知道这件事,凯拉是这群人中最精通技术的人。 ]提米进来并发表了激动人心的演讲(来自电影“独立日”),试图激励他的部队。 伊丽莎在最后一刻破坏了它,但他们得到了响亮而清晰的信息。 为了准备派对,提米和伊丽莎去了珀西的商店。 珀西是提米高中时最好的朋友,并为派对提出了一个荒谬的计划。 他的蓝图是幼稚和业余的,伊丽莎担心这会把人们赶走。 当提米不小心透露伊丽莎已经分手时,她很生气,让提米自生自灭。 在酒吧里,提米、卡洛斯和珀西讨论派对以及前者与伊丽莎的关系。 卡洛斯声称两人可能对彼此有好感,提米必须追求同样的事情。 珀西给出了完全相反的建议,告诉他不要“在他吃饭的地方平局”。 同事之间的关系通常很棘手,这可能是一个错误。 第二天,他们都为聚会开设了商店。 珀西平淡无奇的品味让他带来了一只高大的充气大猩猩,这只大猩猩在白天发射火箭弹后无意中着火了。 不过,派对似乎并不成功,伊丽莎只是在聚会结束后才来。 当当地记者雷明顿亚历山大来问他“攻击大猩猩”的事件时,她安慰提米。 卡洛斯实际上编辑了视频,使大猩猩看起来像一个机械机器人,凯拉将其上传到社交媒体上。 虽然他不知道该说什么,但伊丽莎站在镜头后面,催促他发表振奋人心的演讲。 他把麦克风拿在手里,提米呼吁雷明顿的人们支持商店并维持小生意。 该计划实际上奏效了,并且还透露珀西是凯拉的父亲。 提米收到了许多新的会员申请,感谢伊丽莎的信任投票。 他们都道歉,在提米告诉她他的感受之前,亚伦走进来接伊丽莎。 她解释说,她的女儿感到疏远,所以她又给了亚伦一次机会。 提米无法再说什么,她离开了。 剧集回顾 百视达最后一家零售连锁店的设定似乎是一个有趣的想法。 第 1 集绝对看起来未煮熟,但使用了正确的成分,如果驯服得当,可能会爆炸。 兰德尔·帕克(Randall Park)和梅丽莎·弗梅罗(Melissa Fumero)立即令人印象深刻,并且很可能会在戏剧性的一面保持堡垒。 这是这里作品中典型的“他们不会吗”的比喻,我们可以期待在伊丽莎出现并意识到她对他的爱之前,提米会受到很多折磨。 它会到来,但我们将不得不等待。 我们对其他角色知之甚少。 很难这么快形成意见,但我们在情景喜剧环境中发现的唠叨特征几乎就在那里。 这似乎令人失望,但这里希望工作场所喜剧品牌有一个新的转折,如果做得不好,它将迅速恶化到2000年的领域。