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My heart knows on zee world, Tuesday 26th July 2022 update

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Episode starts with Shera asking Tommy to catch Avni from behind just as she keeps the money bag and says we will take her to our place and find out what she is upto. Tommy asks when she will come? Shera says I will inform you. He sees her coming and asks Tommy to get ready. Avni puts the bag in the garbage bin. Tommy is about to hold her from behind, when some guys come there and kidnap Tommy.

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Avni turns and asks them to take Tommy to the same place. The goon gives her new sim card. Avni takes it. Shera gets shocked and thinks where they have taken Tommy. He thinks why Avni was calling them as Dada.

My heart knows series
My heart knows series

Anupriya gets locked in the room and tells Kalyani that she didn’t lock the room. Kalyani says room is open from outside too. All windows are closed and locked too. They find the key hole. Sarthak comes there and tells that he has got the rooms and windows locked and have done some modification to Malhar’s house, which they can’t afford. Kalyani says you did this so that Aai don’t reach conference. Sarthak says everything is fair in love and war. He asks Anupriya not to faint. Kalyani tells Anupriya that she can give presentation even without her. She asks her to read the speech which she had written. Anupriya gets the papers and says good morning idiots and fools…Kalyani asks where is that speech, which we wrote.

Anupriya says we didn’t write this. Sarthak laughs and says this is written by Avni. He says she has done a lot of hardwork, first she changed the speech and then locks the doors and windows. He says how Anupriya will talk to the clients, that good morning idiots and fools. He laughs. Kalyani asks Anupriya to try, what they had practiced. Anupriya says I can’t do this and says we have failed. Kalyani says you will give the speech and attend the conference. She asks her to answer. Sarthak and Avni laughs. Kalyani says Kaka and Avni are laughing, but they didn’t know that my Aai will accept failure. She asks her not to accept failure and tells that it is the time to stand on our feet. Aao Saheb says everyone will get surprised with her work and asks her to get up. Kalyani asks her to open the laptop and says they might be waiting for you in the conference.

Anupriya opens her laptop. Kalyani says Aai has switched on her laptop. She asks her to give the presentation confidentally. Avni says how she will talk to them. The clients come on the video call and say hi to Anupriya. Anupriya says Namaste and tells that she feels that they shall talk in their national language and tells that most of the people are influenced by the western culture. She asks if she can talk in Hindi. The clients say yes, you can talk in Hindi. She gives her presentation in Hindi. Avni signs Sarthak and asks Kalyani if your Aai is done with her foolish presentation then unlock her. She gives keys to Kalyani. Anupriya asks the clients to mail her and gives the email id. The clients like her presentation skills. Kalyani unlocks the door. Anupriya tells Kalyani that today she has spoken her feelings and words infront of the people in Hindi and tells that she got new confidence, now they will not get defeated. Sarthak says it is difficult for you to get the contract. Aao Saheb gets a call from Pathak ji and assures him that Anupriya will handle the business. She tells Sarthak that pathak ji called and gave order of 500 sarees. Kalyani rejoices and dances. Aao Saheb says we have to do the delivery in 2 days. Anupriya says we will surely do and asks her not to worry. Anupriya asks the workers to make other sarees with these designs. The worker says cloth is very less. Aao Saheb says she will get the cloth and tells that she has decided to sell the old furniture and bring the cloth. Anupriya says that was brought by Rao Saheb. Aao Saheb says Rao Saheb will be happy as we are thinking to make the future better. Kalyani says they missed her when she was not with them.

Shera comes to the place where Avni’s men car is parked and asks the Chana seller about Tommy. Chana seller says two guys took him in the train. Shera’s ball falls down. He keeps it in his clothes and asks Chana seller not to look at him. He thinks to search Avni’s room to get to know about Tommy.

Moksh asking Kalyani about hero Anarkali. Kalyani says I didn’t see her since long. Avni tells Sarthak that they shall send Moksh far away so that their attention gets diverted and they don’t deliver the sarees on time. Sarthak asks where do you want to send him and tells that Moksh is Malhar’s son and my blood too. Shera hears them and thinks Kaka didn’t know what she has done. Avni thinks she won’t keep quiet.

Electricity is set off by Avni. Kalyani tells that we don’t need to work on electric machines and tells that they will burn the lamps and will work with their hands. Anupriya asks Godaveri to light the candles and tells that they will light the workshop as the Diwali. Har har maidan fateh song plays….The workers start doing work under Kalyani, Anupriya and Aao Saheb’s supervision. Shera searches for proofs in Avni’s room. Moksh is standing out to stop Avni and thinks he can’t let her go inside, and hits ball on Avni’s leg, asking her to catch. Avni gets angry and tells that she will hit the ball on him, but Moksh somehow manages. Shera finds the goons pics’ with Avni and thinks she is related to them.

Tommy is taken in the car by the goons, when he gains consciousness and hears them talking about Avni. He thinks when she did captive me? Avni comes to the hall and collides with Shera. An envelope falls down from her hand. Shera thinks what might be inside it. Kalyani, Anupriya and Aao Saheb come there holding the candle. Kalyani burns Avni’s dupatta and then gifts her pethni saree. She says we have made the sarees one day before.

Kalyani, Anupriya and others load the sarees in tempo and asks the driver to take it safely. Just then the driver came who was sent by Pathak. He asks them to give the sarees. Avni thinks why do you work hard when you couldn’t succeed. Kalyani looks at Avni. Anupriya and kalyani attack her. Avni record everything and threatens to send Anupriya to jail. Kalyani says she will see what she will do. Shera calls someone and tells that Tommy is kidnapped by someone. Avni’s brother gets down to have tea, when Tommy takes the keys and runs out. Kalyani comes to the Police station and files complaint against the tempo.

The Inspector is not interested in the case. Kalyani asks for Pawar. Inspector says he went out. He asks about the driver. Kalyani describes about the driver. Shera asks someone to find the truck. Kalyani gets a call and gets shocked. Pathak tells Anupriya and Aao Saheb that Sarthak said right, they are fraud. Anupriya says we made the sarees, but they are stolen. Avni says they both are liar and tells that they didn’t do any work, and thought to earn money by betrayal.

Pathak says I won’t let them go easily and asks Sarthak to tell the clause. Sarthak reads the clause that Pathak can auction Nal Emporium if they don’t deliver the saree by 12 pm. Aao Saheb says you can’t do this. Anupriya says I have read the contract and tells that we have made the sarees. Avni accuses Anupriya. Anupriya says she feels that she has done this. Pathak asks them to deliver the sarees by 12 pm. Godaveri asks Kalyani what the Inspector will do. Avni calls Inspector and tells that the girls who came to him, want to do sting operation on Police.

Inspector asks lady constable to check their bags. Kalyani says we didn’t do anything. Lady constable finds the spy cam and asks them to go. Kalyani says we didn’t do anything. Anarkali comes there and asks Kalyani and Anupriya to come. Tommy falls down. Avni’s brother catches him. Tommy bites and kicks them and escapes climbing to the tempo.

Sarthak breaks a pot and asks Moksh to tell his Aai fi that she has lost. He says I will see who stops me from making you far from Kalyani. Moksh tells Anupriya that he will not go far from Aai fi. Avni tells that sarees are gone and will not be brought back. Pathak comes there and tells that we shall start the auction of the Nal Emporium.

Anupriya says there is still 1 hour left, I have faith on my daughter that she will bring the tempo back. She prays to Ganapati to help Kalyani reach the truck. Keep visiting blastersseries.com for fastest updates.