[Movie] The Five Juanas season 1 review – sexy, conspicuous, and unbelievable

This review of Netflix’s The Five Juanas season 1 does not contain spoilers. This review is based on the first five episodes.

Netflix loves to release their soap operas, but The Five Juanas is not overindulging as much as previous releases, stretching only at 18 episodes, which is still against the new norm of eight to ten. However, this is an immediately compelling story where viewers will be tempted to binge from the offset.

[Movie] The Five Juanas
[Movie] The Five Juanas

The Five Juanas imagines a group of women who end up at a hotel in Cancun, all for varied reasons, ranging from crime to life crises. Each woman has a unique birthmark on their butt (which feels like any excuse to have plenty of shots from behind), indicating that they are all related and from the same family. By pure, dramatic, and comical coincidence, after a brief earthquake, the five women all discover they have the same birthmark and same name. It’s a storyline that is difficult to believe but compelling enough to keep you grounded.

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And so, the Netflix series navigates five beautiful women through a conspiracy, triggering DNA tests and the voyage for the truth. Who are their parents? Why do they have identical birthmarks? Why were all five of them separated? I find the last question equally impressive — splitting up five children is not an easy feat. This fact alone will only stimulate the mind.

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The Five Juanas relies on a sensational opening, bringing sex, crime, and drugs to add grit to the story. The five leading women all have their unique personalities, allowing a mismatch of sisterhood and doubt. Viewers will be strayed by wonder and revel in the silliness of it all. It’s a soap opera at the end of the day, stretching across many episodes.

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If you are looking for drama, The Five Juanas is undoubtedly an easy grab. It’s sexy, conspicuous, and unbelievable. And that’s the point.

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