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“She bullied me, left all my properties out in the rain” – Lady narrates experience living in a shared apartment with her friend

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A young lady has shared the horrible struggle she went through while sharing an apartment with her friend in Yaba, Lagos State.She claimed that even though she and her friend divided the rent equally, she was treated unfairly in the apartment because her friend located the apartment and she had to balance the payment.She continued by saying that after getting into a confrontation, things became so terrible that she was forced to vacate the apartment even though she still owed rent for seven more months. Her belongings were dumped out into the rain after she left.“December 2022, I decided to rent a space with a mutual and it’s been the most hectic experience of my life. I met Ope may 2022 through a mutual because we were both house hunting and looking to split the rent. The first time we spoke we got along and she seemed very cool. We saw some houses and we went to check them out together but we didn’t get any of those houses.
Fast forward to August/September she reached out to me that her bf was moving out because of studies and his roommates were also moving out so the house would be vacant and he told her to get the place.
The situation around the house was that it was the company that provided the house for the bf and the other housemates because they were employees so the bf spoke to the HR or someone in the company that he’d continue to pay for the house because his gf wants to live there.
So she communicated this to me and when everything was finalized we agreed to pay for the house. It’s a 3 bedroom that was going for 1m naira and we split the fee equally that’s 500k each and we decided to leave the extra room vacant for whatever we decide to do with it.I sent the money to Ope late November and I moved in February. Ope is a chef and so she decided that she wanted to renovate the kitchen and buy some appliances which she communicated with me but I told her that we should consider decluttered items as I could not afford them new (the cooking gas was like 200k )and she said that wasn’t a problem.
I moved in to see that the kitchen was renovated and everything was available so I asked her if she was okay with me using her things and she said yes but I had to clean it really well as that’s what she uses towork obvs I understood and I did my very best to always clean the kitchen anytime I cooked.
I realized that the vacant room (the one she paid for) was locked by her and I asked her why and she said that she wasn’t ready to move into her room so she was living in her bf’s former room and locking the “supposed vacant room”.
I let it go because obvs she didn’t have the money to renovate the room and move in so I let it go. She called me one day to complain about the gas cooker and how it was oily after I cooked so I apologized for that and asked her how best I can clean the gas to her satisfaction and i adhered to her rules but I guess she still wasn’t satisfied with the cleaning.
I called her that we should have a conversation about the house, that I wasn’t feeling comfortable in the kitchen because she was always nitpicking on some things that I do and that I felt bad that she knew I was sick but when she saw me the next morning she didn’t ask how I was feeling she just said that I didn’t clean the gas well. We spoke and we came to some sort of agreement about the kitchen and how I was feeling and we cleared the misunderstanding and that was that on the kitchen.
I asked her about the vacant room and she said that she’s not going to open up that room because as for now there won’t be a guest room and she’s aware that there’s some power dynamics going on here but she has to be selfish to herself.
I found that really weird and I told her but she insisted and said that was going to be it. She then said that she doesn’t want me to renew the rent next year because she found the house first and that she’s telling me on time so I can start planning on getting a new apartment.
I found that really weird but I just let it be. She came back to retract her statement about the rent renewal that I should forget about what she said and that I can still renew the rent, she also said that sometime in June she might open up the vacant room( this was in April).
Sometime in May, I forgot to put off the tap in my bathroom because there was no water that morning and I had to rush to work, she called me that the water was wasting. I had a spare key in the living room and I told her to use it to enter the room and lock the tap and she did.
Another time I went out and I felt like she was in the house because I was hearing music from her room so I didn’t inform her before stepping out ( normally we don’t tell each other when we step out we just kind of know). She called me in the evening that the gen was on I was surprised I asked her if it was the neighbor that put on the Gen and that was so weird she said no that she left the house around 9:11 and I confirmed I left 9:30 so I took responsibility for the situation and I apologized that I thought she was in the house.
When I got home she came to my room and said that she was going back on her initial decision about the rent and I was just like okay no problem, On sunday I decided to talk to her about how I felt concerning her decision on the rent renewal.
I called her to the living room and shared that I felt it wasn’t in her place to send me packing next year that we both paid equal rent and we never had an agreement that I wouldn’t renew the rent. I also did not like her mannerism when she was sharing the news
Ope refused and kept saying she found the place that it was her bf’s house and that if I decide to stay next year how will I pay the rent because obviously I was paying to her and she’d pay to her bf who would then pay to the company and the company will pay to the owner.
She pulled me back and that was how the fight started. The story that she and her friends have been narrating that I hit her and I started beating her is all lies, in the middle of the fight she broke a nail and her screen guard cracked but she keeps telling everyone that I broke her phone.
This babe hit me on my chest and I had to struggle my way from under her because she was on top of me hitting me. Can I just say that in the middle of our discussion she called one of her friends and was saying things like “this bosola is crazy” and all sort trying to get her friends involved in something that was supposed to just be a conversation.
Anyways after the fight she barged into my room and seized my room key. I called my boyfriend and he asked if he should call the police and I told him to. At this point Ope was holding my key and had refused to give me back.
I called my mum and told her about what was happening and she decided to call Ope and pacify her. My mum was legit begging this babe to give me my key but she kept refusing.
I got a text from her mum saying this(first frame) and I sent it to my mum. My mum decided to call the number and ask her why she’d send such a text to someone’s child. That’s how Ope’s mum began to insult my mum nonstop.
After that incident she and her friends went on a subbing spree and started even included my mum in all this rubbish, still I didn’t say anything.
After that incident I decided to move out of my space even though I had 7 months more, I packed out on the 27th of may and I demanded for a refund which she said she couldn’t give me because she wasn’t the landlady. I decided to rent out my space and a lot of people showed.“Interest in the space. Today I took the interested parties to the house to see the space and Ope said she can’t live with a stranger, again she found the house and she will let me know when she’s ready if I can rent out my space lol.
After much back and forth with herself and my mom (she was around today) she decided to pay for the space instead of allowing me to rent it out. No problem I told her she could send the money on Wednesday as I still had things in the room like my dressing table to carry.
She insisted that she wanted to send the money today and I asked her that if she sent the money today would I still be able to come pick my things on Wednesday as I won’t be dropping my key till after I had packed everything. She said no problem and she transferred the money.
Tell me why I got a text from this babe saying she had packed all my remaining things from my room to the compound and I should come and pick it when I’m ready .
All my things were soaked in rain and I had to start coming from Berger to Yaba that evening to pack my things. I cannot begin to explain the amount of bullying Ope and her friends have put me through on Twitter.”