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Nigerian lady calls out her religious father for rebuking her for sharing bikini photos online

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A Nigerian woman has been dragged through the mud on social media for criticizing her father after he chastised her for her posts.
The lady, who goes by the handle @Hydonii, had taken to Twitter to respond to a tweet asking people to share conversations they’ve had with their parents.
In response, she said her father makes it difficult for her to have a conversation with him because of the way he condemns and judges her lifestyle.
Nigerian lady calls
She went on to share screenshots of her chat with him, and netizens were taken aback to discover she had an altercation with her father because he rebuked her for posting nude photos of herself on Twitter.
In the chat, the father had advised her against sharing raunchy photos online while stressing that things of value are usually covered and not exposed.
He further asked where she thinks she would go to after death if she continues leaving life carelessy, and proceeded to share religious materials to her.
This infuriated the young lady who went on a lengthy rant, berating her own father for cautioning her life choices.
Read the exchange below,
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A lot of netizens were enraged by the way she spoke to her father and lambasted her for being disrespectful to him.
See some comments below,
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Following the backlash, she deleted the tweets.