[Movie] Little Big Mouth (2021) review – between music, love, and family… what will you choose?

This review of Little Big Mouth is spoiler-free.

Perfect love is a love that brings out the best in each other and that’s what Little Big Mouth tries to convey. It’s a charming, light romantic-comedy South African drama directed by the duo Gray and Ziggy Hofmeyr. The screenplay is written by Louw Venter. It’s a journey of how friendship blossoms into a love story between a free-spirited, talented rock-‘n-roll guitarist Siya (Nay Maps) and a charming bookkeeper with gentle spirit yet prankster son, Mel (Amanda du-Pont).

[Movie] Little Big Mouth

[Movie] Little Big Mouth

After getting kicked out from his band due to his careless behavior at a wedding performance, Siya recounter Mel who lives with her son and father after experiencing a traumatic love in the past. Long story short, he takes refuge at her house. But their relationship does not go smoothly. He must face two riddles to enter Mel’s life. The first one is her mischievous yet sensitive son, Luke, and the second one is her protective father, Frank, who had a hard time accepting Siya into the family.

As the story progress, you’ll love Brady Hofmeyr’s performance as Luke. His bright presence brings flavors and soul into the film itself. His witty, mischievous, and hilarious attempt to separate Siya and Mel is one of the things that keep it lively. Amanda du-Pont also gives a gorgeous performance as Mel and Nay Maps’ voices are like honey butter jam. Frankly speaking, the story itself is cliche and predictable but the dynamic and atmosphere between the cast are what makes it works. But yeah, there is still so much room for variety, be it within the story, not the music itself. Probably if you’re into a steamy, dramatic, with passionate romantic kind of love then this movie is not going to meet your expectations.

More than the romance aspects itself, it’s the movie that speaks more about the importance of trust, communication, and togetherness as a family with musical aspect as the medium to unite everyone although not being in the same phases. Little Big Mouth wants you to dive deeper into finding comfort, happiness, and acceptance within a place you call home to pursue your dream. 

If you need to describe Little Big Mouth then it would be like PJ Marton’s kind of music. It’s soulful and it makes you feel good. But there’s also the vibrancy that makes you want to fall in love. Because you’re not only served with good humor and feel-good storylines but also a great music list. From soul-stirring, melodic blues, to upbeat music that makes you move. Little Big Mouth is the kind of movie you’ll stream over the cozy weekend evening with your beloved family while eating a hot cream soup.

You can stream Little Big Mouth on Netflix.

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