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“True definition of friendship” – Aso-ebi ladies defy rain to dance with bride during her traditional wedding ceremony (video)

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A video of a group of aso-ebi girls dancing in the rain with their friend, the bride, during her traditional wedding ceremony is currently trending online.
The ladies, who were all beautifully dressed in matching blue lace, defied the rain to dance with the bride with utmost joy and enthusiasm.
Despite the heavy downpour, the ladies were undeterred and happily celebrated with the bride on her big day, not caring that their makeup would be ruined and they would get drenched.
 Aso-ebi ladies defy
The video has sparked a lot of sweet reactions online as netizens lauded the aso-ebi ladies for standing by the bride, and not letting her feel like her wedding was ruined.
Read some comments below,
@w.u.r.a.h wrote, “Nahhhh these are genuine friends..They didn’t even care about their makeup or wigs.. E for Energyy”
@dubyfranky wrote, “As an MC, I can tell you for free that this is a priceless moment! The bride should hold these girls close to her heart💯💯😍”
@psalmmieprice wrote, “Pure definition of friendship!!! COME RAIN COME SUN!! I go always dey for u❤️❤️❤️”
@stylebysmokie_ wrote, “Also, this isn’t enough to decide who’s your friend and who’s not if some of them had decided to not stay in the rain to dance “
Watch the video below,