[Movie] Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 6 recap – “Binary Two-Step”

This recap of Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 6, “Binary Two-Step,” contains spoilers.

[Movie] Cowboy Bebop

[Movie] Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop season 1, episode 6 recap

The Mechanic

It turns out that Faye may not have slept with Spike because she has her eye on the sultry mechanic. Jet thinks she is trying to rip them off, but their ship is grounded for repairs. He tells Spike to go scrounge up a payday while he looks for a part. He also tells Faye to keep an eye on the gravy-lapper and make sure she is working. As soon as Faye approaches her, the motorhead is sweaty, dirty, and has stripped down to a black A-shirt. She admires Faye’s new “scam” gun but shows her the tattoo on her arm of a beautiful woman about to lick a pistol. Does she ask if Jet is her boss? Boyfriend? She wants to know, and Faye tells her neither. He just asked to watch her, so she doesn’t steal anything, she jokes. There is nothing to steal on this ship, she tells Faye. Well, except for Faye, she quips.

Damn, that’s an excellent off-the-cuff line.

And it worked. Ms. Mechanic and Faye hook up, and she admits to her that this is her first orgasm (remember, she has no memory past two years).

Groundhog Day

Spike then heads into town and looks for Dr. Londes, their next bounty. When he enters, artificial intelligence talks to Spike on a series of televisions all over the office. This leads him to a chair he sits on and goggles he puts on. He enters a virtual reality that puts him in the middle of the street with Julia. She warns him that Vicious is coming for him. A split second later, she is shot in the head by her husband and his gang of thugs. Spike wakes up and runs out of the office. He sees Julia again. He takes her by the hand and gets out there so she will not be shot. But, it’s the same illusion, on repeat. Because Jet enters the office, all the screens are broken, Spike is still in the chair.

It turns out it is all a trap. The bounty on Dr. Londes was just the carrot, and now this virtual reality system is the emotionally abusive stick. The AI is trying to capture Spike’s consciousness, says the man who created it who showed up at the office right before Jet did. So, Julia dies again, and Spike wakes up again. Every time he does, he runs out of the office into the street in a town that looks like a cheaper version of WandaVision. Every time Spike gets Julia to be happy, he has a better chance of survival. Every time Julia lets her anxiety get the best of her, Spike is in danger.

By the third go-around, Spike and Julia are in a Tombstone shoot-out. But even as Spike keeps protecting her, Julia keeps crushing his heart with mean things like he isn’t a protector and is worse than Vicious. She demands that he let her go! “Okay,” he says.

The ending

Cut to Jet racing his space dumpster of a ship to a rock world where the signal comes from controlling Spike’s virtual reality. Along with Faye’s “scam” gun, they blow up the mainframe and cut the connection, saving Spike’s life. Later, after Spike wakes up to the smell of the noodles freshly prepared for him by Jet, he asks does he remember anything. Spike tells him no. But it turns out after he said, “Okay, I’ll go,” he followed it up with, “I’m taking you with me.” As he grabs her hand, he turns the corner, and Vicious is there with a gun. He puts a bullet in Spike’s head.

The man will never give up on Julia.

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